[Triple S+Photo] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun @ Singapore Meet and Greet fan meeting

29 Aug

Credit: Singapore Triple S+various twitter account
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Some visitors also send me tweets from SGTS… which give us some highlights or details of the fan meeting ^^

also some photos from the event

Thanks all parties


Highlights and details:

From violettacal’s tweets

Host asked TS to do a “3 steps to baby’s heart” – (1) to say”annyeonghaseyo, saranghaeyo” (2) sing LLT (3) do an aegyo and say “oppa….. don’t go” to make him stay in Sg
said “annyeonghaseyo saranghaeyo” he replied “nado saranghaeyo”. He said the most memorable thing in Sg is, it’s very hot!
TS sang LLT, he performed the dance in subtle. He s awed by the TS.
when the host praised him, he went over to hug him and said:YO MY BROTHER! When the host teased him, he said: oh my gord! And want to bash him
the host ask Maknae to do a cute pose.

From SgTripleS slam10 tweet:

maknae is very touched by our warm gesture towards him. He was nearly tearing just now. Btw, maknae cried during the showcase during the screening of the MV for him!!! He was sooooo touched!!!! Meet & greet officially over!

From Yen4KHJ tweet:

Rundown of the fan meeting

The fan meet started a little over at 3:30.
Maknae’s first song is Girls, girls girls
Then in interview he has said that he tried the pepper and chili crab. And finds sg hot
First game with fans has started
He’s speaking in English a little bit
There’s one missing player so hyung Jin decided [host] he’d pick one. Then Maknae came down the stage
But then organizers hand in the lucky draw bowl about
Game is true or false. And all of them are getting it right
He said “I’m so sleepy” [which Yen doesn’t know why]
Hyung Jun is helping with the answers in the games
He second song he sang the men from mars song and came down from the back and walked down the aisle among the fans
He said he likes the SG skyline at night and wants to live here someday.
Next game started and the made him draw the girls on the stage. His comments are funny
After drawing the face, he’d sign and write in the name of the fan. Then photo with arms on the shoulder
His comments are damn funny. He said he shld charge for his drawings $10
He actually draw for 5 girls
Third game is the dibidibidip scissors paper stone
Every girl gets a hug
When he hugged two girls, he carried them
Sgts gave him a bday cake and fans sang d bday song and a special gift
He said he’s so happy that tripleS came and that he’s nervous coz he’s alone and not w/ the other members
His English is not bad and interaction with the fans is very good. Some comments are a bit patronizing but it made fans all happy
A little over pass five the event is finished.

Photos tweeted by both:

Baby was having some drawing session with fans


Another set of photos from SGTripleS forum:



2 Responses to “[Triple S+Photo] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun @ Singapore Meet and Greet fan meeting”

  1. ellie August 29, 2010 at 12:16 pm #

    Wow~ everybody looks so happy. They had really great time together.

  2. Mel December 25, 2010 at 7:20 am #

    whr can i get the group photos taken with him? please reply me via email. 😦

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