[Triple S] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong ~ Night @ Araneta Concert 06.19.10

20 Jun

Credit: http://liezle.blogspot.com
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Super thanks Liezle again for sharing her fan account in the concert on 19th ^^

She really is a detailed oriented person… so long and so details of her fan account

Which made us know more about how the concert proceed.. so thanks again and again .. keke

don’t say more but enjoy reading this super great fan account ^0^

I will omit some of the personal intro at the start and the Beast photos in the middle…

Sorry, if you want to see those, please go to her blog HERE to see, thanks ^^

BTW, let’s hope we can see some fans photos from Mel soon …


I was at the venue early because I had to meet with some fans who ordered Destination. Then few of my friends also had to meet with their friends. Though early, had a great chance talking to some old and new friends. Also, was able to seat in one table friends from ABS-CBN and GMA networks. ^^

My friends and I were at the coffee shop. Just at the back where we are seated we could see queuing at the ticket booth of Araneta is non stop. So we’re kinda happy that many people are buying tickets. As fans started to flock if I’m not mistaken I think that at around 6pm Araneta started to open its gate. Then my foreign friends started to arrive too in batches.

As my foreign friends arrived they immediately proceeded to enter the Big Dome but they were stopped because of the professional camera that they have with them. So I’ve to find a way how to make them enter again without the guards noticing. We then decided to let them enter another gate and put their camera under their stuff or place in their body. Yeah having loose shirt big bag helped. At the other entrance I escorted them and they were able to get in without any any problems. Whew! That’s only down. ^^

A little past 7:30PM, 30 minutes before the supposedly start of the concert my friends and I decided to enter the venue. Just as we are about the enter a Korean fan tapped me and said in Korean that’You’re a SS501 fan?’ Then I said ‘Yes, how did you know?’. She said in Korean again that she saw me in Seoul last week. ^_^ Hee, find this encounter a bit funny and amazing because someone recognized me. ^^ It’s just probably a proof that when we were in Seoul we’re all over the place where SS501 is and that people start to recognize me as a fan tailing them. ^_^

Anyway, I’m so glad that she recognized me and that we talked because when we were inside the Big Dome I happen to see another group of friends and told me that a group of Korean fans weren’t allowed to go inside because of the professional camera that they have with them. Only one of them was able to enter because she has no camera with her. Since they do not speak English and can only understand a little with the use of sign language I tried to explain to her what her friends are supposed to do. On the other hand, her friends who are outside are being helped by my other friends. Via phone convo I told them the same thing what my I did with my other friends earlier who had problem entering and use the other entrance. A few minutes later, we picked them up at the other entrance and they’re able to get in. Whew! Finally. ^^

After having fixed that my friend and I then went to where we are supposed to seat. When ushered in we were told that our seat was taken out by the organizer because the production has to put a crane and they told us to transfer to a seat several rows away from where we are seated. When I learned about this, I argued with the usher and told him that we will not transfer to any seat that is far than what was originally given to us. He tried explaining but I didn’t listen but instead sat at the front row on the left side facing the stage to cool down and didn’t leave that seat.

The complimentary tickets given to us actually are good seats on the side but since they removed the seat and transferring us I have to explain and tell him that I can only transfer if he gives me seat that is not far from my original seat. The end of explanation and don’t want to hear anything from him. So I took we took our seat on the first row.

It’s already past 8:30PM and the show hasn’t started when it’s suppose to start at 8. The venue is not full. The VIP section i think is only 3/4 filled up. The other sections even the cheapest one have many vacant seats.

The stage look so simple though I was told that it’s the same stage that was used by GMA Network on it’s 60th Anniversary show that was held the night before the concert.

I’ve lost track of time and as the show started I didn’t even bother to know what time it was.

Before the show started I actually wasn’t expecting much. I’m just happy that I’m able to in this concert with a complimentary ticket and in the company of good friends.

