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[Video] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ Japan Fuji TV show “Gourmans Table” 「グルマンズテーブル」

4 Jan

Credit: exlley@YT
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Since Embedding is disabled by youtuber, I will just attach the links here.


For program description by Japanese TS, go here:

Part 1 :

Part 2:

part 3:

part 4:

[Magazine] SS501 @ Taiwan magazine “Top Idol” 2010 January issue

4 Jan

Credit: annieyang
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Another magazine from Taiwan.

Even though the contents are similar, I still love sharing with you.

Since every magazine having our boys is worth to see ^^

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[Photo] SS501 Japan official site phone wallpaper and New Year Messages

4 Jan

Credit: Japan DSP website
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Hyun Joong:

Young Saeng:

Kyu Jong:

Jung Min:

Hyung Jun:

(Sorry couldn’t find Hyung Jun’s message)

[Product+Photo] SS501 @ Boys Over Flowers Premium Event DVD in Yokohama+snapshots 2

4 Jan

Credit: princess501@baidu
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These are shared by another TS with different snapshots.

Actual Products:

Snapshots of the DVD:

click on images to enlarge

If you miss the first part of snapshots, Please go here:

For DVD cut, please go here to enjoy:

[Photo+Event] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ “TonyMoly” Customer appreciate Event

4 Jan

Credit: TonyMoly website
English Translation:
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This is a more like a reward event for Korea “Tony Moly” customer.

They just need to buy products in Tony Moly to participate in a lottery.

Period: 2010/01/01 ~ 2010/01/30

Winner announced on: 2010/02/05

Since we can’t really participate in this.

I won’t translate the whole evenet in English.

I just want to share the lovely poster with you.

[Photo+Info][English Translation] Taiwan TS’s Blog talking about meeting SS501 Kim Hyun Joong in Macau coincidently

4 Jan

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Finally, I got the respond from the Taiwan TS who share the news of Hyun Joong in New Years.

Thanks so much for her generousness to let me share this.

She is so lucky to meet our boy in Macau.

Hope one day I will have the same luck as her ^^

Once again, since I got her permission to post this, please be respected.

Don’t repost the photos anywhere, thanks!


Here is the English Translation and photos of her post.

2010 Iron Triangle (nickname of three friends) Met Kim Hyun Joong Coincidently

In the beginning of 2010, Iron triangle met Kim Hyun Joong in Macau

see ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we are so lucky

It was happening like this…

Iron triangle counted down for News Year in front of Macau Grand Lisboa Hotel on 12.31.2009

After countdown, we saw the New year firework on the stair inside Grand Lisboa Hotel

Eunice and Kim Hyun Joong’s eyes suddenly met each others.

At that moment Eunice thought: How come this man is so handsome!  he really looks like Kim Hyun Joong!

After hesitated for 2 to 3 seconds, in additional,  his friend was nodding

We were sure he is the real ” Yoon JiHoo” !!!!!!!!!

Then, the first reflex ~ wanted to take a photo with Kim Hyun Joong

Each of us in Iron Triangle had taken a photo with him!!!! He even put his hand on our shoulders in the photo shot.

We are too lucky!!!!!!!!!

I am very nervous when I saw the real person in front of me ~~~ The only thing I could say from all the Korean I had learn is:  Hi! Can we take a photo with you?

I heard him responded softly: Yes

Kim Hyun Joong is really thin in person and his skin is very good!!!!  Almost the same as he appearing on TV!!!

Maybe he didn’t want to cause attention~~ after taken the photos with us~~ he left in his friend’s car in low profile.

(following is the feeling of the blogger, I will just omit that part)

[Video+English Translation] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong DK Party News @ OBS Entertainment News

4 Jan

Chinese translation:
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English Translation:

Narration: Flower boy Kim Hyun Joong who use his pure smile to catch the heart of young girl held a sweet party with 450 domestic and oversea fans from Japan, Taiwan, etc.

Hyun Joong: I am very surprised.  Heard there are 100 people in here but seems like not 100 people only.

