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[Photo][2010/08/31] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong attended MBC Night with Korean Top Star

31 Aug

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Just find this set of photos…

Since Hallyu wave is getting bigger and bigger oversea

This is a night to provide face to face opportunity for top MBC stars with oversea buyers

Hyun Joong is one of the guest in this night ^^

We can see that Jung So Min is also there …

They represented the anticipating drama.. “Playful Kiss’




[News] SS501’s Park Jung Min promises he will be back this year

31 Aug

Credit: by joone
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Congratulation to Jung Min…

Hope his future as well as all SS501 member will be as bright as the sun ^^

We are all supporting for both solo and of course, SS501 group activities in the future




SS501 member, Park Jung Min, has decided to start a new experience by going solo.

With his new company, CNR Media, Park Jung Min decided to begin his solo promotions.  CNR Media celebrated a new chapter in Park Jung Min’s career at their office in Taiwan, and CEO Chae Ji Byung, Star TV Group’s Im Won Jin, and Yamaha A&R Representatives were just a few of the names in attendance.

Park Jung Min said that he was, “Very nervous to be standing in front of so many people after releasing the contents of the exclusive contract”. He also stated that he must, “Work harder in order to become a multi-faceted Park Jung Min who can expand horizons and work in various fields.”

Park Jung Min is currently studying Chinese, practicing singing, and working out in order to prepare for solo promotions. He expressed his desire to meet the highest of expectations for his fans, “This year, I want to stand in front of everyone with a good, clean image. I ask for everyone to please continue to look after me and give me love.”

Park Jung Min plans to release his plans for national, as well as international, promotions in the near future.

Source: MyDaily

New photo from Chinese news:


[Info] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty Kiss” official website VOD streaming and Download restriction

31 Aug

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Ah ~ I think this is a bad news for us…

But if this really help the rating of Hyun Joong’s drama…

I still agree on it..

Also, someone will definitely upload it to us later one… so don’t worry ^^


Here is the official notice from iMBC:


[Photo] Be prepared, Seung Jo and Ha Ni “KISS” finally

31 Aug

Credit: Sport Korea
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These photos are coming the fresh news in Korea…

The news talked about the 1st episode broadcasting today ^^

As we all know, right? keekee…

So no translation this time …

Just the shock news photo revealed.. Seung Jo and Ha Ni lips touched “KISS”

Are you ready?


[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong drama “Playful Kiss” is not affected by production strike

31 Aug

Credit: by Ode@blogspot
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Just find this news from SS601..

Kind of scare that it may affect “Playful Kiss”

Seems is not a problem for now

Hope it will be end soon enough…

Thanks Ode for the translation ^^


Because of some problems that occurred with the external production companies, strike has had happened beginning tomorrow onwards where a press conference will be held

4th paragraph

On the other hand, for dramas that are just beginning to show its first broadcast, because they have more accumulated scenes that they have to shoot, they are shooting them at one go. Like KBS2 TV ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ case, they have finished shooting for the 1st~6th episode, even if the strike may last long, they could still last until at least the 3rd week of September. On the 1st day of strike – September 1, MBC new drama ‘Playful Kiss’ that will start has already finished shooting for its 1st~4th episodes. According to production company Group Eight, “In our drama’s case, because we have fewer people involved, it isn’t so much of a problem caused. But if the strike prolongs, then it might become a problem”.

[Video/Audio] “Playful Kiss” OST by G.NA – “Kiss Me”

31 Aug

Credit: KyuleeKPOPMV@YT
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I think you may listen to this already…

I am so excited…. today is the day ^^

This is one of “the Playful Kiss” OST by G.NA called “Kiss Me”

Yes… Hyun Joong please kiss me.. kekeke…dreaming..

I am waiting for another OST…. by who… you know ^^

[Triple S] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun tweeted for his safe arrival in Korea and greeting for fans

31 Aug

English Translation:
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keke… Hyung Jun was tweeting for his safe arrival ^^

Also, his lovely greeting for fans …

Btw, do you know his twitter is one of the most influenceable among Kpop industry?

He is the top 18 ^^



Fan meeting finishes well, I’m back.  Now is raining very hard, everybody let’s be careful and take care of damage from raining.

[News][2010.08.31] Kim Hyung Jun Often Seaches for His News Online

31 Aug

Credit: Chinese news @ + English Translation by cloud0_o @ SgTripleS
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keke… the searching… that’s not just happening now…

We knew that already, right?

He mentioned it even when he first debuted… ^^



Pic: Korea band SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun disclosed that he felt lonely during solo activities, but will have bigger areas for development.

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun just signed a new contract with new company and advancing on his individual career. He disclosed that he often searchs for his related news on the web, increasing viewing rates, in order to increase his popularity.

Kim Hyung Jun came to Singapore to hold a showcase and “Meet-and-Greet” session with fans yesterday. During the interview in the evening, he was asked if it is true that he will search for his related news online as per mentioned in some reports previously.

Hyper Hyung Jun smiled and spoke in English:”Yes that’s true. Search me please!”, after he heard the translated questions from his translator.

He continued through his translator:”i often search for my related news online, because i felt that it is required as an artiste, especially at the current state when i am doing individual activities. I hope will my fans will also do the same”.

After the translator finished translating his words, Kim Hyung Jun naughtily added:”Please do!”.

What is the most interesting news that he found when he is browsing through? “Once there was an article which is about my dog, Choco. The content is about how it grew from a puppy to a dog, but actually it is only a small matter”.

Actually, Choco belongs to Hyung Jun and his brother, U-Kiss’s Ki Bum. The two brothers are in the entertainment industry together, will there be rivalry between them?

