[Triple S][2010/08/01] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun birthday party fan accounts compilation

1 Aug

Credit: as follow
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There are several fan accounts shared by TS in different places ^^

Thanks all of them to give us some details of the birthday…

I really wish I could be there with baby Jun … TT

Also thanks all the translators’ good works ^^


Credits to http://870803.net/ + (reposted) s伊艺梦s@Baidu + (English translation) jacinthoriya @ twitter

It started at about 5 plus pm KST
At the start was 1 of the member from 4men and an ahjussi named Park Shang Min(?).
Ahjussi sang a song together with Hyung Jun. 4men member sang a song himself.
And then blew the candles.
Hyung Jun was very cute, looking at the cake.
Fans below shouted 123 Hyung Jun hwaiting together.

Jung Min did a VCR, saying he won’t be coming, blah blah blah…
Everyone has successfully been tricked.
When Hyung Jun was talking about Jung Min, he appeared suddenly from backstage, making a real surprise.
The both of them hug, and lastly kiss each other.

Jung Min and Hyung Jun did a super scary sandwich, full of chilli sauce and wasabi, and added pepperoni and ham. Hyung Jun tore a small piece of ham and cheese after saying “It will grew fat”, and also had a small bite of the sandwich. Jung Min and the host also ate together with 2 “lucky” fans.

In the middle of the event was lucky draw for lucky fans. Fans wrote their own hand phone number on their tickets, and then Hyung Jun drew the lots and called the fans live. There were 3 missions, first was to ask him said to the fan his Music High opening sentence. Second one was to say let’s date. Third was to let the fan stand on stage and took a photo with him. But in the end he said “Let’s get married. ”

ukiss came and sang 2 songs. They went off after talking.
After that Hyung Jun read a letter, the rough translation is thank you TripleS who have been loving us, hope you will continue to support us, thanks! (can’t remember is Kyu Jong and Young Saeng came first or reading of letter first) While reading, his eyes were red, kept sobbing and tears were forming. His expression were cute ><

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng were the last to appear.
Hyung Jun, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng sang “Because I’m Stupid” and forgot a few of the lyrics, but they never mentioned about what will happened in the future. The interaction between fans were happy and the venue has air-con, hence it is alright for them to wear so many clothes.


Credit: 維尼 @ http://www.kimhyungjoon.com (WithJun)+reposted by Ode@blogspot

Birthday party seemed to have lasted for 2.5 hours; it begun since 5pm and ended 7.30pm.
Three members went — Kyujong, Youngsaeng, Jungmin
JungMin initially said he can’t go, but when Hyungjun was talking about him,
Jungmin just suddenly popped out of nowhere
(kkkkk) and then because of that — Hyungjun cried…said to have cried so beautifully
(I shall add in = like a man)
(so why does Hyungjun cry? his lover had to scare him like that..T)
Ukiss went too, a few seniors went too
Even the MC is a famous gagman
All in all, it was a very enjoyable time weaved together on August 1 ^___^


Credit: (original chi) 慧希@870803.net // from: baidu hyungjun+Translated by Ode

It began around 5pm korean time
At the beginning, there was one guy from 4men, and another one called Park Sangmin? uncle.
Park Sangmin and Hyungjun sung a song together, and then 4men he also sung a song.
And then blowing of candles ne, the way Hyungjun looked at the cake was so cute, the fans at the bottom even shouted “123 Hyungjun fighting”. (kk)
And then Jungmin’s VCR appeared, he was saying he couldn’t come, bla bla bla
Everyone was successfully tricked by him, so when Hyungjun just happened to be talking about him,
this Park Jungmin simply popped up from back stage right that moment, which came as a total surprise
Both of them then hugged each other, and in the end, BOBOed each other (^OOO^)

Both of them collaborated and made a very scary looking sandwich, full of chilli and sashimi, plus coloured chilli, and then added in some more turkey meat, but because Hyungjun was like saying that will make you fatter, he then tore off some small bit, and that was the same for cheese too. He even bit a little on the sandwich, after which Jungmin and the MC ate too, 2 lucky fans had the “fortune” too.

There was also an activity titled “pick the lucky fan”. All fans had each’s cellphone number on each’s ticket, after which Hyungjun picked a fan and called her. A total of 3 missions were given. First to get the fan to say his opening title for Music High, second was to ask him to say ‘let’s love’, while the third — was to get another fan onstage to take photos together. However in the end, the fan (or him?) said “lets get married”. (kkkk)

UKISS came and sung two songs, and then said some thing, then left.
After which Hyungjun read his self-penned letter, something thanking TripleS who always showered them love, hopefully we will walk down together always, supporting one another.
When he read, his eyes were teary and red, kept stifling, tears kept rolling in his eyeframe, little expressions were oh-so-cute (><)

Kyu-Saeng was the last to come onto stage. HyungJun and Kyu-Saeng sung Because I’m Stupid, all of them forgot a little lyrics, but didn’t mention anything about future moves, all seemed rather happy. There were aircon as well, so it was okay since they wore so much. (yeah because hot weather)


Credit: LEILAnim @ hysstory.comTranslated by Ode

I’ve returned from Hyungjun’s birthday party.

