[Triple S][2010/06/13] 2 Detailed fan accounts of SS501 Newton Fan meeting (English+Chinese)

13 Jun

Original in chinese: 米修生 / BAIDU SS501 THREAD+ccfish0322 / BAIDU
Translated into english: happiebb / lovekimhyunjoong.com
Don’t re-edit
Give proper credit when reposting, thanks!


I actually saw these fan accounts in Baidu… and want to translate it to you

But since I saw happiebb already translated them and shared them…

So I just reposted them here for you…

Both account are from Chinese TS who is more favorite of Jung Min .. so they are somewhat more about Jung Min’s focus

But still many detail of the fan meeting which I think all of you want to know about…

Thanks happiebb to translate it ^^

Jung Min seems very emotional lately… I hope he is fine.. and nothing is bothering him at all…

Actually, after seeing these 2 fan account…

I think the boys are in lots of pressure because of the recent contract rumors…

They are still just five young men…

Because they can’t do anything until DSP president recover from his health…

so now actually is a very hard time for them…

they are just human .. they still feel worry… feel alone… feel sad about all these rumors and bad things around them

Afraid of people who will believe the rumors… Afraid of people attacking them at this moment… Afraid of fans leaving them…

All these things are really hard on them … at this very moment…

We can see that even some Triple S are not totally trusting and having doubt recently…

That’s why they are so so so emotional…

As Triple S, before anything confirmed officially …

Meanwhile… I hope every TS should do as Leader said…

“TRUST and LOVE… “

That’s all I want to say and hope because I love SS501 ^^


First Fan Account

BY: ccfish0322 / BAIDU

the first post of this thread…
dedicated to jung min, who has caused my heart to cry so achingly today,
and also dedicated to our mi-xiu sister…
i really didn’t understand anything (from the fan meeting)
what the boys said and all that, i only heard from her on the way back.

the truth is… i really didn’t know anything…
anyway~ hyung jun said they’d be making a comeback with their second (full) album.
mal was crying so hard, said he himself has many things and issues that are making him so tired.
kyu jong, too, cried, and appeared to have said something to the other members.
young saeng was his usual cool self, with reddened eyes.
hyun joong wiped away his tears at the beginning part of the (fans’) VCR
and he said, ‘죄송합니다’ (really sorry)

the boys all said sorry to everyone,
and also said I Love You’s to everyone.

they’d played a video clip today.
perhaps you guys didn’t know before, but i’m only a fan of seven months, starting from LLT.
and all this time, i’ve always felt that i’ve missed out so much about them over the past five years.

today, there was an edited footage and the members said much in the beginning.
as you all know, although i was there at the frontline,
i don’t understand korean, so there’s much that i didn’t understand.
but the main gist of it was that the boys really really really feel sorry about the 5.01 album.

hyun joong didn’t say much, but when he’d said the last ‘sorry’,
our leader, he wiped away tears~
and i cried for the first time, today.

as for what they’d sung, and also the interaction with the fans,
i shan’t be writing much about those.

mal was crying the most today.
jyu jong was the first one to start crying,
and during that time, mal kept his back to us,
but we could see him wiping away tears.
fans kept shouting out to him not to cry,
but but but~ there seems to be much troubling mal today.
wuri mal… he’s probably actually really all worn out…

hyung jun too was crying sadly.
when he was talking about kyu jong, even his tone changed~
he seemed to be saying…. if without you, then we’re not SS501 no more~

the chief and young saeng were perpetually cool and unperturbed.

when mal was crying, hyung jun went over to hug him~
just like comforting a child, he was comforting mal~

anyway, i feel really sorry i wasn’t able to walk with you guys the past five years.
regarding those feelings of waiting and anticipating, i’d only experienced once.
i’ve often wondered, what sort of willpower and strength could have made the TS persevere and press on,
could have have TS wait (for the boys) with such doggedness.

today, when i was watching (the clip of) leader when they’d won the Rookie Award, i had cried;
and watching mal cry, i’d cried;
and watching how hyung jun was sobbing so much, i’d cried.

you guys said, you’d make comeback with a second album,
and that you’d be together always,
then… if this is the case, then i’m willing to continue with the waiting,
to put up with the feelings of waiting, of anticipating.

have always thought i ain’t the type to hold such fanatical thoughts
but just this once, just for one time,
i wanna be that teeny weeny bit fanatical and wild~

















Second Fan account:

[2010.06.13] FAN ACCOUNT

Title “LUCKY 43~”

me, someone who’s not so bright and have a poor memory is here to pen a fan account.

i won’t be talking much about the beginning part on how to obtain a number and all that,
suffice to say that the staff gave me my lucky number, 43
and that too is jung min’s date of birth.

arrived at Time Square at 7pm, and the queue was started.
but from then to the time of entering the venue, OMG~
it was originally scheduled to start at 8pm,
then sometime in the midst of things, we heard we’d be let in at 9pm,
and that the members were having their rehearsals.

we’d passed the time with idle chitchat
and finally we were allowed to enter the venue at 9pm~
now why did i say i was the lucky 43~

there are three VIP rows in the theatre, right in the front
and my 43 was the last number of the VIP seats,
and it was just next to the cameraman.

whilst awaiting for everyone to enter the venue, there was a commotion,
and that caused everyone to be mistaken that the members had come in.
i turned around and saw that it was just a careless staff and some security staff.

we started to get nervous and excited.
and suddenly, the big screen started playing interview clips.
however, coz the audio didn’t sync with the visual,
they had to replay the clip about three times,
and they’d finally got it to play properly at the last try.

started with Love Ya in 2010, to LLT in 2009…
and they went in reverse chronological order the journey of these five boys throughout the last five years.
there were also interviews being inserted in the midst of the clips.
can’t recall with certainty the dialogue and interviews,
but what left me with the deepest impression was how the members repeatedly said sorry to the fans,
said sorry about how their promotional period was so short,
and said sorry about how they weren’t able to release the second (full) album.
it sure appears that the members can’t quite let it go that they didn’t release a full album,
and are still feeling apologetic towards fans.
= = (oh please, second album, please come out…)

during the interview, hyung jun said he felt that there’re fewer and fewer fans.
(maybe) because many fans have already gotten married and can’t support them at event venues,
and he feels kindda saddened.

as for jung min and kyu jong,
their hearts were full of appreciation towards the fans’ support throughout the five years,
and they too were feeling sorry about how they could not often hold events and activities.

when it came to hyun joong’s turn,
he suddenly just started tearing as he was speaking~~
kept saying sorry, and the korean fans kept shouting out to him
not to ever say ‘sorry’ from now on!!!!!

after the clip’s over, there was a commotion.
OMG…! on the left were jung min, kyu jong and young saeng walking down the steps
and on the right were hyung jun and hyun joong.

i was way too nervous and excited!
the moment i saw jung min, i could only think about how i really could shake his hand ~please ignore me~
and closer, closer….. jung min, please please hold me hand~~
but he’d missed me.
i was so disappointed, and was about to retract my hand when i’d caught jung min’s hand!!
can i please talk abit about my feelings….
don’t hit me, but (his hand’s) abit rough.

and then it’s my most loved… young saeng’s coming!
i just grabbed and held onto his hand until i could not hold on to his hand anymore!!!
yes, my life’s complete now.

and there was kyu jong
but coz his right hand was holding a microphone, so i didn’t manage to hold his hand~~
i will work harder next time~~~

once they’re on-stage,
hyun joong said they’d already discussed and agreed with the staff to keep this a secret.
and he asked if we knew they were coming.
the fans said yes, we knew!!!
then hyun joong said, yes, even the news reports had reported on that, aish —
and then it’s greeting time… can’t remember exactly what’s said, oh my poor memory~

next, they sang a ballad, Let Me Be The One
and then a dance track, Love Like This.
needless to say, the boys’ prowess was obvious and needed no further elaboration~
they’re as handsome and cool as always.

next up was the lucky draw.
before going in, we were given cards to write down our wishes (from the boys).
there was even connection with the fans who weren’t able to come inside.
kyu jong jokingly acted as the live commentator at this round.

they’d prepared five autographed special edition albums for the fans inside the venue
and another five autographed normal edition albums for the fans outside the venue.

then each of the member picked a number for the winners.
in particular, there were some memorable scenes.
one got the five members to gather and crowd around her and call out her name,
and another fan had written her wish to have hyun joong’s ear-stud~
and of course, hyun joong had removed it on the spot and gave it to her~

thereafter, they sang a few more songs,
i really can’t remember, coz i was only concentrating on watching the boys.

