[Video][Fanvid] SS501 Park Jung Min “SS501 in USA” Flash Player

1 Jul

Credit: ruru8725 @SS601
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I miss all the boys…

All of them must go through a really hard time in this moment…

As a fan, I know what I should do now is wait patiently for their decision… to hope for the best…

I trust our boys’ own decision because the only one know what’s good for them is themselves..

Also because I love them with my full heart… no space left for hate… no space left for doubt… no space left for regret…and never will have…

Nothing is better than trust and support silently… in this sensitive moment.

No matter what’s the outcome… no matter what’s their decision will be…

I just know SS501 is always five as one in my mind…

Nothing will change because their friendship … their brotherhood will never change…

My feeling for them as my blog title will never change…

☆ SS501 ☆ 사랑해요 ☆

Meanwhile… why not sit quietly and enjoy our boys wonderful moment in the past ^^

To see in a large screen, go HERE

Vodpod videos no longer available.


One Response to “[Video][Fanvid] SS501 Park Jung Min “SS501 in USA” Flash Player”

  1. mymy July 1, 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    نعم أنت على حق
    نتمنى ان يكون ليلة كل واحد منهم فريدي
    Nnhn وتقديم الدعم لهم …
    مهما كان قرارهم
    و أحب كل منهم
    نحن لسنا راضين ، ولكننا نثق بهم ، مثلما وعدنا
    هذه رسالة مني و
    Tripless العربية

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