The show started with laser shows and voice over [VO]. Then Pop Girls came out rendering I think 4 songs if I’m not mistaken. They were followed by Beast.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Beast and I’m not familiar with their songs though I read them in All K-Pop. They performed five songs and an encore.

During Beast’s segment, I was shocked about the interview portion. I was having goosebumps while the male host is doing this. Geez, it’s like a variety show! Really I think it’s inappropriate to have that since they’ve had their media interviews done many times. So with this I already know that it’s going to be the same when Leader’s time come.

Anyway, Beast is new group in K-pop and I’m surprise that they’ve quite a big following in the Philippines. Fans are singing and dancing their songs.

In one portion of the Beast segment, I again got turned off on how the program is when they played a full MV. What the…? Why do they have to put that? Why not just play a VTR of Beast answering questions being thrown by the guy emcee instead of the full MV when we are just waiting for them to change attire? Why not just make them perform non stop until their segment ends? Yay… Anyway, I do events at work though what I handle is not the programs I do have close contact with the program committee and we know how to make program really interesting even if there’s not much meat to it.

I see more disaster coming later.

After Beast comes XLR8 [did i spelled it right?]. The boys did 3 song. I’m not a fan of Pop Girls or XLR8 or shall I say P-pop but I know they’ve talents otherwise they will not be performing on stage or will not have fans. I’m sick of fans saying bad stuff about talents of these kids and comparing to K-Pop. If you don’t like them just shut up, k?

While XLR8 is about to perform their last song some of the fans became so rude and chanting Kim Hyun Joong’s name. Geez, really that’s just an unwanted behavior. Whoever did that I guess must know the meaning of respect.

Once XLR8 is finished with their performance, VO introduced Kim Hyun Joong. Really I do not like how he did it. And I don’t even want to recall how he did it. Maybe you guys can just read other fan account or check YT channels that captured it.

Despite the VO, I feel that my adrenalin is pumping up. Actually, I was seating before Leader came out and when I stood up I think blood rushed to my head and my vision got very blurry and my head was spinning. I calmed myself and closed my eyes for a few seconds until everything is normal again.

As I open my eyes, I saw Leader being lifted from the lift on the 2nd level of the stage. He’s wearing white and soooooo handsome. The amount of positive adjectives I know are not enough to picture Leader. He’s just everything a handsome and appealing man can be described by his appearance on stage.

His first song is ‘Happiness’ and all his fans were lifted to cloud 9. After ‘Happiness’ he went down to the lower stage by using the steps and he serenaded us with ‘Thank You’. He went to the right side of the stage for quite a while to I think sing that song to the representative of ‘Abierta’ who is seated at the upperbox on the right side of the stage.

After 2 songs, the guy host came in again with yet another interview. He introduced Leader again and called in Laura the very not so helpful interpreter. Several questions were thrown which I will try to recall if I can but really I don’t like this portion and like I said this can be done in VTR and just let the artist perform on stage.

Alright, Leader was asked if he knows that BOF is very popular here in the country. If he knows that he has many Filipino fans. If he knows that there is a BOF fanclub here. If he’d consider having a Filipina girlfriend. What else… sorry can’t remember all.

Btw, Leader’s tagalog is cute and funny.

For interview video, go HERE

After the interview he was presented a cake by Gelli de Belen andCandy Pangalinan (sigh…).

Credit to wincarreon@YT

Anyway, after Leader blew the candle from his cake and said’Pinasasaya nyo ako’ [you’re making me happy] he picked up again a bottle of water which I think the host, Gelli and Candy thought that he’s ending the interview which I think is not. Check Laura, she doesn’t even know what to do when they saw the others retrieving and Leader preparing himself to sing. I think something just went wrong on this part.

