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[News Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong Japan 2010 calendar photos

1 Sep

Credit: As News portal  logo
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Seems familiar?

These two photos actually came from the face shop joining news…

But they should be the photos from the new calendar released in Japan

Don’t know why they have these photos…

I think is released by KeyEast ^^

As long as it is Hyun Joong… I really don’t mind the source.. keke



[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty Kiss” rating related news

1 Sep

Credit: Follow news portal+Translated by Ode
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Even though I don’t care what people said about Hyun Joong’s acting…

I do hope the rating will get higher tonight…

Since rating is still important… also people always judge the actors by rating..

So sad… why people always like that… TT

Anyway, thanks Ode for the translation…

Let’s be optimistic and support Hyun Joong no matter what ^^


MBC drama Playful Kiss which is the comeback work of Kim Hyun Joong recorded its 1st episode with ratings of 3.5%.

On the 2nd, according to ratings researching organization TNmS, Playful Kiss which aired itself on 1st September at 10pm had a nationwide ratings of 3.5%, while in the capital city Seoul, it recorded ratings of 3.8%.

This ratings is even lower by 1.5% than MBC’s previous Wed-Thurs drama ‘Road number one’ last episode with 5% ratings.

This drama talks about a genius male student and a female student who often gets into trouble and is spun from a popular Japanese manga.

Playful Kiss is the comeback work of Kim Hyun Joong after 1 and a half years since Boys over Flowers. It is also produced by Boys over Flowers production company Group Eight with Hwang In Roi PD who also directed for drama ‘Goong’ and writer Go Eun Nim who wrote for movie ‘Bungee jumping’.

On this same day, KBS 2TV’s Baker King Kim Tak Goo had ratings of 45.9% which was the highest of all while ‘My girlfriend is Gumiho’ had 13.4% of ratings.


Drama Playful Kiss recorded its first episode with low ratings as it began its first step with uneasiness.

According to AGB Nilson Media Research, Playful Kiss recorded its ratings with 3.5% for its first episode that was broadcasted on 1st September.

This was lower by 2.8% than MBC’s previous work ‘Road number one’ who had 5.3% ratings for its final episode.

-final paragraph-

On the other hand, on this day’s similar timing slot, KBS 2TV ‘Baker king Kim Tak Goo’ had ratings of 44.0% that lasted itself as the highest like usual, while SBS ‘My girlfriend is Gumiho’ had ratings of 11.9%.


5th paragraph, extract

By comparing the average ratings of Wed-Thurs drama that began airing itself since 2000, average ratings had been recorded as 7.9% and lesser on their first episodes, but for Playful Kiss which was broadcasted on 1 September, its ratings were the lowest of all.

Up until now, the lowest ratings on its first episode was ‘Women who still wants to get married’ that was broadcasted last March on MBC with 4.7% ratings.

[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong signed on with The Face Shop with high price

1 Sep

Credit: by Ode
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Wow… that’s a lot… for endorsement

Our boy really is a high price Hallyu Star ^^

ahhaha… you are a rich man.. Hyun Joong .. keke


SS501 member, singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong who stars in drama Playful Kiss has took on a CF fee with 1.705 billion won.

On 2nd, according to agency company Keyeast, Kim Hyun Joong has recently signed on with LG Korea to be the domestic and international model for cosmetic brand The Face Shop throughout 2 years.

The Face Shop is making advancements into 18 foreign countries, so Kim Hyun Joong will also be doing activities in not just Korea but also in those other countries.

LG Korea personnel expressed, “Hanryu star Kim Hyun Joong ssi’s refreshing and sophisticated image fits very well with The Face Shop’s ‘Luxurious Nature Objective’ concept who is now slowly growing itself globalwide”.

Kim Hyun Joong will be expected to show himself in the TV CF that will broadcast this month and then start his aggressive domestic and international activities for The Face Shop as the new face model.

[Video/Audio][2010/09/01] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun – Singapore Radio1003 Interview

1 Sep

Credit: poohlhl@YT
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I know about this yesterday…

One of my visitor email me about this..

but I really couldn’t listen to it live.. coz of the time zone different..

I know someone will upload it soon on YT… keke

So here you go:

Part 1:

Part 2:

5 things you don’t know about Kim Hyung Jun

Part 3:

[Video][2010/09/01] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong cut @ “Naughty Kiss” first episode

1 Sep

Credit: WWloveHJL3@YT+SS601+아하
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Here is some cut from episode 1 of “Naughty Kiss”

I definitely think that Hyun Joong’s acting improved alot ^^


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

[Video][2010/09/01] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty Kiss” second episode preview cut

1 Sep

Credit: WWloveHJL3@YT+SS601+아하
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this is the cut from the ending of ep 1

I am expecting more to come tomorrow ^^

Hyun Joong fighting!!!

