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[News] Flower Boy SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Decline starring in Movie

11 Jan

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Popular Group SS501 Kim Hyun Joong delayed his plan to challenge the big screen
Kim Hyun Joong declined starring in the film ‘My Pet’.
As been told that after Kim Hyun Joong received the invitation starring in ‘The Pet’,  made such a decision only after careful consideration.
The movie ‘The Pet’ concerned by everyone about whether Kim HyunJoong will be starring is a adaptation of Japanese manga with the same name.  The story is about a fashion magazine editor in chief who living with a flower boy.

I actually kind of happy that Hyun Joong will not be starring in it.

coz after looking at the story, I don’t think Hyun Joong is suitable for the character.

I hope to see him in some better challenge.

Also, our boys are actually busy with their second album.

[News+Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Basic House” New Spring Collecion

11 Jan

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I try my best to translate for the news.

Please pardon me if there is some minor mistake ^^

I think Hyun Joong is so handsome in this casual style 🙂

It is still freezing cold rampantly, stars already celebrating the coming of spring delivering upcoming fashion.

In the Drama ‘Over Over Flowers’ JiHoo Sunbae gentle while relaxing great fashion sense Kim Hyun Joong selected as a model shoot for Basic House, the bright, warm atmosphere in the direction of the spring fashion, Unlike JiHoo Sunbae fashion presented in colorful smile.

Kim Hyun Joong “The coming of spring, more than ever feel comfortable wearing bright and colorful and will achieve this trend,” he explains, and “A jacket easily mix and match in any style (mix & match) will be the essential items in this spring,” he recommended.

After Pair, Park Tae-hwan – Hyun Bin, long-term activities Yoon Eun Hye as the leading female star with Kim Hyun Joong in the period of activity with Kim Hyun Joong in sporty yet stylish look couples to once again confirm her reputation.

Basic House, a marketing representative “This spring fashion casual look fresh as ever, yet style is expected to be more gorgeous” said “soon introduce Kim Hyun Joong – Yoon Eun Hye fashion catalog will be able to identify the specific style” he said.

[Photo] [10.01.08] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Basic House” CF photo shooting+interview HQ snapshots 5

11 Jan

Credit: Pentacle
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click on images to enlarge

[News] SS501 Park Jung Min selected as the fixed MC for the rebirth of ‘Life theater’ after a lapse of 16 years

11 Jan

Credit: Art Entertainment News
Chinese Translation: 愛小馬馬@ No.43 Park
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The program “Life Theater” which made Lee HuiCai Jumped into the ranks of star will be revived in 2010 through the MBC television Every1.

Cable radio and television station MBC New Year Every1 in the opening of 2010 announced the premiere of one of the five new shows “Life Threater” beginning on January 20 at 12:00pm.

‘Life Theater 2010’ will inviting novelist Lee Wai-xiu  to explain the story as a brief description of the hero’s surroundings.  SS501 members Park jung Min will star as the main character walking through variety of life road.

This is the gift to welcome 2010 after Lee HuiCai ‘theater of life’ running in 1994.  The film crew said that compared to the need for heavy choice version, the new version of “life threater”  and the theater will be subjected to the reality and greater resonance with the audience to choose some more interesting stories.


I know I posted a related news before.

However, according to this news, Jung Min will be a fixed MC rather than a special guest in the show.

That’s mean we can see him in every episode?  What a great news ^^

[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong (JiHoo Sunbae) “Boys Over Flowers” cellphone wallpaper 2 sets

11 Jan

Credit: KHJ0606
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I find these great and handsome phone wallpapers in Korean KHJ site.

There are lots of really really handsome JiHoo Sunbae… over 200 of them.

I think is very difficult for me to upload all of them here for you.

That’s why for my and perhaps your convenience, I upload them to sendspace in a zip file.

I will just post some sample here.

If you love them and want to keep them, you can download the package from the provided links.

Hope you love them ^^


Here is some sample from 240X320 set:

Download link: HERE

Another samples from 240X400 set:

Download link: Here

[Video] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ “Macos Adamas” 2009 accessories sponsored Artists promotional clip

11 Jan

Credit: SS601+WWloveHJL@YT
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There are three different months promotional clip from “Macos Adamas” all together.

