[Photo][2010/06/20] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong new message @ DSP TOKTOK Room

20 Jun

Credit: ss501.dspenter.com TOKTOK room
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English Translation: Lois@http://loiskr.blogspot.com
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I know I am super late posting this…

Don’t expect to see another message from the boys soon… TT

I am wrong.. Nice KYU really give me a surprise this time..

Another surprise, the message is in the TOKTOK room not the message room .. haha

Because he couldn’t leave a message there of some kind of error (too many people login) ^^

Anyway, thanks KYU to give us another super warm message in this moment

I think we Triple S really need it now, right?

BTW, thanks Lois for the translation … ^0^


Original Message:

안녕안녕안녕~~~ 히히히히 [규종]
오랜만이지 ㅜ !! 난 가족과 친구들과 잠깐의 휴식을 가졌어요..히 [규종]
비오는 날 잘 보냈어요?! ^^ 가끔 비도 좋을때가 있죠..ㅎ^^ [규종]
자꾸 공홈글쓰는게 에러가 나서 ..ㅜ 여기에 인사말 남겨요 ^^ [규종]
날씨가 무척 더워지고있네요 ^^ ㅎ 더위에 쓰러지지말구 우리 힘내요!!! [규종]
하하하 ^^ 메롱 [규종]
자꾸 컴퓨터가 오류가 일어나요오오오오…ㅠ 흑 !! 동접이 많아서 그러나 히히 [규종]
난 신세대 동접이라는 단어도 알지 !! 하하하하 [규종]
뮤뱅 1위 고마워요 진짜..ㅠ 친구들이랑 보다가 흑흑!!.. [규종]
시험 기간이야 뭐야뭐야?~ 공부하고있어요?!^^ ㅎㅎ [규종]
일요일이니 놀아도됩니다..!! [규종]
ㅎㅎ 아 더워더워 ㅜ 수박 잘라 먹어야지!! [규종]
무더위에 열심히 일하시는 누님들도 화이팅!!! 아자아자!!!! [규종]
좋아좋아!! 학생때는 공부 열심히!! 아자아자!! 후회없이!!! ㅎㅎ 난 못했지만.. ㅎ [규종]
생일 축하합니다!!! [규종]
난 가보실테예요 !! 히히 ^^ [규종]
아무리 힘든일있어도 불평 불만.. 우리 내려놓아요..^^ 알았죠?! ㅎㅎ [규종]
항상 희망가지고 긍정적인마인드하기…^^ 히히히 음하하하하!! [규종]
이제 내가 wuss up !!! [규종]
나 혼 자 놀고… [규종]
음하하하!!! ^^ 담에 또봐용 난 친구들이 기다려!! 수박 냠냠 [규종]
이제 간다 wuss up ㅎㅎㅎ [규종]

Part of the capture from 영생뿐임@SS601


English Translatiion:

– Hi Hi Hi~~  hehehehe

– It’s been a long time. T. I had a break time for a moment with my family & friends…hee

– How was your rainy day? Sometime it’s good that it rains.

– I tried to leave a message on official board but it was in error. so I leave my message here to say hello.

– It’s getting hotter. Don’t break down in hot weather. Cheer up!!

– Hahaha ^^ pooh

– My computer keeps errooooooors. T.T. Is it cause of many of DongJeop? (log-in at the same time)

– I’m new generation. so I know the word called DongJeop!! hahahaha

– Really thank you for 1st place at Music bank. T.T. I was watching it with my friends! T.T.

– Is it your exam period? huh? Are you studying? hehe

– You(or I?) can play cause today is Sunday!!

– hehe. Ah~ so hot. hot. T.T. I’ll have a water melon!!

– Noonim(honorific word of noona)s who work hard in hot weather, Hwaiting!! Aja Aja!!

– Good Good!! Study hard when you are a student. AjaAja. No regrets!! hehe but I didn’t study hard. hehe

– Happy Birthday to You!!

– I’m going now. hehe ^^

– No matter how you feel hard… grumbling, complaining… Let’s we put them down. ^^ OK?! hehe

– Always cherish the hope and have a positive mind.. ^^  hehehe   umhahahaha!!

– Now I….  wuss up!!

– I’m playing alone…..

– Umhahhaa!!^^ See you again. My friends are waiting for me!!!  Water melon. yam yam.

– I’m going. wuss up  hehehe

8 Responses to “[Photo][2010/06/20] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong new message @ DSP TOKTOK Room”

  1. Sunshine June 20, 2010 at 10:54 am #

    Thank you for the translations ^^
    Must of a massive big thank & if I could, a hug also to Kyu. Have never seen anyone more sweeter than him. He’s like a breath of fresh air. Just so happy & positive. He’s message was just so thoughtful & sweet. Love ya Kyu xxxx

  2. princesaengie June 20, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    Our sweet kyu jong!! Thank you for the message!^^ I wanted to hear from him!^^ I’ve been thinking a lot about him today and when I came online and saw the message here, I was overwhelmed!!^^ Thank you wing wing for posting!!

  3. Crazy 4 U June 20, 2010 at 5:14 pm #

    i dont know why i’m missing this boy so much~

  4. kyutie June 20, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    *wipe tears*…dont get me wrong…i’m crying because i’m super happy…miss them and kyu’s message the most…really in luv with u boy…
    take care…hwaiting boys

  5. ss501fangirl June 20, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    thanks for the eng sub

    woooha oppa you soo kind i wish i can play with you oppa kekeke
    instead of playing by yourself…

    ya ya oh its tooo hot its a hot summer

    we loooove you oppa 🙂

  6. liechuihung June 21, 2010 at 9:17 am #

    Hello how are you Kyu? message me thank you so glad when opening the message,Kyu is my idol.I love to see Kyu when really sweet and cute smile,if I see it all the tiredness disappear and make my spirit back and then try again.I am so lucky to know you even if only through newspaper and websites Triple S.I will always support you and love you u he…he..he.

  7. ika June 21, 2010 at 10:19 am #

    i’m really cheer up after read this message!!
    really miss our boy!!!
    after this,, i must really work hard in study.. haha..
    ~study hard~

  8. ifat June 21, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    i always love reading kyu’s messages they are so sweet like him, thanks for the translation

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