then i guess i should just talk about the scenes that left the deepest impressions upon me.
one segment had asked that the members say something to the other members,
when jung min was supposed to say something to young saeng,
jung min said he needed some time to think about it~

then hyun joong just took over and said let him go first.
he said something to the effect that regardless of whether it’s in front of the fans or members,
jung min’s the pillar mentally, spiritually~
said ‘thank you’ and polite pleasantries as such*

at this point, i saw that all five boys’ eyes were wet and red.
when it was kyu jong’s turn to speak, he just started crying as he talked.
hyung jun kept patting him to soothe and comfort him.
kyu jong also said things to thank the fans for their support in the five years~
thereafter kyu jong walked to the backstage to wipe dry his eyes.

hyung jun jokingly said his kyu jong hyung’s always kind and nice and cries much,
he said when the five of them are together, they’re just like blood brothers from the same family~
at this point, he himself could not hold it in and his voice started to change and waver.
i was thinking if they’re not on-stage, he would probably be wailing like a baby~~
i thought this kid’s really cute. after crying, he just went to one side to wipe his tears away.

actually CEO park was already starting to tear uncontrollably when kyu jong started crying.
he had turned his entire body so that his back’s facing the fans.
he maintained this stance for a very long time.

young saeng said he didn’t really realise the importance of his members
until he had to go to japan for an activity all by himself
he then suddenly realised that’s what they’re all about, a group~

CEO park, you’ve caused the event to be a tear-filled one,
it’s an ocean of tears… wuri CEO just kept on crying and crying~~
couldn’t even get a word out.
this is the first time i’ve seen the CEO like this~

young saeng said, “I’d originally wanted to wrap up this event in a smiling manner,
but end up you guys are all crying~”

not sure if it’s leader or whom who said, “don’t cry…”~
and turned around to get jung min to talk about what young saeng is like in his mind.
at this point, CEO park said, “my personality has always been the strong and powerful type~
you guys all know that~”
and then he turned around again and cried again~
he cried so much and so badly that he couldn’t say anything anymore~
and he managed to utter, “i won’t say it here, i’ll tell the members in private next time~”

in summary, the gist of this entire dialogue just kept giving us the signal
that they boys will still be performing together.
hyung jun said they still have to prepare to release the second (full) album.
jung min also said to always support them in future.
as for what hyun joong said, sorry… forgive this old woman for her bad brains
and poor korean~ i really didn’t listen too carefully~

then they sang Haruman, Green Pea and Forever.
there’s a little episode…. young saeng said Forever was supposed to be a wedding song
but the tune came out abit sad and wistful.
but still, he said gloatingly, “the tune’s one of those what keeps playing in your head over and over again?”

and oh ya, when it was Forever,
hyun joong NG’ed.
he said in a self-deprecating manner that he intended to sing the song really seriously and earnestly.
then he spoke the truth… that was the first time they’re singing that song live,
so they’re not too familiar with it yet.

CEO took a deep breath when they’re singing Haruman
and said, “i’m OK, i can sing…” and he sang in such an emo manner.

at the end, they got the members to say something to the fans,
hyun joong said, “although it’s cliched, i still want wanna say, sarang hamnida~~”
the audience went wild and began shouting for him to say it again!!
hyun joong said smilingly, “i’m NOT that sort of easy man!!”
hehe, he’s really quite something~

the event wrapped up with Love Ya~
and this is the end of my acount.
in order for the schooling fans to be able to catch the last train, there was no encore~

the entire event, i got the feeling the members were stressing and reiterating this wasn’t their final show,
and that there will be 501 activities in the future,
and that 501 will be together~~

that’s it from me~~

bye bye, this is the happy ending from today===============================

〖100614☆贤☆后记〗6.13 永登浦TIME SQUARE 影像会后记



前面具体咋拿号的我就不说了 反正 工作人员给了我幸运的43号 还是政玟的生日

晚上7点钟到了TIME SQUARE 已经开始排队了 但是距离入场 OMG~

原本预定8点开始的 结果中间听说9点入场 队员们在彩排

时间就在闲扯中度过 等到9点钟终于让我们进场了~为啥说我是幸运的43号呢~

在电影院的最前面有三排VIP 我的43号成为了VIP的最后一个位置靠着摄像机大叔

期间等大家入场后 忽然一阵骚动 以为是队员进来了 回头一看是冒失的工作人员外加保安

我们开始紧张 忽然大屏幕开始放采访录像 由于音画不同步 重新放了三次

最后一次终于好了 从10年LOVE YA打歌到09年的LOVE LIKE THIS 以倒叙的形式讲述了

队员们5年来走过的路 期间穿插对队员们的采访 具体的话记不清楚 但是 印象最深刻的

就是队员们一直在说对不起粉丝 因为活动期太短 而且一直没能出二辑 看来队员们对

这件事还真是放不下心 = = 二辑你出来吧 采访亨俊的时候 亨俊说感觉粉丝越

来越少了 因为很多粉丝都结婚嫁人了 不能追现场了 有些伤感 政玟 奎宗 中心思想

都是感谢粉丝5年来的支持 以及对不能经常活动的抱歉 采访到贤重的时候 说着

说着 贤重就哭了~~一直在说对不起 韩饭一直再喊以后不要再说对不起了!!!!

