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[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun ~ SS501 in USA booklet scans

18 May

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Another set of SS501 in USA booklet scans ^^

This time baby baby Jun…

Not much but still want to share these scans coz our boys are really really handsome…keke

Also, because these photos were taken in USA… hahaha




Click to enlarge:

[Info] Music Bank K-Chart ~ Score percentage proportion changed

18 May

Credit: 오콩일@SS601
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As we know, our boys will be comeback soon…

Their first comeback stage should be Music Bank on 6/4

So K-Chart is the music chart for Music Bank to determine the winner of the week

There is a score percentage counting proportion changed in K-Chart recently

Seems like digital music sale is getting more important in the chart than album sale

Also, the broadcasting frequency is more important than viewers rating..

Is that meant downloading music from music portal is better than buying physical album nowadays?

Anyway, I still like to buy the physical one more than downloading…maybe both to help

Learning more about this may help our boys winning for the K-Chart so just want to share this info for you ^^


Here is some information shared by 오콩일 at SS601:

Older score proportion of K-Chart:

Digital music (50%) + album sales (15%)+ Broadcast frequency (15%) + viewers rating (20%)

Current score proportion of K-Chart:

Digital music (60%) + album sales (10%)+ Broadcast frequency (20%) + viewers rating (10%)

[Event+Info] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong is one of the 10 Stars who will participate in the Cartier ‘LOVE DAY’ event

18 May

Credit: 알리콘@SS601+베티 게천 들어봐요님
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Wow… Hyun Joong so handsome in the photo…

I really want to go to this photo exhibition if I am in Seoul =.=”””

There must be many great photos of Hyun Joong…

Also, the music appreciation is so good also ^-^

Why am I not in Seoul … ???

I almost ask this question to myself everyday… haha

10 celebrities joined Cartier Needy neighbor Event

‘LOVE DAY’ to convey the love of Cartier

Coming June 3 Cartier will be held a Exhibition for the charity to commemorate <LOVE collections> Cartier’s symbol for the occasion “Cartier LOVE DAY”.  This exhibition will be held for 11 days from June 4-June 13 in Seoul, Cheongdam Maison Cartier boutiques, is scheduled to deliver the message of love as a 4-year anniversary of Cartier’s LOVE DAY across the world, this year in Korea Cartier LOVE collection of special tribute to the spirit of love, trying to warm hearts containing 10 stars to do with Cartier together and the gains will be donated to International Organization IVI (International Vaccine Institute: International Vaccine Institute).

This exhibition is a charity representing the Cartier LOVE collection will be held a photo exhibition containing the natural look of the stars wore bracelet Summer Love (Love Summer Bracelet), Korean top star Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), Ji Jin-hee, Kim Hyun Joong, U-Know Yunho, Kim Hee Seon, Son Ye-jin, Yoon Ah, Yoon Eun Hye, and Ha Ji-won are celebrities that will be participated.

10 stars in unison to support the exhibition will be held approximately ten days at the Maison Cartier on the theme of ‘LOVE’ filled with beautiful music.  For a variety of music, the presentation will be an atmosphere of being from each period of ‘love ‘of 3 famous musicians Beatles, to Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey.  There is a opportunity of appreciating the photograph of the star with the music which put in a love together.

The exhibition will be opened Fri, June 4 ~ Sun, June 13 from 11:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., there is no holiday in duration and is a space where there is a possibility anyone of enjoying conveniently.

During the specified year in June and Cartier LOVE DAY Summer of Love bracelet sale proceeds are donated to the International Vaccine Institute.

[Video][2010/05/18] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun’s surprise visit to Kim Chang-yeol radio show “Old School”

18 May

Credit: poohhl@YT+sound clip from 501스런하루
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Remember I just posted the photos of Hyung Jun in this show from “Old School” radio show this morning

I said that the show was actually having an open webcam yesterday afternoon …

So here you go, our baby/Jjun DJ under the webcam…keke

As poohhl said, he maybe going to SBS studio to pre-record Music High since SS501 schedule will be pretty tight after their comeback

Live broadcasting may not be possible sometimes…

thanks to poohhl to post the video for us ^0^

[Video][Chinese sub] SS501 Japan TV show《The Mission》68 mins never revealed secret footnote

18 May

Credit: 绝版既爱
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I am not sure if these footnote are really unrevealed or not…

because I haven’t seen it yet..keke

But I found this video in youku with this titleSeems very interesting…

I had already seen the full set of episodes of 《The Mission》

I think they did air some unrevealed footnote afterward…

This one is kind of a completed version of all the footnotes …

So why not share with you

Hope there will be English sub afterward ^^

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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[Video/Audio][Text translation] Oh Se Jung talked about she is an ideal type for Kyu Jong @ Jung Sun Hee LOVE FM radio show

18 May

Credit: 501스런하루@SS601
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hehe… Oh Se Jung remember Kyu Jong and their encounter..

She knew that she is the ideal type for him also ^^

KYU must be happy listening to this coz she really remember him..keke

Actually, who won’t remember our boys after seeing them… right?


