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[Triple S+Photo] Meet the new look of SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and Kim Ki bum “ “

2 Sep

Credit: SS601+Ki bum’s cyword
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wow… finally, the day is coming

As you should know, baby Jun said that he will open an business with his brother Ki bum soon…

The name “” came from their name initial ^^

Today, Ki bum updated his cyworld homepage and announced that “” will have a new look on September 4th (tomorrow)

So are you ready for this?

I actually saw the logo of “” from a photo my blog visitor sent me

It is printed on the magazine talking about Hyung Jun’s Singapore fanmeeting..

“” is one of the credit on the list ^^

Cool… huh… keke

Here is a photo from Ki bum’s cyworld also:



[Video] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong official website ~ “” making film

2 Sep

Credit: 김현중Perfect+WWloveHJL3@YT
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Wow… 예쁜예쁜 ^^

This is the making film for Hyun Joong official website HERE

I l0ve this making film…

I think we can see lots of good and pretty photos in the website soon… keke

[News] ‘Playful Kiss’ has high download rates despite low ratings

2 Sep

Credit: by supermar
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I really don’t surprised of this result actually…

As we all know, Hyun Joong are popular around the world..

So if the drama is aired worldwide… the rating will definitely be much higher ^^



MBC drama Playful Kiss had a rocky start, receiving only a 3.5% viewer rating for the first episode. However, Playful Kiss is excelling in other areas.

A representative in charge of iMBC homepages revealed, ‘The homepage for Playful Kiss received the sharpest increase of visitors compared to the other MBC programs. Aside from Korea, visitors from Japan, China, Malaysia, and South America also graced the homepage.

CINE21, who is in charge of online downloads, expressed, ‘After the broadcast of the first episode, the number of downloads for Playful Kiss was larger than the average downloads for Iris, which had 30% ratings. It looks like the online response is very hot.’

[Triple S] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong new message @ DSP ~ Is… Long time no see..It’s been a long time. (2010-09-03 AM 2:20:51)

2 Sep

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wow… left a message in late night…

Kyu Jong ah~ why not sleeping in so late?

Because of the bad weather or do you miss me? keke

He is always so nice greeting everybody and leaving warm message

I miss him ^^

BTW, I love Lion King… keke (He saw the musical in America ^^)

Translation will be updated



English Translation:

Wow I left a post..

Actually my laptop… hmm ..( I ) went to LA with Young Saeng to play..ㅜ

(This is) My my reason without notebook … I’ve been trying hard.. so!!  Tried to pull out the thing which wrote before

Seems be!!  Wow.. although a little slow, but ^ ^  is really good ~

Really!! Beauties … hmmhmm…

Do you subsist the typhoon well?…?? ㅜ Last night the wind blew too so I am not sleeping..ㅜ

Worries about the window… hukhuk..

Therefore  spreads all day long to sleep today…^^

What’s up with everybody ..?!!

ㅎㅎ We are all doing well!!!

I am knowing well what you are worried ..^^ But do not worry, we get it!

We are always good ㅎㅎ ^^ Remember?! Our spirit ㅎㅎ!!

We’re always gone through with flying colors with confidence!

Elder brother is age and beard grew up a lot ..ㅎㅎ However to try to be pretty ㅎㅎ

Maybe the heart still in high school! ㅎㅎ but.. Already going on in mid 20’s !

Seemed like yesterday wearing school uniform when practicing a song ..^^

Anyway!! Recently school is started?!! Holiday’s over ~ ~ Everybody aja aja let’s fighting!!!

Always smiling aja aja !!! ^^

Everybody knows it’s a busy time but we have each other to live happily?!!

Fate touches us all ..!  Let’s always enjoy joyfully and go to sleep ^^

Remember we will to get old together?! I’ll add one more thing ! Laugh and age together

We together ^^  hehe… bye bye ~

I know that the night must end..
And that the sun will rise..
And that the sun will rise ..

I know that the clouds must clear..
And that the sun will shine..

And that the sun will shine ..♡^^

Trip to the United States .. I saw the musical Lion King .. (This) was a phrase which reached to mind. ^^

As we all laugh together .. ^ ^


TOKTOK room:

잘자요요용 [규종]

Sleeps well [Kyu Jong]

행복한 웃음 가득한곳..만들 수 있죠..^^ [규종]

A happy place filled with laughter .. Can you make ..[Kyu Jong]

[Triple S+Photo] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and his brother posted their lovely dog “쪼꼬”

2 Sep

Credit:’s cyworld
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keke… Hyung Jun just tweeted a photo of his lovely dog “쪼꼬” couple hours ago…

His brother Ki Bum also posted a video of 쪼꼬 in his cyworld

쪼꼬 really is a lovely dog everybody love…

she appears even more than her father… ahaha


Hyung Jun’s tweet with photo:


Translated by

Hello, I am beloved Jjokko whose charm is perfectly scored.  I am very tired today so I am here just taken a shot while talking to Hyung Jun oppa, hehe.  Wow ~ I’m pretty? Do not envy me kikik

Photo of 쪼꼬

Ki Bum’ cyworld video once again with lovely Jjokko:

[Video][2010/09/02] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty Kiss” episode 3 preview

2 Sep

Credit: WWloveHJL3@YT+ 히히
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This is also the preview shown after episode 2 ^^

[Video+Info] G.NA “Kiss Me” official MV for 장난스런KISS OST +Lyrics

2 Sep

Credit: anpan2H@YT+ Lyrics Translated by Ode@blogspot
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This is the official MV of “Naughty Kiss” OST ~ Kiss Me ^^

Also, the lyrics translated by Ode..



언제부터 였는지 너를 본 순간부터
1분1초마다 니가 자꾸 생각나
너는 무얼하는지.. 지금 어디있는지 Ooh baby

이리저리 보아도 이것저것 다져도
니가 자꾸 맘에 들어 미칠거 같애..
이런 내맘을 아는지.. 이런 내 감정은 아는지

하루하루 너만 바라보며 항상 기다려 볼래
오직 너 하나만 알고 사랑해 줄게
사랑하기에도 아까운 시간인데
너 없인 아무것도 하기 싫은데

매일매일 아침마다 눈만 뜨면 보고 싶은데
이제 너 없이는 하루라도 살수 없는데
사랑한다 그 한마디 듣고 싶은데
매일 사랑해.. 너만 사랑해 우리둘이

Ooh baby..
혹시 니가 내꺼란 그런 상상만으로
하루종일 두근거려 미칠거 같애
너에게로 달려가.. 솔직하게 고백할거야

하루하루 너만 바라보며 항상 기다려 볼래
오직 너 하나만 알고 사랑해 줄게
사랑하기에도 아까운 시간인데
너 없인 아무것도 하기 싫은데

매일매일 아침마다 눈만 뜨면 보고 싶은데
이제 너 없이는 하루라도 살수 없는데
사랑한다 그 한마디 듣고 싶은데
매일 사랑해.. 너만 사랑해 우리둘이

말문이 막혀.. 숨이 차올라(차올라)
떨리는 내손 꼭 잡은 니 두손에
눈물이 날것 같아.. 지금 내게 고백한거니

나만 항상 지켜주고 바라봐 줄래
너 때문에 눈물나면 꼭 안아 줄래
그토록 간절히 원하던 순간이네
아무리 생각해도 믿기질 않아

매일매일 내 옆에서 나만 보며 지켜봐 줄래
친구로 지내긴 너를 너무 사랑하니까
사랑한 그 한마디 지금 해줄래
매일 사랑해.. 나만 사랑해.. 키스해 줄래..


When did this begin, I guess the moment I first saw you
Every 1 minute 1 second, you keep coming onto mind
What are you doing.. Where are you now
Ooh baby

I see this I see that
I do this I do that
You keep coming into my heart, I seemed to have gone crazy..
You do know why my heart is like this.. You do know why I’m feeling like this

Day by day I look at you only and waits for you always
Until now you’re the only one I know and I will love only you
It’s a valuable moment even when I’m loving you
If there is no you, I do not want to do anything at all

Every single day when I open my eyes in the morning, I want to see you
In my present days now, I cannot live if there is no you
I want to hear that one sentence “I love you” though
Every day, I love you..Only you, I love only you, Just the two of us

Ooh baby..
Probably just by imagination, thoughts like ‘You are mine’
Can make my heart pound whole day long
I seemed to have gone crazy
I will run towards you..and confess honestly

Day by day I look at you only and waits for you always
Until now you’re the only one I know and I will love only you
It’s a valuable moment even when I’m loving you
If there is no you, I do not want to do anything at all

Every single day when I open my eyes in the morning, I want to see you
In my present days now, I cannot live if there is no you
I want to hear that one sentence “I love you” though
Every day, I love you..Only you, I love only you, Just the two of us

Struck for words.. Out of breath (out of breath)
Your two hands that is grabbing tightly of my shaking hand
I’m crying already.. Are you gonna confess to me now

Keep watching and guarding me always
If I cry because of you, you must hug me in you tightly
That’s the moment I sincerely wish for
No matter how I think, I won’t be able to believe

Every single day, guard by my side and look upon me only
Because I love you too much, you who treats me as a friend only
Will you say that one sentence that you love me now
Every day, I love you.. You love me only..

Shall we kiss?

[News] Analysis of the first episode “Naughty Kiss” and the forecast of the future

2 Sep

Credit: As follow + Translated by Ode@blogspot
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I am struggling if I should post these article or not..