This is one of the accessories sponsor of Boys Over Flowers as you can see in the first video clip.

You can also find some of the sponsor photos from my other posts before. ^^

[Photo] SS501 Park Jung Min New “Goodearth” clothing sponsor photo

11 Jan

Credit: SS601+Goodearth
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[News+Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong designed “Coach” Tote Bag, sold for 2.5 million won bid

11 Jan

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Just find out from a Korean TS blog that the Tote bag on the news’s photo right side is actually NOT designed by Hyun Joong.

Sorry for the confusion.  Coz in the original Chinese translation, it said that is designed by Hyun Joong.

I finally got the photos of Hyun Joong actual design. ^^

Here is the actually Hyun Joong design “Coach” Tote bag’s photos.


[Correction] These Tote bag are designed by other artist, NOT HYUN JOONG

According to my blog visitor, the vase one is designed by Kim Bum and the ‘Knock On The Door’ one is designed by Kim Joon ^^

Thanks for her information.

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong designed “Coach” Tote Bag, sold for 2.5 million won bid

“Coach” Tote Bag designed by SS501 Kim Hyun Joong sold for 2.5 million won bid made us get a sense of his super-popularity.

In the opening ceremony of Children’s consortium of government agencies and well-known handbag’s brand  “COACH”  jointly in charge “Busan New World Centum City”, Handbag designed by Kim Hyun Joong is the one with the highest amount sold among the designs of 22 eminent persons.

The handbag bidding activity held from last year 03/20 to 04/06, 11 people participate in the bidding which marked from 200,000 won (about NT 6,000 yuan) onwards.  Kim Hyun Joong used a oil-based pen directly draw his self-portraits on top of the white Canvas Tote Bag and gave a description of the drawing “I want to present the mood is a magnificent gesture of me in front of public ridicule the hidden inner true self of who is mixed with fatigue and loneliness.”

In addition, the winning bid amount of this activity will be donated to the Children’s consortium of government agencies.


O… I am kind of hurt and sad for Hyun Joong after reading this news.

Seems like to cry = =”

Of coz, I am happy with the high bid to help children…

However, I am sad to actually know about the fatigue and loneliness of Hyun Joong’s inner heart.

I know being a artist or singer is very lonely in some way.

Not many people can understand their hardworking or fear behind all the good images in front of audience.

I know that even some TS will think Hyun Joong sometimes is too cool and no smile behind the scene.

however, idol is still human… they still have their own feeling

Especially as a idol, there are lots of restriction on screen.

We all know that our boys are really one of the idol group who always being with their true self on screen, however, some invisible restriction still applied.

No one can be 100% true self on screen as a artist.

This is the rule of the game.  We all know that in our mind.

But looking at Hyun Joong’s unconscious expression in his design, is really making my heart ache for him.

Please Please Please don’t hidden yourself from us… Hyun Joong…

I like to share your happiness and loneliness everyday…

No matter what… I will support you… being yourself … as always…

Kim Hyun Joong !!!!! You are my love !!!! Just be Happy and Enjoy your life…. my boy…

[News] [10LINE] of SS501 Kim Hyun-joong

11 Jan

Credit: Kang Myoung-Seok
Editor : Jessica Kim
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Clockwise from top center, musician Seo Tai-ji, SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun, singer Lee Hyo-ri and Kim Hyun-joong’s character Yoon Ji-hoo from KBS TV series “Boys Over Flowers”. [10Asia]

Kim Hyun-joong

Truth #1: He is a good-looking idol. He is a guy you would go out with regardless of his age. He is someone so pretty that he is likely to appear in a romance comic.
Truth #2: He was a runaway teenager who has experienced almost every part-time job out in the world. He is the most four-dimensional celebrity in Korea. He is a rock mania who body would squirm at the cheesy lines he had to say in hit TV series “Boys Over Flowers.”
Truth #3: He is a happy-go-lucky sort of person, unpredictable and hence, we become increasingly curious. Attracted.

