[News] Several News regarding the rating of “Naughty Kiss” episode 2

3 Sep

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Seems like this time the news are having better opinion after seeing episode

Even though the rating is still not as high as we expected

The comments on Hyun Joong are not bad at all

Let’s all continue our support and anticipation for this drama.. fighting!!!

super thanks Ode again for the translation ^^


MBC new Wed-Thurs drama Playful Kiss recorded drama ratings of 3.5% on first episode, 3.6% on second episode respectively as according to TNmS ratings association, though it is the lowest amongst all other drama at the same timing slot, Kim Hyun Joong has been receiving praises for his slowly improving acting.

On 3rd September, on Playful Kiss noticeboard, after Episode 2 was broadcasted, about 5000 comments were left, amongst which many left encouraging and supportive messages about Kim Hyun Joong’s acting.

Some netizens, “Kim Hyun Joong seemed to have really borne as Baek Seung Jo”, “Really portrayed Baek Seung Jo the character very well”, “HyunJoong gun is just as handsome as the manga protagonist”, leaving praises for Kim Hyun Joong who stars as role Baek Seung Jo.

After which, “As compared to Episode 1, Episode 2 was moer attractive”, “As compared to Boys over Flowers time, his lines seem now more natural, and his acting his improved more”, “In terms of visual, I cannot not follow after Kim Hyun Joong. His acting has also improved bit by bit, I’m anticipating”, leaving supportive entries throwing aside critics for his acting.

Others include, “Episode 1 was a little boring, but Episode 2 is more interesting. For dramas like that, there are obvious people who find it good and not good, for those people who likes it, they really like it”, “Kinda sad that there wasn’t some deep introduction to the characters”, “If Baek Seung Jo is a little tougher more it’ll be better”, showing diverse comments.

Some others commented, “Before the drama started, as compared to those heated topic of discussions, I don’t seem to have gone crazy over it despite my huge anticipation”, “For the sake of ratings, why not make them appear in CFs and go on variety programmes consistently”, “Pay more attention to their codi and makeup”, leaving suggestions for more room of improvement as well.

On the other hand, group SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong has been receiving much love from public with his flower boy syndrome inducement with his pervious KBS drama Boys over Floewrs as Yoon Jihoo of F4.



SS501 Kim Hyun Joong seemed to have verified talks of whether or not his MBC drama Playful Kiss would be like a bubble as his drama’s ratings recorded low results in just 2 episodes.

2nd September aired Playful Kiss episode 2. In episode 2, plain girl Oh Hani happened to move into the chic guy who is Number 1 across entire school Baek Seung jo’s house as it illustrated the start of their home-mate story.

In this day’s episode, Oh Hani doesn’t know whether to feel happy or sad that she is now living under the same roof as Baek seung Jo whom she has always seen in her dreams, and in this episode also delivered many of her lively and quirky scenes as she attracted the eyeballs of male audiences.

Also, although Baek Seung Jo displays his cynical side all the time, he appeared to go to Oh Hani’s rescue as she was in distress with a pervert and struck himself across as the prince who goes to save one in trouble, and with that it shook Oh Hani’s heart once again.

However even if with acting from these two like this, it was not easy to captivate the hearts of audiences. On this day’s episode 2, it recorded tv ratings of 3.6% and did not seem to have much difference from its ratings of 3.5% for Episode 1.

It seems like many fans are disappointed and finds it pitiable that Kim Hyun Joong’s majesty could not be found in Playful Kiss ever since his last KBS Boys over Flowers as Yoon Jihoo from F4.

This drama that is led by Kim Hyun Joong and consists of newbie Jung Somin, Lee Taesung, Hong Yoonhwa, Yoon Seungah, Jang Ah Young, Jung Hyeyoung etc was made in hope of MBC Wed-Thurs drama’s resurrection. However, with its low ratings, it did not seem like it was able to disregard the 5% ratings that previous MBC work ‘Road number one’ had achieved.

Also, Playful Kiss does not seem to be able to be put side by side against dramas of its same timing slot SBS ‘My girlfriend is Gumiho’ and ‘Baker king Kim Tak Goo’ as it staggers itself.