Since those are just people’s analysis…

Maybe it is the true reason or maybe not

The future of the drama are still in expectation..

But anyway… just a little observation for you if you don’t mind reading ^^

Also, let’s gather your full support for Hyun Joong… fighting!!!!!

Thanks Ode to translate all these article .. ekek


Analysis of the first episode “Naughty Kiss”

To MBC drama Playful Kiss that stars hanryu star Kim Hyun Joong, it is a very sad first-step out with recorded ratings of 3.5% on its first episode.

If to compare the point that Boys over Flowers who also seemingly went through a similar path with its Episode 1 ratings recorded as 13.7% back then, it doesn’t seem to be a disastrous result that way.

So is there no way out for it? Of course there is.
First of all, this drama is targeting towards a particular age level, and that is the 10s generation teenagers who loves innocent mangas, in addition, towards female audiences who enjoy watching works starring people like Kim Hyun Joong. Anyway, it is mainly because this drama was spun from the original hit manga with the same name that sold about 27 million copies in just Japan alone. Previously there was Lee Minho who was in charge of the ‘Flower boy fever’ with Boys over Flowers, so just as so, for Playful Kiss, there is the outstanding ‘flower boy content’ Kim Hyun Joong holding the air, too. Just focus on him and it will suffice.

However for the first episode, in order to see Kim Hyun Joong, we had to stay agile for an hour. Consisting of his lines, there was only approximately 30 minutes of air time for him. Rather, newbie Jung Somin’s left-right-dashing had more focus. But to the 10s generation and to the female audiences, it isn’t Jung Somin’s left-right-dashing stories that they want to see or stay tuned onto the channel for.

That’s why if the original manga had done so in that way too, we would have nothing to say. Even if so, if there is a need to lead the drama ratings, attention should be paid most to the protagonists. So what if you already know that? If you do recognize that and that you do edit the scripts, then attention should be paid to Kim Hyun Joong the most. In simplest terms, there is a problem with the scripts.

Not just that, there is a problem with the production team’s skills.
The important person who can make pivotal decisions in cases like shifting of manga contents into drama contents is the director. The person’s wild imagination and character analyses could determine the success and failure of a drama. Playful Kiss cheerfully illustrates the story of how Oh Hani’s right-left-dashing story landed her in Baek seung Jo’s home and thus unfolds a series of interesting incidents and accidents. However, that is rather unrealistic and many unrealistic traits have been used in the drama.

In somewhere of the middle of the drama, though we can understand the usage of computer graphics here and there, for scenes like ballets and musicals that appeared itself out of nowhere, there is a large difference for illustration of reality which is the required mainstream these days. Of course, though it is not like we don’t understand the status of the producing company for ‘Boys over Flowers’ and ‘Goong’ who has been showing much interest towards audiences, if we look at the situation now, it is certainly a must to possess flexible directing techniques.

In particular, though it does illustrate a situation, it isn’t like a drama, and not even techniques in a manga-like manner, but instead somewhere in a position in the middle. We see that Jung Somin and Lee Taesung (Bong Jungu) could portray the manga character as it was, but in comparison, Baek Seung Jo seems to be like a character that is not this and not that.

With KBS 2TV ‘Baker King kim tak goo’ at ratings of 44% and SBS ‘My girlfriend is Gumiho’, MBC has to pay some responsibility to its ‘brash composition’. Even if a quick story development and actors of standard were to be lined up, in situations like that, this drama that would be able to surprisingly raise the profits raked in for it, who shall be responsible when it gets driven into the death land then.

A related personnel said, “We thought it would be possible to receive good feedback if we were to compose this drama in a manner that teenagers could enjoy in this vacation season. Movie ‘Death bell 2’ is such an example. We made good use of the markets in the right season. However, Playful kiss is the complete opposite. Despite having good contents, MBC faces embarrassment with its ‘abrash’. We have the need to compose reasonable composition for those who gave all their might in producing the drama contents”.

Despite so, there is still lots of possibility for it. There are alot of contents created that reflects both joy and grief worthy as shown in its first episode ratings. Kim Hyun Joong’s character, the 10s generation of fans who yell to you to catch it live, should the female audiences pay all their attention on this drama once more, its ratings might be able to be revived as we await that.

Let’s just anticipate the power of Group Eight AND, Kim hyun Joong.


MBC new Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss who recorded its first episode ratings with 3.5% (according to AGB Nilson Media Researches) faced a huge humiliation. So what is the reason to why Playful Kiss who stars Kim Hyun Joong faces such an utter defeat?