Huk~ T
It was very challenging..
It was a very small venue..Though I managed to see really upclose..
This year’s summer..with the most sweat!!
When JM was making sandwiches.. “Organizers.. please switch on the aircon for a bit~”, he even said it like that to the extend TT TT

It actually had to begin at 5, I arrived one hour earlier…
Waited Waited Waited.. Until 6.40pm, we weren’t admitted, yet…
I was in a 90% state of giving up…

However Kim Kisoo-ssi came all of a sudden.. He was like shouting and acting in a manner that some guests are approaching..
And then they came…
Though tired.. shouted really~ loudly~~ YoungSaeng ah~~~~~!!

YS was really pretty ..
He seemed to be in high spirits…And laughed alot…
Though I dont know if he’s now alright from the Lasik surgery..
He didn’t take off his sunglasses or some what safety glasses at all.

When asked how he was doing.. He said he was on diet.. He said because it’s his holiday now, he was about to go for a holiday/vacation.. Somewhere far away..
And that…
They will be singing a song that five of them will have to sing together…
They will be singing the song that was sung during their unit group period..
And that was BIS (because I’m stupid)..
We were at ZONE A, and YS was most of the time supposed to stand at ZONE B isn’t it..
Argh YS ah~~don’t go there~~ we kept shouting like that..
YS saw that HyungJun was standing there.. so he didn’t leave for there (B)…
Because 3 of them were singing it, they were standing quite apart and singing there..
YS forgot his lyrics at his part, he seemed flustered, but he laughed for a little,
and then he pushed the mike to us audiences and laughed TT.TT (pretending,!!…KKKKKK)
And then when the song ended, Kim Kisoo-ssi announced the special gift we will be presenting..
We switched on handphones and sung to HANA..
We were waving along with the mike.. Though my waving direction wasn’t right… kkkk
Waved both the hands ^^
And at the finale, we sung Happy Birthday to HyungJun.. He gave hugs to the audiences..
YS kept smiling and showing his dimples..
Kept shouting “YS ah~~ Thank you for having been in good shape~~” though, but we dont know if he heard or not ^^;;

Ah~ He’s been fine even while on diet.. Thank you for that.
Indeed, YoungSaeng who’s consistently on diet even on non-working/performing period!!!

They sung what they were supposed to sing, and because their talk time was so short, obviously felt so sad.. despite that, hearing they have been fine, I’m so thankful for that TT TT

Because he did Lasik.. seems like it will do even without makeup.. Hairstyle was looking good too..
He looked like he cut his hair for abit ^^;; But I’m not certain about that ;;;

When exiting.. We were given the gifts HyungJun prepared.. Ricecake and Mai-Jyu (sweet, like HiChew)and Candy were given ^^

Anyway, despite so challenging and tiring, and warm..because I saw YS, I felt very happy.

Indeed…they didn’t mention anything about each’s future activities.. eum…..


Last one is from our lovely TS Lois, please go to her blog to see ^^

Go HERE please, thanks Lois for sharing


3 Responses to “[Triple S][2010/08/01] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun birthday party fan accounts compilation”

  1. roechan August 1, 2010 at 8:46 pm #

    I wish i were there too…… T.T
    happy to know they sing together again in one stage. Although leader can’t attend that party, i know he’s wishing Baby Jun a b’day prayer too…. for they love each other as a brother…..

    Wish you a very Happy B’Day my dear Baby Jun…
    Love ya miss ya always ^___^

    thanks wing2… jeongmal gomawo ❤

  2. janniee August 1, 2010 at 10:49 pm #

    aw =[

    it sounded like such a fun day!!! i wish i could go.
    everyone seemed to have lots of fun, which was excellent!
    and i found some photos on facebook a few minutes ago
    he looked so happy! ^^ saw the
    photo where jung min kissed him XD

    im glad that many of the ss members were able to make it and
    celebrate with him. even along with ukiss =]

    just so iwsh that i was there.

  3. kino :) leader.ku hyun joong August 2, 2010 at 2:37 am #

    very happy when see them together! baby jun happy brithday.. but there’s no leader.. why?
    there’s any one of you know why?

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