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[Info+News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong will attend a concert in Manila Philippines

1 Jun

Credit: Manila Bulletin & fatlittlefinger@twitter
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I know I know I know.. I have receive numerous tips about this concert from my blog visitors these 2 days…

To tell the truth, I have known this since 2 week ago…

My friend in Philippines told me about it…

But I checked for the information in TSPH… nothing is really confirmed.. at least not officially…

as you know me, I usually wait for confirmation to announce this kind of activities…

Sometimes I even wait for the announcement from DSP before I posted it…

But … all you may know by now.. .. DSP is always late TT

Since many of you are really interested in this concert…

I finally find some kind of confirmation…haha…

It is a advertisement in Philippines newspaper..

I think it should be credible enough as a official announcement since it is already selling ticket ^^

Beside Hyun Joong, Kpop group Beast is also the guest

So here is the advertisement scan with little details also….

And a news posted in Manila Bulletin

BTW, if you are a TSPH member, you can purchased ticket through them…

For details: click HERE


Pinoy K-Pop lovers rejoice! Korean Wave or Hallyu is definitely sweeping across the country like storm.

And the K-Pop fever in Manila is expected to reach a feverish 38°C as Korea’s hottest idol Kim Hyun Joong is coming to Manila together with Korean boy group BEAST for a concert titled “K-Pop Meets P-Pop: Kim Hyun Joong and Beast Live in Manila” at the Araneta Coliseum on June 19, 7pm.

Kim Hyun Joong is famous in the Philippines for his role as Yoon Ji Hoo, the calm and charismatic gentleman of F4, in the hit Korean drama series “Boys Over Flowers.” BEAST is one of the most prominent Korean boy groups that captured the hearts of fans with their oozing talents and chart-topping hits.

Kim Hyun Joong is also active in his singing career as the leader of SS501 which debuted in Korea in 2005. Their songs such as “Snow Prince,” “Fighter,” “Déjà Vu,” “A Song Calling For You” and “Love Like This” received so much love and support from their fans both in Korea and abroad.

In fact, despite language barriers, Filipinos love to sing their songs “Because I’m Stupid” and “Making A Lover” which are included in the “Boys Over Flowers” OST. Their song “Love Like This” is steadily climbing its way to the top of the MYX Chart. It is currently placed on Number 8 on the MYX Hit Chart (May 23 – 29) and Number 7 on the MYX International Top 20 (May 22 – 28).

BEAST is composed of Doo Joon, Hyun Seung, Jun Hyung, Yo Seob, Gi Kwang and Dong Woon. The members’ musical and dancing prowess proved to be the group’s greatest strength – Doo Joon (leader, vocalist and rapper), Hyun Seung (vocalist, lead dancer), Jun Hyung (main rapper, vocalist), Yo Seob (main vocalist), Gi Kwang (lead vocalist, main dancer) and Dong Woon (vocalist).

BEAST means Boys of the East Standing Tall. Their albums include “Beast Is The B2ST” and “Shock Of The New Era.” Their popular songs are “Bad Girl,” “Mystery,” “Shock” and “Special.”

Although they only debuted last year, BEAST has already earned awards like the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism: Rookie Music Award, Cyworld Digital Music Awards: Rookie of the Month (“Mystery”) and 19th Seoul Music Awards: Best Newcomer Award.

The songs from their second mini-album “Shock Of The New Era” were strong contenders in the Korean music chart. “Shock” was Number 1 on Cyworld’s Music Realtime chart. Their other songs were also on various music charts like “Take Care of My Girlfriend” (Say No) was Number 10, “Just Before Shock” was Number 13, “Easy” was Number 14 and “Special” was Number 19.

“K-Pop Meets P-Pop: Kim Hyun Joong and Beast Live in Manila” is produced by Underwood Plan and Viva Concerts and Events. The concert is for the benefit of Abiertas House of Friendship – for the benefit of young mothers.

Ticket prices are available at P7,840 (Patron A), P6,720 (Patron B), P4,480 (Lower Box), P3,360 (Upper A), P1,680 (Upper B) and P784 (General Admission).