The first and foremost biggest problem would be that the drama lost the fun of the original manga. The first episode of Playful Kiss which was spun from a popular same name titled manga filled itself with many fantasy-like traits. Many imagination scenes in dreams decorated itself just like an animation film, while the audio effects also very much gave off the feeling like in a manga. However, with these much changes that differs from the original manga, it has instead made the manga fans sad. ‘How will the leads in manga turn out to be portrayed in the brown box (tv)?’ showing their curiosity, but after viewing, fans who were anticipating the perfect synchronization as the original manga turned out very disappointed, which was probably why they switched channels.

Acting skills could not be evaded as well. As compared to the previous work, though Kim Hyun Joong’s pronunciation and facial expressions did improve alot better, there are still many problems as usual. The role he takes on – Baek Seung Jo is supposed to be a tough and arrogant guy and he was supposed to be leading on the drama atmosphere in its initial. However, to Kim Hyun Joong, it still seems much difficulty to perfectly shed his soft image from his previous work KBS 2TV ‘Boys over Flowers’. After the Episode 1 broadcast, comments left on noticeboard could be seen, “Sad about his acting”, “I haven’t been seeing huge interest in the new works that Boys over Flowers casts members had took on after BoF one after another. Is the ‘BoF curse’ continuing itself?” etc, comments surfacing one after another.

But yet of course, to determine the failure of Playful Kiss solely based on its first episode is not possible. Personnel highlighted, “Because Seung-jo isn’t a character who is of many words in the initial of the drama so it’s not sufficient enough. Until when the drama develops more fully, only then will you be able to see a more natural acting of his”. Also, “We will take into consideration the advices from audiences and will show it in the drama”. With that said, it would be best for us to continue anticipating Playful Kiss.


The Foremost of the future

Start of a home-mate romance on 2nd Sept

MBC tv Wed-Thurs drama ‘Playful Kiss’ who aired its first episode on 1st September night, casts members Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung and other casts as well as producers and crew members gathered at the shooting set location pausing their shooting halfway so as to watch Episode 1 together.

Kim Hyun Joong who was awaiting for the 1st episode’s broadcast expressed, “The feeling of awaiting the broadcast really makes my heart beat. Thanks to everyone’s concern and affection that this drama finally managed to air itself”, thus not forgetting his gratitude towards audiences.

After watching Episode 1, Jung Somin said, “If Episode 1 is said to be the warm-up stage to bring out the gist and crux of Playful Kiss, then beginning from Episode 2 onwards, the story will start to develop fully. Hani will start her nature of sticking onto Seungjo and will not remove herself beginning there”, revealing her resolution.

On the other hand, iMBC personnel who is in charge of Playful Kiss’ official homepage also revealed something, “For now, the number of visitors to our homepage for Playful Kiss is facing the sharpest growth amidst all our programmes homepages. And in particular, visitors from Japan, China, Malaysia, South America etc takes the steepest rise”.

CINE 21 who is in charge of online downloads also told that “number of DAILY downloads is more than the total average of IRIS back then”, “indeed online responses is very feverish”.

On the other hand, Playful Kiss which will air its 2nd episode on 2nd September will talk about Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni’s start of a soft, sweet home-mate romance.

Hani who begins to live with Seungjo under the same roof and even eat with him on the same dinner table finds it unbelievable because it is just like a dream.

Episode 2 will air on 2nd September at 9.55pm.


Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Somin’s expression acting was the highlight of it all.

On 2nd September at 9.55pm, MBC Playful Kiss which aired its 2nd episode managed to deliver its feeling into the hearts of audiences with their facial expressions.

Because the original was a manga, overly exaggerated action scenes have to be added on to give some ‘flavor’. However if you are to understand it as a work that will stick as sincerely as possible to the original version, only then you would find its fun having been doubled.

Kim Hyun Joong’s role in the drama as Baek Seung Jo is arrogant and tough and is also man of fewer words, as he consistently poprtrayed it as.

While on the other hand, Oh Hani is bright and cheerful, talkative, and is mostly overly exaggerated yet the best. Her facial expressions delivered seem to be able to aptly portray joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, which will instantly make you confused if you are reading from a manga.

Because its original was a manga, fantasy and parodies appeared here and there in drama.

-next two paragraphs ommitted, summarized some scenes in Episode 2-

After the broadcast, netizens left comments on the board like, “Until now I still can’t find myself melting for this drama nor if the actors have seriously dwelved into the drama or not”, expressing their sadness. While some others, “Because the original was a manga, it seems like the acting of the casts have managed to stick sincerely to the original. Though there are some pitiable parts if you compare to Taiwan and Japanese version, they have did well nonetheless”, showing praises.

The one that attracted about attention is the role of Annyong Bada. Interchanging between scene A and scene B, Annyong Bada’s performed music managed to interchange it appropriately. They are an indie band who has achieved recognition through ‘Im Legend’.