Fans: 450 people

Hyun Joong: O.  Very vague number.  If there are 500 people, then should be 500 people.  Nice to meet you.

Narration: Don’t mind his busy oversea schedule, Kim Hyun Joong were having his smile during the whole event.

Question section of the event

MC: Kim Hyun Joong’s birthday?

Fans: June 6th

MC: 86/06/06 everybody know that. Oh

Hyun Joong: yea

MC: then, Kim Hyun Joong …

Hyun Joong: the last digit of ID?

Fans went crazy 🙂

MC: the last digit of ID? the last digit?

Fans were all trying to guess the number.

Hyun Joong: yea! five is correct.

Narration: Also held the fans’ cocktail competition only for Kim Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong after drinking the cocktail: taste good ~

Fan: Sweet and gentle like Hyun Joong oppa

After tasting another cocktail

Hyun Joong: ah.. is orange juice na…

MC: Sweet orange juice?

Hyun Joong: yea.  it is because they are still underage.  I will consider that for scoring.

MC: Do you want to say anything to Hyun Joong oppa?

Fan: Is really very handsome.

MC: AH~ Who is the most handsome man in the world then?

Fan: Kim Hyun Joong

MC: who?

Fan: Kim Hyun Joong

Hyun Joong oppa.. I love you

Hyun Joong: I don’t have dance song but should give you all a Christmas gift.

Fans: Ah !!! (All screaming)

Hyun Joong: I have been training for a while

Narration:  Kim Hyun Joong have prepared a mini concert to say thank you for his fans’ love.  He dance “Rainism” in his own Kim Hyun Joong style.

Hyun Joong: I have nothing to give you beside singing and dancing performance.  Next year, I will give my solo song as a gift to all of you so please pardon me for now.

Narration: 2009 the most observed Kim Hyun Joong challenge his acting in Boys Over Flowers as one of the F4 getting the hear of many young girl.  Kim Hyun Joong began his activities as the leader of SS501 in Japan and Taiwan, etc.  Also being in many CF like electronic products, drinks, clothing, etc.  He have been elected as the best CF model as well as the actor who is the most wanted to spend Christmas together number 1.  Also, on the past 14th, SS501 won the Asia best group in Yahoo! buzz awards which was held in Hong Kong for difficult countries.  Kim Hyun Joong even won the Asian best actor and Korea, Taiwan selected Asian best actor.  He is very honored.

Hyun Joong: Thank you very much for everyone who me who is still very inadequate.   No matter what, because of you, I will be working hard to become a person who can act, sing and dance.  I will stay in your side forever, thank you.

Narration: We hope Flower boy Kim Hyun Joong who gain high popularity this year can keep it going in the near 2010.  We are all expecting your wonderful and handsome performance.

[Video] SS501 Hoobae DSP Girl Group “Rainbow” performed their song “Snow Prince”

4 Jan

Credit: DspAngels@YT
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This is actually a audio clip in Youtube.

Rainbow as you know is the hoobae of our boys in DSP.

They performed “Snow Prince” in this audio.

I think is not bad but of coz the original is the best ^^

Here is their performance, what do you think??

[Photo] SS501 Hyung Jun and baby brother Ki Bum go out for meal @ Park Sang-min’s restaurant

4 Jan

Credit: Pretty Boy
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Some more news of Hyung Jun.

Beside shooting his drama, he is enjoying his life with his family.

Just found these photos in Hyung Jun fansite.

hehe… baby and his baby brother were going out for meal.

They were enjoying themselves very much.

The shops seems belonged to a famous Korean actor Park Sang-min with his cartoon image for shop logo. haha. Cute

Let’s look at the cute “TWIN” ??? brothers ^^ Are they really look alike???

They took some photos with Park Sang-min also. 🙂

[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun @ New Drama “Black City” shooting photos

4 Jan

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Hyung Jun started his shooting of his new drama “Black City”

These are some of the photos of the shooting scene

Really giving my expectation on his performance.

Hyung Jun!!! Fighting!!!

Is baby kissing the girl in the photos ㅠ.ㅠ
A kiss scene in his first drama like Hyun Joong… haha