MBC drama Playful kiss recorded ratings of 3.7% as it increases slightly.

On the 3rd, according to AGB Nilson Media Research, Playful Kiss that aired itself 2nd September, nationwide ratings was 3.7%, and this was higher by 0.2% than Episode 1’s 3.5% on 1st September.

-3rd and 4th paragraph omit, summarizes Ep.2-

On the other hand, dramas in same timing slot like KBS ‘Baker king Kim Tak goo’ had 45% of ratings, while SBS ‘My girlfriend is Gumiho’ had ratings of 12%.



Kim Hyun Joong seemed to have left deep impressions in audiences in Episode 2 of Playful Kiss as he captivated the attention of the television screen.

Kim Hyun Joong who aroused a bout of syndrome with Jihoo sunbae in Boys over Flowers is now challenging the role of a perfect eom-chin-a ‘Baek Seungjo’ who possesses wealth, looks, talent, and he is expected to excite yet another ‘Baek seung jo syndrome’ with that.

-3rd and 4th paragraph omit, summarizes episode 2-

Netizens whom after watching the day’s episode left comments, “Looks so much more like Seungjo as compared to in Episode 1”, “Looks like Hyunjoong oppa has perfectly transformed into Baek Seungjo”, “Kim Hyun Joong is totally so charming even while he is so malicious in words towards people! Synchronization 200%”, “Feeling happy because behind his arrogance, I see that hidden delicateness in him. Anticipating next episode”, showing their anticipation for future episodes and praises to his acting.



14 Responses to “[News] Several News regarding the rating of “Naughty Kiss” episode 2”

  1. Sunshine September 3, 2010 at 11:28 am #

    Reviews a little more positive today. I watched both episode 1 & 2 subbed today, and I would have to agree that episode 2 is definitely more eye catching than episode 1. KHJ gets more air-time in episode 2 & he played his character rwell. I just wished people would look past his character in BOF & stop comparing.

    Now please plese pretty please, lets see those ratings boost up XD

    • Elaine September 3, 2010 at 12:50 pm #

      Erm…can i know where you get to watch it subbed??

      • Anne September 3, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

        go to vikii.net

  2. Palmy September 3, 2010 at 11:47 am #

    First time, I watch episode 1 in press conference..i also think that he act so strange..but after I completely watch episode 1 & 2…I totally agree that he improve a lot on his acting… regarding the rating.. I don’t want to think about this..because everyone should understand one thing that this is 3rd time production of Naughty Kiss (1st is Japanese version, 2nd is Taiwanese version) so it’s normal if they would like to compete with another series that is 1st production..no one know the story before…I give fully support to Kim Hyun Joong…I believe everyone will see how he improve…Fighting!!

  3. cherish September 3, 2010 at 12:51 pm #

    i watch the drama without eng sub already..i still laugh eventhough im not understnd what they are talking about..i like how the drama been edited, like cartoons, the toothbrush hug themselves…kekeke..its ok..the most imprtant thing..we like the drama so much..HJL hwaiting..turn this ctictism into ur strength and work harder but dont work too hard…please do tcare of ur health..triples will support u..no worries..

    • cheetah September 3, 2010 at 1:53 pm #

      hahaha! me too~ yesterday i watched Ep2 without subtitle but i really laugh event im not understand what they talking about. really! this drama is unique & cute! and i love Seung Jo so much & cant wait for his part.
      i love his eyes. and Ha Ni is just cute! i think i more love the Kor Vers compared to Taiwanese Vers because of this couple. in Taiwanese, the hero more colder & the heroine more innocent but i really love the Kor vers!

      • cherish September 5, 2010 at 3:33 am #

        yeah…his eyes really attractive in this drama…really2 attractive..and not forgetting his adorable smile..

  4. Hawk September 3, 2010 at 1:40 pm #

    I watch the drama .& .. I really like it .. Maybe because I’m a type who fall into a romantic comedy genre ..I don’t really favor a tragic, sad n hardcore drama that will make u cry n worry to much .. I just don’t understand why people in Korea doesn’t seem to like n watch this drama ..with hyun joong in it make the drama more appealing .. I guess the viewer biokot mbc for the issue pertaining to workers salary etc ….