For inquiries, call Ticketnet at 9115555, Viva Concerts at 9877236 and 6333808 and Abiertas House of Friendship.

[Video][2010/05/22] SS501 “Let me be the one” fancams compilation focus @ Dream Concert 2010

22 May

Credit: various credit below
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As always, I will make up a compilation post of all the fancams in here for Dream Concert 2010

Since there are only two songs… I won’t separate into different post with members focus

Instead I will post all the fancams here for you with members focus in order …keke

Thank you for supporting our boys … TS is the best ^^



Credit: SS501world@YT+perfect-소심현중팬영상임


click the link:

Credit: WWloveHJL2@YT+박정민하루만@SS601+HSSCANDAL

SS501 fans ~ Triple S ‘Green Wave’ Power

Credit: 퍼펙트 + myjm43@yt

Credit: yvonne@obsession + mangos0rbet@yt


Credit: WWloveHJL2@YT+video tag+

+”TS saying Nevermind to SS501″

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Credit: SShappyhyun@YT + 김현중 ★ Perfect

Credit: Themurdererq@YT





Credit: shirbogurl2@YT


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Credit: lluvrubin0224@YT+He Story (



Credit: yisaya86@YT+Double Baby 유연 (720px)



youtube version: (credit to Boy)

Tuduo version (maybe easier to load):

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

[News+Photo] Dream Concert, SS501 ‘Green Wave’ packed inside the Sangam Stadium

22 May

Credit: Various news
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I am sorry I broke my promise to post this earlier coz I overslept …

When I woke up, got some many news about the dream concert already…

I think most of you see the news and photos of the boys already but I will still post it in case some of you haven’t seen yet ^^

Wow… I LOVE the title … “SS501 ‘Green Wave’ packed inside the Sangam Stadium”

Actually, there are lots of news title about our boys but I choose to use this one because I LOVE IT…

Right … ‘Green Wave’… Triple S’s Super Power …. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TS Good Job ……………………………. I am so touched… the boys also….

I heard that they even cried after stepping on the stage …

Must be touching after for such a longtime onstage and saw so many ‘Green Wave’ …

Even though, they didn’t performed the new song but it doesn’t matter at all… coz we will hear it on June 4th, right???

Hwaiting… Triple S! …

Hwaiting SS501! You are the best…

Look at the ‘Green Wave’ below… wonderful ^0^


SS501 performed a ballad with kim Hyun Joong and apologizes for not being able to perform a new song

Credits to Newsen + Blueprincess824@dailykpopnews

Fans of SS501 sent an ocean of green lights and balloons in support to SS501 during their performance. They supported the group especially Kim Hyun Joong that despite his injuries not being fully healed yet he still went on stage and performed with SS501.

The fans felt the pain of the leader as well as the sacrifice the group had to make and cheered on their favorite idol group. SS501 had to delay the release of their album because Kim Hyun Joong had to rest for 2 weeks, they cannot leave him out.

Fans were touched that even though Kim Hyun Joong was in pain during the performance, he still gave his best and SS501 performed an emotional ballad for their fans since it has been month’s since they were able to meet up with their fans.



SS501 ‘It’s been a longtime’


‘Injury’ Kim Hyun Joong, in good health up the stage

SS501 ‘Kim Hyun Joong, injured fighting spirit’, Romantic guy comeback reporting the defeated with ballad victory

Credits to joongang korea+OSEN+English Translation:

Quintet male group SS501’s leader KimHyunJoong went on stage along with his injuries and performed to their ballad track.

SS501 sang a total of 2 songs on the stage of ‘2010 I love Korea, Dream Concert’ at 8.40pm at Seoul Mapo-gu, Sangam Worldcup Gymnasium Stadium, and the 2 songs are already-existing song ‘One Only Day’ and a ballad track from their new and upcoming album “Let Me Be the One”. All of them wore black-toned outfits and stood alongside one another and performed to their ballad tracks in a surrounding of serenity.

