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[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Basic House” F/W new image photos 2P (Wallpaper size 1024X768)

12 Sep

Credit: BAsic House
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Some more couple shots from BH ^^

So cool it is HQ enough to be used as WP..


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[News] Another possible drama of Hyun Joong with Jae Joong

12 Sep

Credit: shizuoka daily news ++
Translation: Ode@blogspot
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I actually know about this few days ago from my friend

But since no official announcement come out…

I don’t know if I should put it up…

Anyway, since lots of people already know this..

I will just share it with you… just something good to anticipate.. ^^


*more news stuff, but only important points translated*

On the 10th, an explanatory (?) conference was held at the HAMANAKO LAKESIDE PLAZA in Hamamatsu, Magna-resort for upcoming new Korea-Japan collaboration drama work.

Representatives from the production company M-Media gathered together to release the outlines of the drama.

The drama is titled “Cinderella”, and it is expected to have a total of 20 episodes. The script is unfinished as of now, and there is also a need to find possible collaborations and investors.

Shooting for about 2 episodes will begin in Japan beginning next Spring onwards for about a month.

And is targeted to be broadcasted next May in Korea, and will also air in Japan.
Staff, PDs and casts will be the top ones in Korea; the PD will be Pyo Minsoo PD nim who has personally created many aplenty of Korean dramas.

Though it’s still undecided as of now, the female casts are short-listed to be Song Hyegyo, Kim ah-joong, Yoon Eunhye etc
While male casts are short-listed to be Kim Hyunjoong, Nickhun, Jung Yonghwa etc.

Local residents of the country will also be invited to appear as extras.

[Info+Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “The First Love Story” Report No.1 @ Hamamatsu

12 Sep

Credit: “The First Love Story” Shooting Blog ||
Japanese Translation: miyo@
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Another report of “The First Love Story” shooting …

This time is at Hamamatsu ^^


2010.09.12 Sunday
Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story”―Lake Hamana Location Report No.1―

Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “First Love Story” last shooting was on 19th August at Magna Resort, Lakeside Plaza in Shizuoka prefecture Lake Hamana.

For this shooting, the latest filming equipment are used which are procured from Tokyo and Osaka and sent over only a day earlier on the 18th.


The garden in front of the chapel at the appointed venue, Lake Hamana Lakeside Plaza

On the empty lawn, a tent was pitched, arches at 2 areas were setup and over 200 seats were placed and the aisle was carpeted. All of these were decorated with flowers under the scorching hot weather.

Also at indoor area, a big wedding cake was being decorated and over 500 balloons were inserted with helium which were all done manually, reminiscing the movie shooting venue.

The staff worried most about the weather but was relieved that it was clear day.

However the probability of rain was 30% which was not able to get rid their fears of showers later.

It was a tight schedule for Hyun Joong who had to attend the “Boys Over Flowers” event at Osaka a day earlier.

Hyun Joong and his group of staff arrived later than scheduled from Osaka had a Kimbab etc. provided by Sen no Hana and after the simple lunch, rushed quickly for the shooting preparation right away.


The shooting started in the dressing room in the chapel of him after getting dressed.

Hyun Joong arrived at the venue wearing a black tuxedo with his hair sweptback.

Till now, this never seen before cool image was amazing.


Hyun Joong, adjusting his attire in front of the full length mirror and taking out the wedding ring and looking at it.

This ring was provided by Andre Kim, who had passed away a week ago on 12th August. Heard that this was his last work.

In addition the acting of the groom holding on to the wedding bears nervously before the ceremony.


After the shooting of the first scene, gazing seriously and checking carefully on the monitor.

When enquired about the see through glass venue, the impression was “Feeling very pleasant.”.

After the indoor shooting ended, Hyun Joong went back to the room to have a rest.

[Info] SS501 Park Jung Min “Star with Gmarket” Event

12 Sep

Credit: 손영지님@
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This is from a fan of Jung Min

She posted some photos of this event with Jung Min in her facebook..

I don’t want to take those photos out

but you can go to the album to see ^^

You can also try adding her as your friend.. too

She may add you …keke

Here are the links:


[Video][Eng sub] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty kiss” Ep 05 8mins preview

12 Sep

Credit: Leeteuktheangel@YT+YES
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Just another long preview ^^