This interview portion is something I really think could have been planned better. Like I said they could have just used VTR for this or better yet, gotten Grace Lee as the host and interpreter too. She’s GMA talent and she would have done a much better emceeing if she’s the one on stage. Geez… really geez…

For his final song, Leader did ‘Please Be Good to Me’ on the 2nd level of the stage. I already knew that there’ll be no jjitjong and honestly, I didn’t even crossed my mind at all. Despite no jjitjoong Kim Hyun Joong look soooo sexy doing this number in white. He always does this number in dark attire. With white I think he’s way to sexy doing this. When his pefr is over, he was taken down by the lift. Then fans started chanting his name to no avail.

A VTR was show about ‘Abierta’ with a kid narrating something. Then a few minutes later all the artists and kids are coming out of the stage singing ‘Heal the World’. Leader I think has two solo portions of the song.

I took a few number of photos of Leader and will be sharing some. They’re not really that good shots but for the purposes of this blog post will be sharing them with you. Here goes…


The concert ended many local fans of Leader who saw him for the first time are very very happy. The foreign fans thinks it’s too short but still they’re happy to see him. As for me, I’m okay with it except on how the flow of the program was done. They really could have done better that what we saw.

So after the concert, I then went to the area where the foreign fans are to check them out. I first saw the Thai group and I was greeted by Mel and she said that they’ve taken thousands of photos! So better wait for that, k? Then, I was told about the interview in MYX which I’ve to ask to my Korean friends which they said they do not believe that Leader will be saying such thing.

We then all decided to go back to the hotel. Once there we saw many fans at the lobby. Leader’s police escorts were already at the hotel which only goes to say that he’s back. Actually I was told that after the concert he and his group headed right away to the hotel. And fans were speculating that they’re partying because they saw cases of beers being brought up which I cannot vouch. ^^

I also stayed in the lobby with my Thai and some local friends because I’ve a mission to accomplish to my Korean friends which I was able to do so after having talked to Laura, the interpreter, at the lobby and asked her to bring something to Leader. ^^ After which I went to bid my farewell to my Thai and local friends and went home.

As I was leaving there are still fans waiting at the lobby hoping to see a glimpse of Leader because they think that he’s going out again just like what he did last Thursday and Friday. Hee, I think Leader is enjoy his night out in Manila. He must have gotten tips from his good friend who studied here for a while. Darn! He should have been here. I could have talked to him if he’s here, right happiebb? ^^ Ahh, if he’s been here I guess that I’ll be more busier that ever. ^^ Imagine running into him wherever Leader is around. ^^ Hee, can’t help imagining how the encounter with him could be. ^_^

My Korean friends are probably back in Korean right now. I hope they enjoyed their stay here despite the hot weather. Hee, funny that I just remember now that Leader said that he likes the fresh air when one of them said that how did he know when he’s not even going out. True! And they really think that Laura is not doing a really good job in the interpretation.

As for my Thai friends, I believe that their airborne now. I know that they so much enjoy their encounters with Leader especially Mel. Now, I’m looking forward to the photos that Hyuniversal gals will be sharing with all of us. Watch out for that.


3 Responses to “[Triple S] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong ~ Night @ Araneta Concert 06.19.10”

  1. Sunshine June 20, 2010 at 11:20 am #

    I always enjoy reading your accounts; really detailed & well put. Once again thank you for the report & additional pictures. Your experience was like a one in a lifetime experience. Really awesome. A massive big thank you once again.

  2. J.J. June 20, 2010 at 12:34 pm #

    I’m sorry to ask this but what exactly did he say in Tagalog? I can’t hear clearly because of the fans screaming.
    I nearly busted my ear drums trying to figure it out so I thought I’d rather ask someone who was there.


  3. hyunchel June 20, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    yup,,, i think laura didn’t translate what is leader saying….. i think she’s changing it… i’m not satisfied with her job too… grace lee is better…. she’s really nice and good hearted… she appreciate filipino’s… i love tha thing that she has a filipino heart….
    i’m really pity i didn’t see leader…. i wish i can….
    have to work hard to gain my goal.. and that was he….
    liezel thankz for sharing this….

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