After finishing ‘Only One Day’, SS501’s HyunJoong stepped out to talk,”It’s been some time. Though we were originally supposed to perform to our title track from our new album for today, but because of inevitable circumstances, we had to pushback our plans for comeback. We want to say sorry to our fans”, “However, beginning from next month 4th onwards, we will be starting our activities with new song”. Right after which, fans then responded with “It’s alright!” deafeningly, hence giving comfort to them.

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong who was involved in a car conflict accident on the night of 12th May at Seoul Jamshil near his home area is undergoing 2 weeks of further observation and is on his way to recovery.

SS501’s agency DSP media has said on 22nd may that it was unreasonable for KimHyunJoong to carry out rehearsals with a dance track, so they replaced it with a ballad track instead, and will still carry out their comeback activity schedules as per scheduled.

(Other news are with the same contents so don’t need translation)

[Concert] SS501 “Members’ Image Impression Ranking” Translation @ Japan Saitama Arene Concert

29 Apr

Credit: @ khj-triplerie+妃茵@TSTW
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hehe… we all know there is a survey about SS501 “Members’ Image Ranking” before the Hallyu concert

They also play game in the concert like punching machine and role acting according to this survey

I think is pretty funny reading this survey… try it yourself to see how do you choose for each question ^^

Here is the translations of what the survey is about :


Chinese version:


韓流演唱會 日飯對於SS501的10大印象排行榜

1. 會認真回覆女朋友簡訊的成員是?
依序: 圭鐘(63.98%) . 賢重(11.21%). 亨俊(8.55%). 永生(8.20%) . 政玟(8.05%)

2. 最擅長安慰鬧脾氣的女朋友的成員是?
依序: 政玟(30.91%). 賢重(20.70%). 永生(19.84%). 圭鐘(17.25%). 亨俊(11.29%)

3. SS501之中最自戀的成員是?
依序: 亨俊(40.76%). 政玟(24.16%). 永生(18.76%). 賢重(14.95%). 圭鐘(1.37%)

4. 玩拳擊時最強的成員是?
依序: 賢重(60.46%). 政玟(14.95%). 圭鐘(11%). 永生(7.48%). 亨俊(6.11%)
依序: 賢重(132kg). 政玟&永生(128kg). 圭鐘(109kg). 亨俊(93kg)

5. 有女朋友了還會偷吃的成員是?
依序: 亨俊(42.49%). 永生(25.31). 政玟(14.23%). 賢重(13.87%). 圭鐘(4.10%)

6. 最擅長玩呼拉圈的成員是?
依序: 政玟(38.03%). 賢重(30.41%). 永生(11.29%). 圭鐘(10.42%). 亨俊(9.85%)

7. 最不會察言觀色的成員是?
依序: 亨俊(44.64%). 賢重(34.51%). 永生(11.65%). 政玟(6.90%). 圭鐘(2.30%)

8. 演出愛情片的時候,會在鏡子前練習kiss的成員是?
依序: 亨俊(31.78%). 永生(30.34%). 政玟(18.19%). 圭鐘(13.95%). 隊長(5.75%)

9. 和別人吵架和好之後,依然會耿耿於懷的成員是?
依序: 政玟(58.73%). 永生(14.67%). 亨俊(12.08%). 圭鐘(7.91%). 賢重(6.61%)
(妃茵: 從排名來看,可猜想某兩位兩個月冷戰,第一名那個肯定還耿耿於懷,最後一名那個大條神經的,目前肯定還是常遲到(笑))

10. 和哪位成員在一起會意外地感到無聊?
依序: 永生(36.45%). 賢重(31.06%). 亨俊(17.69%). 圭鐘(8.41%). 政玟(6.40%)


English Translation:

There is a survey conducted by Internet for Japanese TS before the concert
SS501 also corresponds to the vote and carried out some interesting game at a concert!

