[News+Photo] SS501 news photo + SS501’s message brief translation @ Newton Fan meeting

13 Jun

Credit: various news (see logo)
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I am late posting these but still just want to share…

Some news photos of our boys in fan meeting

Also thanks to Ode to translate the news… all content is the same except title ^^

I know lots of TS are having some doubt with SS501 lately

Hopefully after seeing them happily in this fan meeting… you  all can trust them with your full heart

Let’s TRUST and LOVE… Triple S fighting… SS501 forever as one

Here is a brief translation of the touching message from the boys


‘Leader said to believe in them, as a result everyone cried even harder – including JM, and said if you believe us 501, must continue to walk together’

Leader said must believe and started crying even harder.

Maknae very firmly told TS that there will be a 2nd album, want us to wait!

Leader apologized for the short promotions this time, but the activities would be longer in the future.


SS501 appeared in tvN Music show Newton’s corner ‘X-Concert’ as a form of fanmeeting cam video event on June 13 at 8pm at Seoul’s Yongdeungpo Time Square.
They sung a total of 8 songs inclusive of new title hit ‘Love Ya’.
On the other hand, they had received their K-chart No.1 through June 11’s Music Bank.



2 Responses to “[News+Photo] SS501 news photo + SS501’s message brief translation @ Newton Fan meeting”

  1. Sunshine June 13, 2010 at 11:50 am #

    Thank you so much wingwing ^^
    I was just about teary eyed when reading this & then I saw the 1st pic of leader crying & then I cried *_*. He’s been through so much over the past few months. I believe he’ll only get stronger & also ss501 as a whole. We will forever be here with you ss501, forever walk with you & hold your hands till the end. wow, a 2nd album too *_* ~ super happy & excited but I also wish they’ll take it easy too. We’re not runnig away, TS will always be here for you. Boy isn’t she one lucky fan !! haha a group hug from the boys~ awww. ss501 Saranghae forever & ss501 hwaiting < 3333 Keep on smiling & keep on shining my lovelys ^^

  2. roechan June 13, 2010 at 5:19 pm #

    awesome photos, amazing moment, wanna cry and laugh with our boys and scream out loud with lucky triple s in that stadium…. thanks 4 sharing wingwing….

    *dear lucky TS, pls share your happines with us..kekeke… wanna read your story when 5 gorgeous boys hug u like that…. kyaaaaaaa!!!!! 😀

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