Seo Tae-ji
Kim Hyun-joong’s favorite musician. The first record Kim ever bought was Seo Taeji & Boys’ second album. Kim had enjoyed his studies so much up till elementary school that he would wake up at 6 A.M. everyday to study but after listening to Seo Tae-ji’s music, he gave up on his studies to become a bassist in a rock band. That is why Kim took a one year leave during his high school days, went to a new school and ran away from home because his parents were against him pursuing music. Up to this point, it may look like he walked the typical path many rockers take on in order to achieve their dreams. But Kim worked part-time at a fried chicken restaurant and did manual labor to buy his own guitar, then worked again for about a year after running away from his house a second time. He made about a total 100 million won working part-time jobs. “I taught myself (how to live in society) by making money earlier than others,” Kim said of how important he considers this time period. This is why as soon as he debuted as a member of SS501, he believed “time is money.”

The five-member group Kim is a member of. He passed his audition for the group after simply being asked his height, weight and address. It may be because of this but according to member Park Jung-min, Kim played hard to get, not being sure of whether being a member of an idol group was the path he should take. But Kim sets his heart on becoming part of the band after looking at the numerous fans looking forward to SS501’s debut. Thereafter, the whole group appears in various reality shows and pursues a music career in Japan simultaneously. But they do not care about looking pretty and have promised to never receive expensive gifts from fans, making them the idols they are yet also the guys next door with good morals. They did not gain stardom instantaneously but continue to solidify their fanbase. On a side not, SS501 stands for the ‘sun’ and ‘star,’ as well as ‘five become one,’ but also a name intended to be typed easily on mobile phones and the computer.

Kim Hyung-joon
A member of SS501 who says he would choose to be born as Kim Hyung-joon in his next life. He seems to be serious since he made the same remark three years ago. He also says he will appear in a drama one day like Kim Hyun-joong and gain as much stardom. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun-joong regards such a Kim Hyung-joon in an older brother like way, saying he would want to “walk around with Hyung-joon as the subordinate” if he were given a one-day break and is “happy because he always laughs at what I say.” Such is the characteristic of SS501 — they speak frankly about each member’s current popularity or situation. Kim Hyung-joong in particular will say that their group “became overrated” due to the reality shows they appeared in ahead of their debut and show a sense of reality keen enough to know that it would be better that he did not help clean up the beaches in Taean after they became hit by South Korea’s worst oil spill in late 2007 because people might regard it a publicity stunt. He will also say everything he wants to at his fans, telling them, “I like letters but not expensive gifts,” and “I don’t like them coming in front of our house.” Their sense of reality may be why they can say such bold remarks on TV.

Hwang Bo
The celebrity who appeared as his make-believe wife in MBC reality show “We are Married.” He spread his appeal as an unpredictable yet good-looking husband by being seemingly indifferent to everything going on around him but becoming a critic for his wife’s food, being inexpressive of his emotions for his wife yet playing and singing on the piano for her at a crucial moment and enjoy hanging out with his group members while being thorough about making a living. This is when the Kim his fans knew of, started becoming known to the world. He may become prince charming in a drama and a guitarist on stage but knows exactly how much you need to buy land for tending a vegetable garden while doing music and accumulating money. This may be why his popularity only gains with his appearances on reality shows.

Kim Se-hwang
Guitarist of group N.E.X.T. He took part in SS501’s “Unlock” and picked Kim Hyun-joong as a musician he recently considered good at playing the bass. Kim Hyun-joong also liked listening to Limp Bizkit and The Calling, making him a pretty-faced singer who is into rock music. This may be why he first thought the role of Yoon Ji-hoo in “Boys Over Flowers” did not suit him. Yet he has a mindset balanced enough to know that “saying hello is not about the respect but acknowledging each other’s presence. Problems start arising when people skip on this.” He will also say, “I used to be mature for my age but I live like a kid now…… I don’t want to become stupid so I buy my own plane tickets or rent cars myself.” Whatever he says, it will be fun but to a point where it will not create any problems. That is why he is different from other idols but does not become a troublemaker.

