[Info] SS501 will attend TVN new concept music show ‘Newton’ on 6/7

3 Jun

Credit: JJong@ SS601+방청나라
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English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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Wow… another music show to attend?

Cool ~ Cool ~ Cool ~

This is a new concept concert with standing only… must be very high attending… keke

There will be 2 part… the first part will be live concert… second will be recording.. for future broadcasting

I don’t know if our boys will be in which part coz it didn’t indicated…

But they will definitely be there that day no matter live or recording for the show. ^^

So busy after comeback… hehe…

Here is the detailed info shared by JJong at SS601…


June 7th where the singer and the audience become one!!!!!!

I invite you to the first concert ~~~~~

06/07 Monday Program Guide

* Title: TVN new concept music show ‘Newton’ (Record 2)

* Content: Standing Concert ~

* MC: Gil

* 1,2 part Performer: ★ SS501, ★ CN Blue, 4 Minute, LeeSsang, 2 New Group, etc. …!!

* Meeting: Line 6 Digital Media City Station Exit 2 (Part 1: 3:10 (+ pre-recorded, live performers), Part 2: 7:30)

* Recording Venue: Exhibition Hall next to the CJ ENM building near the DMS (M-net broadcasts ..)

* Pay: Recording part 2 -> 14,000 won, recording part 1 -> 7,000 won (paid site) ~ You may apply for only one recording

* Recording time: Part 1 We’re going live after telerecording in advance performer, Part 2 takes an hour and a half to 2 hours

* Target: 19 ~30 year-old  Female groups are also welcome


One Response to “[Info] SS501 will attend TVN new concept music show ‘Newton’ on 6/7”

  1. ditdut June 4, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    How do you buy the tickets? Just buy over there?

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