[Video][2010/06/13] SS501 HyunSaeng “Love Ya” + “HyunSaeng touching message” focus @ Newton Fans meeting (HSSCANDAL)

13 Jun

Credit: hjcoco@YT+http://www.hsscandal.com
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You all know yesterday is our boys’ Fan meeting with 501 fans and video air outside the stadium

This show actually was tvN new Music show Newton ‘X-Concert’

Our boys appeared in it for a fan meeting

The boys said some message for fans in the fan meeting…

OMG! The message is so touching… I want to cry now…

Leader actually said “I love You”

And the fans told him to say it one more time but Leader said he is not a easy man ..

It is not easy for him to say that… and we all know it… so it is why so touching

He also told the fans to trust them only rather than what other people saying…

He said: “Do I need to say more? … Wants you to love and trust ….”

YEAH!!!!!!! we know…

Touching message focus:

You know HSS always focus on HyunSaeng…. a lovely awkward couple… haha

But onstage they are perfect match ^^

“LOve Ya” focus 1:

“LOve Ya” focus 2:


2 Responses to “[Video][2010/06/13] SS501 HyunSaeng “Love Ya” + “HyunSaeng touching message” focus @ Newton Fans meeting (HSSCANDAL)”

  1. zzjoannezz June 13, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    As wat wing wing said,it was so touching and now I going to cry…triple s keep on saying “it’s ok” and Hyundai joong like going to cry but he try to not cry…other member oso…really touching…T.T

  2. roechan June 13, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    we love you MORE Hyun!!!! We love you MORE Saengi, Min, Kyu, Baby….. hiks…. so touching indeed, wanna cry now with them……… TS united Love Ya Forever SS501 ❤

    thanks wingwing ❤

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