10 important point of SS501 “Members’ Image Impression Ranking” of Japanese TS

[Green word is my own opinion ^^]

1. Which member will seriously reply girlfriend’s sms?

Ranking: KJ (63.98%) . HJL (11.21%). HJB (8.55%). YS (8.20%) . JM (8.05%)

2. Which member is the best at comforting angry girlfriend?

Ranking: JM (30.91%). HJL (20.70%). YS (19.84%). KJ (17.25%). HJB (11.29%)

3. The most narcissistic members in SS501?

Ranking: HJB (40.76%). JM (24.16%). YS (18.76%). HJL (14.95%). KJ (1.37%) [I would choose YS as second place ^^]

4. Who is the strongest when playing boxing?

Ranking: HJL (60.46%). JM (14.95%). KJ (11%). YS (7.48%). HJB (6.11%) [keke… I definitely would choose HJL also ^^]

When playing punching machine at the concert, the actual result is:

Ranking: HJL (132kg). JM & YS (128kg). KJ (109kg). HJB (93kg)

5. Which member will be cheaingt even having a girlfriend?

Ranking: HJB (42.49%). YS (25.31). JM (14.23%). HJL (13.87%). KJ (4.10%) [KYU really gain most of the trust from girl ^^, poor baby always ranked first in bad things…]

6. Which member is good at playing hula hoop?

Ranking: JM (38.03%). HJL (30.41%). YS (11.29%). KJ (10.42%). HJB (9.85%) [hmmm…. I think KJ is pretty good at this]

7. Which member is the worst at observation?

Ranking: HJB (44.64%). HJL (34.51%). YS (11.65%). JM (6.90%). KJ (2.30%) [keke… this one I will choose Leader over baby]

8. When filming love story, which member will practice how to kiss in front of mirror?

Ranking : HJB (31.78%).YS (30.34%). JM (18.19%). KJ (13.95%). HJL (5.75%) [Super agree for this one … hahaha]

9. After the quarrel with others, members who will still not able to put aside even after reconcile?

Ranking: JM (58.73%). YS (14.67%). HJB (12.08%). KJ (7.91%). HJL (6.61%) [keke… Jung Min really won good at this one]

10. Which member do you think you will feel surprisingly boring when being with him?

Ranking: YS (36.45%). HJL (31.06%). HJB (17.69%). KJ (8.41%). JM (6.40%) [O… I don’t think I will feel boring with any of them… kekekekeeke]

[Photo][2010/04/23] SS501 focus @ Gimpo Airport departure to Japan Hallyu Card Concert

23 Apr

Credit:  Photo By 赫赫小在
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Another set of photos at the airport are out..

this time thanks to 赫赫小在

As you may know, she is a China TS staying in Korea ^0^

Our boys were playing so happy outside the airport… Hope Hyun Joong could be with them though…

Why the big videocam? As I said before, they are shooting for the Onstyle…keke

Here you go:


[Photo]【DVD】 SS501「ASIA TOUR MAKING」films in different countries snapshots Part 2 (Hong Kong/Epilogue)

28 Mar

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here come another set of snapshots captured by elley ^_^

Of course, once again thanks for her…kek

Five handsome handsome boys

Hong Kong:




[Photo]【DVD】 SS501「ASIA TOUR MAKING」films in different countries snapshots Part 1 (Seoul/Taiwan/Shanghai)

28 Mar

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Here is a set of snapshots capture shared by elley ^_^

She is good at making snapshots..hehe

REally love her for doing this for us..

Actually, they are mostly Hyun Joong focus as you may already know elley is leader’s super fan ^^

Let enjoy the first set of (Seoul/Taiwan/Shanghai)







[Photo] SS501 behind the scene photo @ Persona in Seoul Encore Concert (Obsession)

20 Mar

Credit: Obsession
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Remember I posted the double HJ focus of the same set before

Here are the rest of the members focus… hehe

Usually obsession only focus on double HJ but this time they got the other members also


[Photo] SS501 Double HJ focus @ Persona in Seoul behind the scene photos

18 Mar

Credit: Obession
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haha… Double HJ lover will definitely love these ^_^

[Photo][2010/02/28] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong @ Persona in Seoul Encore Concert HQ fan photos (JEJARI)

15 Mar

Credit: JEJARI
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haha… so happy.. there are lots of Kyu’s photos coming out ^_^

Another HQ set came out

click on images to enlarge