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[Triple S+Behind the scene] SS501 ‘Strong Heart’ Behind the Scene Stories

22 Dec

Credit: Vi-olet
English Translation:
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Liezle got this from her friends who watched the recording of ‘Strong Heart’.

Thanks for her sharing of this lovely Behind the scene stories ^^

‘Strong Heart’ Behind the Scene Stories
by violet / liezle’s blog

Story #1 ~ Sweet and Thoughtful Hyun Joong
hyunjoong gave snacks to fans.
when break time came, hyunjoong, jungmin and maknae were eating snacks.
suddenly hyunjoong came to us and gave their snacks.
they were walnut breads.
thank you leader!!

Story #2 ~ Kind Jung Min
kind jungmin
jungmin drunk water too much.
so he went to the toilet very often.
one time, he brought a blanket and gave it to Yang Mira who was a guest and wore a mini skirt when he came back from the toilet.

Story #3 ~ Attacked by the Feathers
hyunjoong suddenly ran out of the studio.
strong heart is a kind of battle talk show.
if one lose, he has to be attacked by feathers.
hyunjoong lose to maknae.
when feathers were blown to leader’s face,
a feather seemed to have gone to his nose..
he seemed to have suffocated [?] and suddenly ran out of the studio.
recording was stopped for a while.
he lose three times during the recording.

Story #4 ~ Adorable Hyun Joong
all staffs love hyunjoong.
a chief producer gave staffs instructions not to edit hyunjoong’s stories.
one of the writers got his autograph during the break time.
there were three monitors in the studio.
hyunjoong appeared almost all the time on one of them.
camera operator must have loved him too.^^

Story #5 ~ Almost My Chance ^_^
hyunjoong and i were alone in the hallway.
i met him in the hallway.
there were no fans.
he and i were alone. kk
i want to tell him thank you.
but he was talking with a staff.
i just looked and passed by him.

[News] [Behind the scene] SS501 SEXY CHARISMA to lead the Korean Hot Male Trend

19 Oct


Photos: DSP Entertainment

Translation: by me@ss501fighting.wordpress

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EXCLUSIVE-SS501 hot stage concerts in Taiwan


Korean group SS501 lead the trend of Hot Korea Swirl. Since the Seoul performance in Seoul, and the following Japan performances.  Starting from October in Taiwan, Shanghai, China in November, Hong Kong in December, SS501 will be conducted “THE FIRST PERSONA ASIA TOUR” Asian tour in 10 cities in Asia.

SS501’s Taiwan visit from 15 to 18-day firmly grasp over 12,000 of Taiwanese women’s heart.  Concert in Taiwan is the third station of Asian Tour.  During this concert, SS501 performed with a more intense charisma and stage presence to become the prominent Korean main force.  Sportshankooki is the accompany of SS501 in this Taiwan Tour.


▲ Headlines: friendly SS501 come!

The Taiwan visit of SS501 lead to the Liberty Times, Apple Daily and other Taiwan media competed to report.  Dressed in casual wear, hats and sunglasses, SS501 enter the customs of Taiwan was warmly welcomed by the fans. They also shook hands, give signature because of thankful of fans. Therefore, there was an news headline as “Friendly SS501”.


▲ hotel and performances Arena are packed

Fans who are waiting with tears for a glimpse of SS501. Fans take taxi or motorcycle back and forth from the hotel and the performance stage to gave them a warm support. Because of fans non-stop support from early morning to late at night , although SS501 was tired, their smile was full of color .


▲ The final rehearsal

During the final rehearsal stage on the 16th late evening. Wearing a large T-shirt and shorts may look very comfortable. Members who full of sweat eager to continue the rehearsal until midnight.


▲        OMG, so tired

The watch pointer is over midnight, Hyung Jun suddenly lie down on the sofa inside the waiting room . Members return and hear the lying Hyung Jun saying “so sleepy and tired” in coquetry. No matter where, the youngest is still the youngest.


▲       Resting time

A temporary break in rehearsals. Members go into chatting. Jung Min and Kyu Jong in the serious discussion of the stage position, and dance steps. When he heard Kyu Jong said the interesting jokes, the original lying Hyung Jun sudden burst of laughter.


▲ journalists interview

SS501 and journalists in dialogue. On this day, there are more than 800 local and foreign journalists to attend and participate. Members have said that “Even though have been performed in South Korea and Japan, still feel very tense”


▲ 30 minutes before the start of the stage

Hyun Joong focuses on finishing hair.  Kyu Jong, Young Saeng and Jung Min stand in a row at the side to practice the steps. Hyun Joong telling jokes to the members to ease their tensions. Hyung Jun who listening at the side again convulsed with laughter . 30 minutes before the performances, members are still at leisure to adjust the (?) State.


▲ SS501 stage performance open

SS501 stood before 10002 fans in Taiwan.  In order to have close contact with the fans, in particular to build a “Field”-shaped stage. Fans are holding SS501 color green light sticks, make a green spectacle.

[Photo] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong @ New “Canon” CF behind the scene photo

26 Sep

Credit: SS601

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[Behind the scene] SS501 KyuJong MV Shooting scene in – “Women are like that”

1 Sep

Assume you just saw my posting for this MV, now is the shooting behind the scene video. enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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[Photo] SS501 behind the scene photos at Le Coqsport shooting

28 Aug

Love the final photos set for this advertising very much.

Let’s look at them when they are shooting at the scene ^^

Credits From:

[video] [09.08.28] Hyun Joong at TonyMoly Autographed session

28 Aug

OMG! Hyun Joong oppa is so tired. His lovely eyes become baggy again… Poor him . Please give him more rest. Take care! My Love ^^

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Kim Hyun Joong miss SS501 at BOF filming

27 Aug

Hyun Joong oppa was so missing SS501 that when he was filming BOF, he embossed the words “SS501” on ice.So sweet! ^^

credits: Rainbowccy@youtube

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