Chinese translation by Kyu’s守护@

English Text translation:

DJ: SS501 Kim Kyu Jong ssi always says Oh Se Jung is his ideal type, have you two seen each other before?

OSJ: Yes.  Only once on the street.  (Because of KKL) mentioned about me on the show, (My) minihp had over 10000 visitors on that day, my search rank also raised to the top one.  Of course, I am feeling very happy. Last summer, when I was walking on street listening to the phone, the man walking towards me was also on the phone.  When he saw me, his eyes became so big.. “Oh! is her” .. yes.  We were both on the phone so just saying “Hello” and walked away in the opposite way.

DJ: Kyu Jong ssi must be very regret afterward…

OSJ: Me too… but at that moment really … don’t know would suddenly meet on street…

DJ: Really like the theme in a cellphone commercial … never saw each other afterward?

OSJ: Never again not even once. However, people always saying “Must see each other again, right? !  Don’t lie. If never see each other, how come he always says that you are his ideal type.” But we really hadn’t see each other before that time. (He) should have seen the drama unit I acted before.  My face was kind of round at that time and seemed younerg.  maybe seeing the drama unit I was acting… so saying that I am his ideal type…

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[News+Photo] SS501 Park Jung Min, ‘Royal Avenue’ open to public

18 May

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‘Royal Avenue’ open to public… 대박 ^^

keke… of course, I think you know about this already, right?

Coz I posted the news from Lapin* Carrot blog already

Thanks Kim Gamsa to tell us about this before the news ^^

Anyway, still want to share this good news in case you don’t know yet

Also, the news photos of Jung Min in the showroom is so cool…

how can I not to share it with you all… hehe…

We can also see more of these wonderful photos in June <In Style> magazine..

Hope someone will be nice enough to share later on ^^



SS501 Park Jung Min, ‘Royal Avenue’ open to public

S501’s member Park Jung Min turns into a businessman, not a singer, fashion magazine <In Style> unveiled his “Royal Avenue” showroom.

During the three months and the interior designer, Park Jung Min and <In Style> magazine becomes one mind, Royal Avenue ‘Showrooms’ project was started.

Since last December, the number of visitors exponentially start running to roll into shopping malls and renewal to resolve expecting grow to the mall, is embedded as a tough business aspirations.

His ‘Royal Avenue’ affection ranging from interior design to direct labor to sell the finished goods is complete enough to sell for the extraordinary.

On May 1, the open party was in progress at the showroom with a large public. <In Style> spent with SS501 Kim Hyung Jun, Shim Eun Jin, Rainbow together at ‘Royal Avenue’ showroom open party to give out our congratulations.

The Black & White contrasting colors to match the beautiful interiors of compelling Park Jung Min’s ‘Royal Avenue’ showroom and the opening scene can be seen in June <In Style> magazine.

[Magazine] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ Taiwan magazine “Fans” special edition Aug 2009 HQ scans

18 May

Credit: slowDAL
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hehe… I know this is old magazine… and you probably saw all of these photos before

Coz I posted them in this blog also…

But this time is really in super HQ scans

So why not share them again for your HQ collection ^0^




For larger HQ scans, click to enlarge:

[Video][Fanvid] SS501 Heo Young Saeng ~ Airport Fancams Flash Player

18 May

Credit: Madeleine
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Another super wonderful flash player made by Korean TS ^^

This time is a compilation of Young Saengie’s airport fancams… keke

I always love Saengie’s clothing styles in airport …

so now is the time to review our fashion icon Heo Young Saeng…

READY? …. GO ~

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[News] “Crazy for you” will included in new mini album “Destination”?

18 May

Credit:yyy148 @ SS601+asiae
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Another news from asiae shared by yyy148@SS601

I want to posted this because it talked about the song “Crazy for you”

The one we are all waiting for so long may included in the new mini album “Destination” ^0^

Happy… of course…keke

However, since this is the only news talked about this, I am not sure if this is really the case…

so let’s keep our fingers cross at this moment … ^^


Korean idol group SS501 is gearing up for a comeback with their upcoming new album “DESTINATION” due out May 31, according to their agency DSP Entertainment on Tuesday.

DSP explained in a press release that some of the most talented musicians in Korea, Europe and the U.S., including prominent Korean-American music producer Steven Lee, collaborated to create the new album.

Lee, who had written and arranged all the tracks in the group’s previous album “REBIRTH,” also composed the title track, named “Love Ya,” in the new album.

All the songs in “DESTINATION” have been arranged to piano accompaniments while incorporating a minimum of electronic sounds that are prevalent in current K-pop music.

* Some of the songs included in the record are R&B tune “Let Me Be The One” and a dance number called “Crazy 4 U,” which was performed by the band during their “PERSONA Asia Tour” but left out on the previous album. Fans are said to have requested that SS501 include this particular track on the new album.

SS501, who debuted in 2005 with single “Warning,” made a successful comeback to the music scene last October, topping various music charts with their second mini-album “Rebirth”.

They kicked off their “1st Asia Tour Persona” in Seoul last August and went on to perform in Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The five member group are scheduled to give a comeback performance on KBS’ “Music Bank” on June 4.