Kim Hyung Jun smiled:”Recently i saw my brother being very active in many variety shows, even busier than me, did somehow make me felt threatened! Just kidding! He is a good brother, very happy to see him performed well in his work. Popularity also getting higher. Good boy!”.

Wants to act in drama after his individual projects.

After signing with new agency, Kim Hyung Jun disclosed that his current most important project is the musical at the end of the year. He hopes that he will have the opportunity to participate in dramas in future.

This time round, he came alone from Seoul to Singapore, without his memberes, does he find it hard to get used to it?? “Definitely will miss the other members, and will also felt lonely. The most important thing in doing solo activities is have to make alot of decisions on my own, have to be mature in terms of mindset.”

However, he said truthfully, solo activities has more freedom and space to development:”In SS501, once wanted to try out a certain genre of music, but it does not suit the other members. Solo projects enable me to go according to my own preference. Furthermore, during filming, i can get all the camera focus to myself. Haha. Just kidding!”.

[News][2010.08.30] Brothers Battle for Popularity! Hyung Jun: Brother Ki Bum is a threat

31 Aug

Credit: Chinese new @ + English translation by cloud0_o @SgTripleS
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Hyung Jun joking about his new rival brother Ki bum

keke… we know you are joking.. ^^

Btw, as we all know Hyung Jun and Ki bum are very close,

Kibum even tweet to his brother saying to wait for him at home yesterday ^^


Both brothers are in the entertainment industry. Hyung Jun loves to search for his name online, and felt that brother, U-Kiss’s Ki Bum, is a threat!

SS501 member Kim Hyung Jun recently signed with new management alone, and came to Singapore alone to meet fans for the first time. He, a 23 years old guy, has a straightforward and casual personality. While being interviewed, he will talks gently and laugh heartily, making lots of funny expressions. He even did 6 different poses for picture taking instantly and showed his English skills generously. During his interaction with fans, he is very generous, hugged them, laughed happily, electrified them with his charms, almost with no limitation and very friendly. However, Hyung Jun stated that when he is at home, he talks less, “but when up on stage, in order to mingle with fans, he will be very hyper and friendly”.

He is the youngest in SS501, but is the eldest in his family. Having different status in different environments tend to make him confused. But he stated that currently, he is happy to be the youngest and a chatty KIm Hyung Jun, “because i am more suitable to be like that!”.

Kim Hyung Jun debutted as SS501 in year 2005. His 3 years younger brother, Kim Ki Bum, joined U-Kiss 2 years ago, following Hyung Jun’s footsteps into the entertainment industry. Hyung Jun event attended U-Kiss’s events to support his little brother, showing their close relationship. However, recently U-Kiss’s popularity is rising rapidly, will Hyung Jun be worried about his juniors overtaking him?

“My brother is currently very active in the industry, attending Korea variety shows. At first, we are good brothers, but now, i felt that his is a little threat, but he is still my good little brother!” He quickly added:”Just kidding! I am very happy to see my brother getting more attention and popularity”.

U-Kiss came to Singapore twice, while this is the first time for Hyung Jun. He said that his brother had recommended him to try our local delicacies:”He told me Singapore’s Chilli Crab and Pepper Crab is a must-try, and not to miss out on Singapore’s night view. He even reminded me to buy a present for him. Haha!”

Hyung Jun also generously admit that he loves to search for his name on the web occasionally. His aim is to contribute to his popularity and increase the numbers of views. He stated:”Just started on my solo activities, thus i felt that this is a must, hope that fans will support me, and do the same for me!”

Participate in a musical at year end.

Hyung Jun will participate in a musical at the end of the year, hopes able to step into the movie industry in future.

After going solo, Kim Hyung Jun admits that sometimes he felt lonely. Now that he is alone, he needs to be more mature and careful in his social skills. But being a happy-go-lucky and straighforward, he added:”As a member of SS501, sometimes will want to try our different genres of music, but it might not suit the other members. Now being alone, i can pursue the music style that i like, and can get all the camera focus on myself. Haha!”
Having just signed with his new company, they stated that they protect Hyung Jun’s activities with SS501. Even though they are in different agencies, but if they want to stand on stage together in future, the company will give their utmost support.

Kim Hyung Jun also disclosed that he will participate in a musical at year end:”Next i hope to advance into the movies industry. Wish that there is a good role for me!”

Hugs with fans.

Over 1000 fans gathered at IMM Garden Plaza last night for “Kim Hyung Jun Meet-and-Greet” session.

Kim Hyung Jun is very friendly and nice during the 2 hours event. He even praised that Singapore fans are very enthusiastic. When the host, Ken, asked him if he wanted to unbutton his vest as the weather is too hot, Hyung Jun actually launched a counter attack and wanted Ken to take off his jacket. The scenario is funny.

Apart from personally signed the posters for the first group of fans, Hyung Jun also addressed each poster according to their names. As for the second group of fans, they received a limited edition poster from Hyung Jun personally. Some of them even asked for a hug, a handshake, highfive etc, having closer contact with their idol.

PS: the content is according to the interview of OMG! I posted before ^^

[Video] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun – Singapore Interview (RazorTV+OMG!)

31 Aug

Credit: poohlhl@YT
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thanks poohlhl to upload this ^^

Several interview and news of Hyung Jun in Singapore…

However, I think the RazorTV interview is annoying..

Why keep asking for SS501 disbanding when it is not true… Urh…


RazorTV interview:

“He makes monkey faces”

“Weirdest netbuzz about him”

“SS501 minus 1”

“Can’t He Act”

Eldest vs. Youngest struggle from OMY!