    Call me bias or what so ever .. But in my opinion hyun joong acting is good enough to capture my heart with his facial expression n body movement .. I can feel seung Jo syndrome in me .. this drama don’t deserve a poor rating at all .. Just hope the up comming episode will get better rating … Double digit plzzzzz ..

  5. Spring September 3, 2010 at 5:40 pm #

    ya…. agree….. they should cut off a lot from ep1 and make strong intro to BSJ char as well… i seriously worry after i watched ep1…. and it become true as my worry too…. wonder why the director cant sense it audience will feel boring if too much and long imagination.. as a normal viewer, it is truth that ppl will change channel in half way aldy….. hai…. now i want to recommend my friend also a bit worry… true that ep2 is much more better and start a bit interesting.. but still need to go on more to capture wide audience heart… to be success, cant only depend on our HJ acting…. director, production team need to put diff unique idea… i really not like they put Goong bear and some Goong and BOF idea…. that really disappointed me….:( MK is MK… have to be diff… if about same concept, sure ppl will watch other channel…. i am so worry for my HJ feeling… his life is always up and down…. guess he might joke he either got best or worse lol….;p believe his SS501 bros will be encourage too.. his acting not so bad… though some are not perfect, can see our HJ putting a lot effort his best…. now when i recommend to my friend then i will say start watch from ep2… hehe… ep1 is really spoiler for all viewer to continue watch.. which left wrong impression.. worry if some watched ep1 then will not continue watch lol.. start from ep2 is the best.. not miss out any part too… really feel big mistake on MBC or production team idea lo…. hope they could make up it fast by following eps our HJ acting and attractiveness….:) although ep1 disappointed me a lot, still think can hope to increase rating and anticipating…. MK Hwaiting!!! HJ Hwiaitng!!! we all supporting you…….^^

  6. juniestar September 3, 2010 at 7:18 pm #

    Its unfortunate that they showed all those daydreaming in episode 1 where they could have introduced the characters. Maybe the PD thought everybody knew them from two previous versions.The daydreaming scene is not bad its just that it was too early and long . They can come in later.

    There were dramas ahead of MK and TV viewers wanted to put a closure on them -what they did was download MK for viewing later .

    More than majority of those who watched episodes 1 and 2 agree that Hyun Joong improved a lot in his acting .Many are anticipating the next episodes to continue being a pleasure to watch .

    KHJ international fans are anxious for this drama to be aired in their countries. THey are saying if Korea does not appreciate MK and KHJ ,they definitely will give it a high rating the moment the drama comes .

    • hawk September 4, 2010 at 12:06 am #

      your last paragraph is so touching … its so true… if korean didnt appreciate the work of KHJ & the drama itself .. we as a international fans … will prove them wrong .. khj & naughty kiss fighting !

  7. Ami September 3, 2010 at 10:47 pm #

    I think the 3.5% consists of triple s korea who will support the drama no matter what. The director,editor n production team have to craft ths drama looking frm the POV of viewers who dunno the manga,anime,ISWAK n TKA & itazura na kiss dorama too. Also,what about those who r not fans of leader,JSM or anyone in the cast? The actors r important,but if the pace is not good n the storyline bores them,of coz they won’t continue watching. Viewers r smart n they hve other choices of good dramas. Can’t really blame them. Production team has to work harder. Why must leader take so much blame for the low rating? I hope it will improve soon. Don’t want the drama to end prematurely.. I want to see leader as the genius doctor at the end of the story.. ❤

  8. lacrm25 September 4, 2010 at 5:28 pm #

    I have finished watched ep1 and 2. I can understand why the rating for ep1 is so low. Ep1 was boring, HJ only started talking after half an hour of ep1 and he don’t appear much, no wonder viewers lost interest. I think HJ should not be attacked for the low rating of ep1 since he did not even appear much. Ep2 was much better as we see more of HJ and he interacts more with the female lead.

  9. atweeg September 5, 2010 at 6:12 pm #

    HJL fighting!! his acting on this drama is good, really enjoy watching him on screem. already watched Ep2 twice and i think before the next episode is aired on wednesday i will watch Ep2 again the third time.

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