Yoon Ji-hoo
The character Kim played from KBS TV series “Boys Over Flowers”. During the audition, Kim showed sides to him unbefitting for a role in a drama based on a romance comic but regardless, garnered explosive popularity. Kim said he thought he resembled Yoon in the sense that he “sleeps a lot, doesn’t laugh much and cares a lot about his life although he seems not to.” Hence, Kim analyzed Yoon as a character who “knows everything but pretends to be indifferent about life and seems slightly bothered by everything but is warmhearted.” Through Kim, Yoon was born as a mild-mannered yet masculine and at times, considerate person. Of course, his acting was awkward to the point he had trouble in expressing the various emotions his character felt. But the collaboration of his facial expressions, way of speech and his unrealistic looks in which the real Kim was reflected, provided a unique sense of appeal which can only be explained by the term ‘presence.’ Kim gained the character Yoon, a content which can maximize the appeal inherent within his real self and shot him onto stardom. Yet, he became acknowledged for the character and not his ability. Whether it be music or acting, his next ‘leap’ will come when he actually starts proving his capabilities.

Lee Hyo-ri
The star that Kim likes. He likes her so much that when he appeared on SBS variety show “Family Outing” on which she is one of the hosts, he described that it “feels like looking at a celebrity.” Like so, Kim at times seems like any other ordinary observer of the entertainment industry. He will also nonchalantly talk about his past girlfriends on talkshows and does not mind too much about what others think. He also does not have aspirations to become a huge star but instead wants to enjoy his personal life and dreams of performing on stage for his fans who have become parents when he is in his 40s and 50s. At the same time, he is mature enough to turn down expensive gifts from his fans. Kim may end up being a celebrity who lives happily by doing his work, go out when he wants to have fun and garner enough popularity.

Kim Hyun-joong’s friend. The two also performed together on MBC’s annual campus song contest. To Kim, his friends are so important to him that his friends since elementary school and the members of SS501 are the reason he says he is happy. He also willingly jointly invested in a fried chicken place with his friends. His identity can be seen where he is a guy who likes to hang out with his friends although he is someone who is so popular throughout Asia that he won the prize for top Asian male artist at the 2009 Yahoo! Buzz Awards last year. He is a star, yet dreams of living a life as happy as his parents and says he would “find the greatest happiness in engraving a photograph of my happy family on my gravestone than writing a thousand words on it.” Ironically, this idol’s non idol-like mindset is the foremost reason he is the star he is today. He will be able to become a star, do the music he wants and make enough money to support a happy family. Which will he choose? He may end up with it all with his happy-go-lucky attitude.


This news is cool… seems like a wrapped up of our boy Hyun Joong

I agree with all of them.

Hyun Joong is a very special person and his charm is all over his whole body

No matter is his handsome appearance or his 4D character and simple attitude…

I just know that I can’t stop loving him … 당신을 사랑합니다

[Photo+info][Fans Blog] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and TVXQ Kim Jae Joong @ Canada Vancouver Supermarket

11 Jan

Credit: JaeJoong Tieba+ty精分吧+cyworld
Chinese Translation: 睡娟@ty精分吧
English Translation:
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I posted that I found out Hyun Joong is being with his hyung Jae Joong in Vancouver.

Today, finally some fans’ photos came out.

They also gave a brief description of what’s happening in Vancouver. hehe

I find two fans’ blog description and some photos from Baidu.

One is from Jae Joong’s Tieba.  The other is from ty精分bar.

Seems like our leader is enjoying his trip in Canada with Jae Joong.

No matter he is working or just a leisure trip.

I think even  he seems tired, he is also enjoy spending time with his best friend/hyung. ^^

His 4Dness is everywhere…

Hyun Joong… you really is a mysterious boy 🙂


First Fan’s story:

[From Xianei]

When the fan came out from the lift and saw them,
Leader say: “I look like Kim Hyun Joong?”
Jae Joong said: “You are Kim Hyun Joong!”

I don’t know what to say ……..

Seems like Kim Hyun Joong & Jae Joong currently are at Vancouver.