录像播完了 忽然一阵骚动 我的天啊 左边是 政玟 奎宗和永生 从台阶上走下来

右边是 亨俊和贤重 我太紧张了 一眼看到政玟就想着我要真么握手了~请54

近了近了 政玟请你握住我的手!!但是他错过了 我失望的要缩回手的同时抓到了

政玟的手!!我能说我的感受么…别拍我有些粗糙 然后就是我最爱的永生来了 我抓

着他的手就不松开到不能握为止!!是的我的人生圆满了 其后是奎宗 但由于他

右手拿麦 就没抓到~~下次继续努力!!!上台后 贤重说 都和工作人员说好了要保守

秘密 你们知道我们来么?粉丝说: 知道!!!PG说 是的 新闻都报道出来的真是- –

然后就是问候 说啥不记得了 我记性不好~

然后唱了抒情的歌曲 唱后 是DANCE曲《LOVE LIKE THIS》

5只的实力当然不用说了~那么的帅气 然后是抽奖环节 在进去之前我们拿到了可以写许愿

的卡片 现场还连接了没能进来的粉丝们 奎宗开玩笑的充当了现场播报员 内场的人有5张

限量版签名CD 外场的是5张普通版签名CD 然后 每个队员抽一个号码 这5个人的RP自然

不用说 印象深刻的是 一名叫韩饭被5个人围起来 然后大喊他的名字 另外一个粉丝写的


后来陆续唱了几首歌吧 我实在记不住了 因为我只看人了 我就说印象深的

要队员们互相说几句话 要政玟对永生说 政玟说我需要好好想想~然后贤重接过来话说


客套话~这时我看到5个人的眼镜都湿润了 奎宗说话的时候说着说着就哭了 亨俊一直

拍他PG进行安慰 奎宗说的也是感谢粉丝们的5年来的支持~奎宗就走到后台去擦汗擦眼

泪了~这时亨俊还以开玩笑的口气说 我的奎宗哥总是这么善良眼泪多 他说我们5个人在

一起的时候就像一家人亲兄弟一样的~他自己也忍不住了 连声音都变调了 我想如果不

是在台上应该是 呜呜的嚎啕大哭吧~~我觉得这孩子很可爱 哭完了跑边上擦眼泪

其实朴代表在奎宗哭的时候就忍不住了 整个身体转过去不看粉丝们 这个姿势持续了

好久 永生说平时没觉得队员有多重要 等到日本去自己活动的那次 感觉到了原来这就

团体~朴代表 你吧现场弄成了泪的海洋 我的代表一直哭一直哭~~说话都说不出


永生说 我原本要笑着结束这次活动的 结果你们都哭~队长还是谁说 不要哭~结果转回来

说让政玟评价心目中的 永生 这个时候代表说 :我的性格一直很强势~你们都知道~然后

又背过去哭了~哭的说不出话来了说~我不在这说了 以后和队员们私底下说~

总结:这段谈话的中心是 一直说以后我们还会有演出 亨俊说我们还要准备准备正规2辑

政玟也说以后要一直支持我们~至于PG说过啥很么话 原谅老人我脑子不好~韩国语差 真


后来唱了 只一天 豌豆公主 和直到永远

小插曲就是 永生说: 直到永远原本是WEDDING SONG 没想到曲子出来了有点悲伤

不过老王卖瓜的说 这首歌是不是旋律一直在耳边徘徊散不去? 啊~对了 直到永远

第一次PG NG了 他自嘲的说 准备认真的唱 后来说实话 这是第一次现场唱这首歌不是

很熟练 代表在唱只一天的时候 就大吸一口气说 我没事了可以唱~唱的很动情

最后让每个人对粉丝说一句话的时候 PG说:虽然看着是客套话 但是我要说 撒狼孩有~~

底下疯了 大喊再说一遍!!贤重笑笑说: 我不是那么轻浮的男子!!呵呵 有你的~

最后整场以LOVE YA 结尾了~是的 后记结束了~为了让上学的孩子们赶末班车 没有安


整场感觉 队员们一直强调这次演出不是最后一场 以后501的活动 501会在一起~~


BYEBYE 今天开心的结尾===============================


9 Responses to “[Triple S][2010/06/13] 2 Detailed fan accounts of SS501 Newton Fan meeting (English+Chinese)”

  1. 19frantze June 13, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    i just watched the fancams too…omo,my tears wont stop..
    our oppas cried..cried once again..
    yeah,they’r must be too stressed…..
    *omo*just want oppas to b happy..
    JungMin oppa,wats bothering u??..pls dnt cry..

