[Triple S][Fan account] Hallyudorama’s 5-seconds encounter with Kim Hyun Joong

18 Jun

Credit: Mytor@http://hallyudorama.com
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Hallyudorama’s 5-seconds encounter with Kim Hyun Joong


Hallyudorama was able to drop by Broadway Centrum today to see Kim Hyun Joong in the flesh. I’ll try my best to give you the details since the experience was a bit of a blur to me.

This morning Hanneebuff and I were given permission by our wonderful bosses to see Hyun Joong and give in to our inner fangirl. And so I packed my bag and brought one of my BOF albums with me, just in case we’re allowed to get his autograph.

We arrived at the Broadway Centrum before 12nn. Everyone was busy preparing for Eat Bulaga’s live show where Hyun Joong was to make an appearance.

But before that, GMA-7 reporter Nelson Canlas was given a chance for a one-on-one interview with Hyun Joong. So there we were, waiting for Hyun Joong for about an hour. We were told that they won’t allow any picture taking or autograph signing but I took Hanneebuff’s camera nonetheless. But just our luck, her camera’s battery was low. Good thing her friend brought along a small digital camera.

We knew that Hyun Joong was already in the building because huge, burly men lined up near the holding area.

And then he came, clad in his Ji Hoo attire. I immediately noticed how nice his skin was though I’m not sure if it’s the make-up. Hanneebuff thinks it’s BB Cream, lol. We immediately entered the room where he will be interviewed. However, there were just too many people so we were asked to step outside. I was only able to take one shot.


Maybe it’s because I did’t have any breakfast or maybe I was just starstruck but my photo taking skill sucked. Or maybe I was just intimidated by how many people were telling us not to take photos, hehe. Well, better than nothing at all.

We waited outside while Nelson did the interview. He was given only five minutes and about three questions because of Hyun Joong’s tight schedule. Don’t forget to watch 24 Oras tonight for the exclusive one-on-one interview.

Meanwhile here are some tidbits…Nelson asked Hyun Joong about his ideal girl and what he thinks about the Philippines. When the interview ended, he asked Hyun Joong for an autograph and Hyun Joong was gracious enough to sign a photo, owned by Hanneebuff’s friend, even though his interpreter was telling him not to. He also personally handed the autographed photo to Nelson, while bowing and stuff. What a nice guy.


And that was our five or was it ten seconds encounter with Kim Hyun Joong. At least now I can say I was in the same room as Ji Hoo! :-)

After his Eat Bulaga appearance, Hyun Joong and Beast had a press conference at Crowne Plaza Hotel.

2 Responses to “[Triple S][Fan account] Hallyudorama’s 5-seconds encounter with Kim Hyun Joong”

  1. Sunshine June 18, 2010 at 12:38 pm #

    Better than nothing; 5 secs was great enough!
    Once again thank you for sharing, every lucky indeed ^^

  2. yk June 18, 2010 at 3:23 pm #

    Lots of fans out there would love to experience that 5 seconds.
    Thanks for sharing

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