Some of them saw them eating in Vancouver and drinking.

Yesterday night they left Korea at 5:30, taking Air Canada and arriving Vancouver at 11:00. According to the people, they will be leaving Vancouver soon then to Toronto (Maybe they already went to Toronto). They left

together with their manager and stylists.

Hero Jae Joong came here to film a Japanese documentary. We think that seems like they were filming together (I am not so confirm about this)

I was told tomorrow we could see some photographs.

Hi everybody, I am a 3rd Yr High School student studying in Canada Vancouver!  It’s kind of …. messy…. please try to understand!! Today I have my eyes are very lucky ~~

First…. My elder sister is studing in America University, she come back for spending her holiday for a while… now the winter holiday just ended , she will be leaving for US tomorrow~

On the 22nd of this month is my sister’s birthday, so we went to eat Korean food to celebrate. What?  When we go to XX to buy the cake!! We saw TVXQ’s Hero Jae Joong & Kim Hyun Joong ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Although my eyes were wide open, but I felt like I am in a dream …. my expression was completely….. (like a blooming flower)

Is so ……. handsome !!!! Completely charming, my heart’s beating sound were so loud ~~~

I wanted to take photographs, but my hand was shaking!!! I only got my cellphone with me~~~ When the manager saw me taking photographs immediately said: “No!”  TT

But ….. they are really handsome!!!

In order to get some close-up photo, I can’t even blink my eyes and once I saw Hero Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong…….

Even if I can only met their eyes for ….. 0.000000000000000000000000001 seconds …. hohoho

Kim Hyun Joong…. looked very tired and didn’t smile, Hero Jae Joong was also felt the same.

When paying the bill, there’s some Japanese mothers fans around !!! they used Japanese to chat for a while. and no…

That’s all for it, because I am too shocked to let me remembering anything….. that’s it ….. even can’t see them in Korea but came to Canada!!!! It is so great~~~

Really look so handsome… their face are so small… even foreigners cannot complete with their charm. Really too handsome.   TT

Ah…. really too good…. TT  even have taken… don’t know anything… need to go out again… again ! ! !

Although I am very regret… TT … should use my own camera to take a photo of Hero Jae Joong… should at least greet him TT

Really…. no matter what !!! Quickly, completed!  My learning time, going back to Korea to meet them again!!!!  Not matter what!!! Must !!!!

Ahh….. didn’t greet them. Very regret.  TT  “An overly excited Korean student in here , heart almost exploded missing story, and no photographs, there’s only text”  Thanks everyone for reading ….. hohohoho

XX in Canada met Hero Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong


Second Fan’s Story:

2010.01.09 Hanareum Mart


My unstopped shouting

I am really happy today!

The library that I have been working very hard in these few years. On my way there.

Hanareum Shopping centre on the other street, I was chatting with with Xiong Oppa who went together.

Coincidentally we saw in the lift.

Song said:  “That person look like Kim Hyun Joong.”  Xiong also said: “He is Kim Hyun Joong !”

I…….. at that moment couldn’t say anything.  My heartbeat was stop.

But, , in front of me… was the real Hero Jae Joong…..

I was stunned and keeped staring at Hero Jae Joong….

He just walked passed me

I was smiling and greeting: “Hi”  TTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

Kim Hyun Joong who was beside him said: “There is a Ppongtta(Korean frozen desserts) in Canada, too.” (This Chinese Translation is corrected by Violet)

We were just looking at them chatting

Our invincible Xiong Oppa, cunning against Kim HyunJoong

saying that he is too charming and asked him to sign an autograph for his sister. Song also got his signature.

Received it, hohoho, but…. the writing is very small, hohoho

But Song also accepted it happily.

Today all thanks to Xiang Oppa, we could talked to Hero Jae Joong

Even joked with him, like I have won a lotto…..

He kept walking in front of me

Even if I don’t eat I also can live, hehehe

Don’t understand… now is already 26 years old.. even will get

PS: ah,, a very small signature at the bottom, don’t know what it means
when looking at my photos and words please be a little …..  TTTTTTTTT