[Video] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong solo OST cut @ 1st episode “Naughty Kiss”

1 Sep

Credit: WWloveHJL3@YT+미니미니
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Thanks 미니미니님 to share this ^^

I want to hear the whole song…

Hope it will release soooooooooooooooooooooooon….

[News] Several news article of netizen’s reaction for “Naughty Kiss”

1 Sep

Credit: News portal as follow+Translated by Ode@blogspot
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I think many of you may have seen some news after the 1st episode broadcasted…

also many of us are very nervous about how people reacted or the rating of the drama

I know the rating is not as good as we want…

However, in my opinion, Hyun Joong is trying his best to do what he need to do..

so no matter what people think or what people said…

I don’t care…

I think Hyun Joong is thinking the same too…

Try your best… and never regard…

Hyun Joong fighting !!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best in my mind ^^


Article about Hyun Joong’s acting:

Kim Hyun Joong who stars across in MBC Playful Kiss drama is once again surrounded in acting criticism.

Some netizens felt that Kim Hyun Joong managed to perfectly portray his role as Baek Seung Jo, while some others thought that Kim Hyun Joong made no changes in his acting and felt kinda sad.

On the 1st September at 9.55pm, MBC Playful Kiss was aired. Kim Hyun Joong was playing across as his arrogant and tough character Baek Seung Jo. On this day’s episode, Kim Hyun Joong’s acting consisted mainy of facial and eye expressions. Because of that, some netizens felt that Kim Hyun Joong seemed to not have made any differences with his Yoon Jihoo character like in Boys over flowers.

In the drama, Baek Seung Jo is a genius of IQ 200 and above and is a genius at all kinds, yet one who lives only for himself and does not care about others around him. For this kind of character, in order to bring out the solidity in him, Kim Hyun Joong chose to show it through his facial and eye expressions more than words.

After the broadcast, audiences left comments on the noticeboard giving ratings for the drama, whilst also, there were both negative and positive feedbacks left regarding Kim Hyun Joong’s acting.

A netizen said, “In terms of his manner of talking and expressions, it was totally Baek Seung Jo”, showing her anticipation. Whilst another netizen, “Baek Seung Jo is totally~ ill bred/rude. I don’t see Jihoo sunbae in anywhere at all. Very~~~handsome~~~” etc.

Negative comments were seen several places too.

A netizen, “I’m totally disappointed in Kim Hyun Joong’s acting. He seemed to have been reading his lines just like reading a language book. Because my anticipation was very high, it turned out to be a hugely disappointed Episode 1 for me. I hope for an actor who will develop better in future”.

Another netizen, “It’s supposed to be a refreshing and bright drama, but why is it so boring all the while? Why didn’t the male lead have any lines?”, revealing her own thoughts.

In today’s episode, it was an episode mainly focusing on introducing each’s character. Baek Seung Jo shows his tough and arrogant character while Oh Ha Ni shows her feelings for the person she fancies though she’s forever the last in school.


5th paragraph

However, Kim Hyun Joong’s acting that was the most anticipated for did not have much difference from before. It seemed to be like an upgraded version of Boys over Flowers, just with more lines, and the expressions were similar too.


4th paragraph

Netizens exclaimed, “Totally turned into a freezing cold and aloof Baek Seung Jo ne”, “Improved alot on acting ne, can see he’s really worked hard for it”, “He’s had discarded his previous soft image and portrayed the tough guy Baek Seung Jo aptly”, etc.


‘Improved alot’ VS ‘Still very awkward’

5th paragraph

With regards to Kim Hyun Joong’s acting shown on this day’s episode, comments left, There’s quite much difference in his expressions and seems quite stable”, “Did reach my expectations”, showing alot of positive comments. However, “Acting movements and lines were rather awkward”, displaying significant criticisms as well.


Article about Jung Somin’s acting:

Netizens are showering positive praises that Jung Somin’s acting in MBC Playful Kiss is refreshing.

Jung Somin is in love with Baek Seung Jo one-sidedly in MBC Playful Kiss which began airing on 1st September 9.55pm.

Because Playful Kiss was adapted from the original manga, there seemed to be no exaggerations to her acting. Jung Somin portrayed her character just like the original manga.

The twists and turns of her feelings in the drama was aptly captured, and for her humiliation scenes she had managed to portray it appropriately, it seems like she has had obliged to her Oh Hani character very much there.

Some netizens has even compared Jung Somin to Yoon Eunhye who starred across in Goong. Because Yoon Eunhye also earned her fame through such a character, it seems like Jung Somin would also develop into a good actress should she continue to give herself into the character.

Though Jung Somin is a newbie, her acting skills are outstanding. She’s been receiving attention as she is in the Korea National University of Arts – Theater Major. She only had ‘Bad guy’ as her only work which ended last August, but then immediately she rose to the female lead position with Playful Kiss.

Netizens expressed, “It was only that much that she has shown in the first episode, so I’m really anticipating what further sides she will show us in future. Work hard for a good drama”.