    although,im very far from them nd i dnt knw if ever once in my life i’ll be able to meet them…i support them 501%!! i’ll try to celebrate w/ them the 50th anniv,like leader said ^-^

    ss501 – forever as ONE!! fighting!!

  2. Sunshine June 13, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    wow wow wow …..
    Thank you especially for the 1st fan account, things make so much sense now. wow who would have known the boys were hurting so much…..I pray & hope that will the strength, love & support of TS will keep our boys going. Please do not fear anymore ss501….please….no more tears. There’s no need to listen to silly rumours, for the only words I will believe & listen to is the voice of ss501. ss501 + TS= one forever 😀 Plus I DSP president a speedy, healthy & safe recovery xxx

    *btw there was an individual who said on one of the other posts that they’ve just know ss501 for a month, love them & wants to know why they keep on saying sorry. I replied back to them after reading the 2nd fan account elswhere before wingwing posted it; and used it for my answer. I hope that individual will read this post, for it will answer their question*

  3. ifat June 13, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

    i was so moved with the two fan account – thank you for sharing

  4. princesaengie June 13, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    The fan accounts really gave us those who didnt attend a glimpse of what happened. Really thankful to them. I feel like crying right now… Ohh how I want to express my love and support to them!! I only knew about them this year and feel that I have missed much. I’m kinda flustered to what baby said…that fans r decreasing. Well that’s not true! They r getting more fans day by day! Now that I got to know SS501, I dnt wanna let go of them. Dnt know if I’ll b able to meet them one day coz I live very far from korea but SS501 has my full support! Love you guyz forever!^^Hwaiting

  5. Natalie June 13, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    i hate seeing the boys in tears….especially my usually poise/happy JM. he really broke down today. i guess the pressure of the outstanding matters with the group/their company as well as his biz is really stressing him out. he must be carrying a very heavy load on his shoulder lately. i hope everything will be okay…for JM and the rest of SS501 members. i want them to be happy and successful boys….not sad….

  6. MadKeys June 13, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    Oh man. I feel so many different things right now, but mostly sadness.

    Jung Min… he must be really bothered by something if he was crying that much. He cries a bit here and there, but he always keeps up a strong front. For him to show that troubled side of himself to the fans, he must really have a lot on his mind.

    SS501 saying sorry, Baby thinking they have fewer fans, almost all the boys in tears. Even with Leader’s joking near the end, it seems like they were feeling pretty down.

    I live halfway across the world, but I want to go over there and comfort them. Let them know that they have plenty of fans, not just in Korea, but all over the world and that their hard work always pays off. I’ve seen so many non-TS that love the new album, I wish our boys could see it too.

    World is a darker place when SS501 is sad.

  7. Sanny June 13, 2010 at 11:34 pm #

    SS501 ,, don’t cry please,, If you all cry, It feels like I wanna cry too.. ;( please don’t be worry, we (triple S) will never go away from you, we’ll support you all forever… and we’ll pray for you too.. so please ,, don’t be sad, cause it’ll broke my heart whenever I see you all crying like this… I’ll love you 4ever!! ss501 hwaiting !! GBU 🙂

  8. cherish June 13, 2010 at 11:46 pm #

    i feel like crying when reading this..huhu..wish i can go there..but i just can’t..baby joon, no worries about the fans, im sure the number TS around the world getting bigger and bigger..i think its good thing that all of them to cry..crying is one of the way to release their stress..i hope the burden inside their heart will be lessen a bit..hope everything will be okay..TS will be always with u, TRUST AND LOVE, that’s what leader say..be stronger everyday..TS will give u strength to face any difficulties..

  9. gellie June 14, 2010 at 4:20 am #

    im kinda stupid, hyst, gellie stop crying, hyst, when knowing ss501 crying, i gat hurt 501x, oh my 😦

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