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[UFO][2010/02/13] SS501 Park Jung Min new UFO reply

13 Feb

Credit: baidu ~TS-aiko501
English Translation:
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Jung Min is so sweet… he even check and replys UFO message right before their concert ^^

He always is the one who will reply most of the time… LOVE HIM FOR HIS GENTLE AND CARE


2010-02-13 15:55

Aiko message Original:정민아~전 aiko인데요^^제 응원과 기도 가지고 오래오래 행복하세요!!무슨일이든 화이팅!~정민의 웃는 모습 제일 좋아요^^박정민 최고!!SS501 아자!♥

Jung Min replies:[정민] 아이코~!!

English Translation

Aiko: Jung Min ah ~  I’m aiko ^ ^ Now many years of happiness I have support and prayers for you ! !! Whatever, man! ~ I like Jung Min’s smiling the best ^ ^ Park Jung Min up!! SS501, go! ♥

Jung Min:aiko ~!!

[UFO][09.12.22] SS501 Park Jung Min new China UFO message replies

22 Dec

Credit: HKTripleS
English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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Wow… Jung Min always replied very quick… so lovely for him ^^

English Translation:

China TS (艳.唯愛五隻!):

Jung Min oppa, I am very tired of study recently ! However I can’t see you if I don’t study well ! My pressure is really high ! what can I do!~? I want to see you all in person !~ I am really afraid of the final exam! don’t know much ! what should I do!?~

Jung Min:

Concentrate on your study no matter what ^^ you know right?^^ relax your mind!

China TS (政玟のkk姐姐):

Jung Min~Do you see my photo?I took it today ~

Jung Min:

I can’t open the photo ^^ Must let me see next time Good night~

Taiwan TS (문의):

Jung Min ssi : we are impress for your UFO reply ㅠㅠ too happy ^^ Is grateful~~ keep healthy!!! PS.Christmas Show Fighting !!! Taiwan fan 문의♥

Jung Min:

^^Merry Christmas good night~

China TS (蔡嘉乙):

haha。。。。。Kim Hyun Joong、Heo Young Saeng、Kim Kyu Jong、park Jung Min、Kim Hyung Jun。。。hehe~^^Miss you all,Miss you all~!!

Jung Min:

I miss you too

Taiwan TS (민진):

Park..Sexy ..! Jung Min ssi my friend sends,..5 do you see? Members also? Listens to music with this Ear bud gift^^Taiwan 민진ㄴㄴ

Jung Min:

^^ haha very playful very playfull ~ hahaha

Taiwan TS (열정)

Jung Mn oppa I’m asking this one. I sent the hat. Please ask if Young Saeng oppa received ~Thanks ㅠㅠ I’m working hard to learn Korean TaiwanFan열정

Jung Min:

ok^^ I will ask  him   Need to study hard~

China TS (Miyako Hasegawa)

Jung Min please teach me Japanese!!fifty pronouncement is very difficult,can’t remember..ㅠ.ㅠ but I have been studying hard for Korean ~⌒⌒

Jung MIn:

You teach me Chinese I teach you Japanese ^^

[UFO][09.12.21] SS501 Park Jung Min new China UFO message reply

21 Dec

Credit: Baidu SS501  bar
English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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Jung Min is always so sweet to reply for the UFo messages ^^

China TS:

Jung Min please teach me Japanese!! Fifty pronouncement is very difficult, I can remember them…TT..TT.. but now is trying hard to learn Korean~ ^^

Jung Min:

You teach me Chinese.  I teach you Japanese. ^^

[UFO][09.12.16] SS501 Jung Min New UFO message

17 Dec

Source : Tieba Baidu
English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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English Translation:

China TS:

Jung Min oppa, Are you happy in Hong Kong?  Buy more things! Merry Christmas ^^

Jung Min:

Hong Kong … Hurt oh .. TT


Poor Jung Min… He lost his wallet in Hong Kong

That’s why he says he is hurt 😦

[UFO] SS501 Jung Min New China UFO reply messages

13 Dec

Source: Baidu
English Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress
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091213 12:54 [FAN ] 政哥哥明天要去領獎吧!哥哥們最棒了,再來北京吧!
[政玟] ^^我也想去北京,要是去的話歡迎我哦!!
091213 14:03 [FAN ] 哥哥們,昨天去了香港看演唱會。你們的表演超棒的。
[政玟] ^^ 我也想那樣哦
091213 14:10 [FAN ] 哥哥們還在睡覺嗎?辛苦了呢!
雖然香港站沒時間去 但聽說很成功呢!
[政玟] ^^謝謝,下次一定要見面哦
091213 14:10 [FAN ] 聽說哥哥們演唱會很精彩!辛苦啦~
[政玟] 好好休息後 去逛街~~


English Translation:

091213 12:54 [FAN ] Jung Min oppa you will accept the award tomorrow!oppa is the best,please come to Beijing again!
[Jung Min] ^^I want to go to Beijing too,please welcome me if I go!!

091213 14:03 [FAN ] oppas,I went to HK concert yesterday。your performance are very good。
hope you all can come to China more。Love you all >3<

[Jung Min] ^^ I want to be like that also

091213 14:10 [FAN ] Are you still sleeping, oppas?Hard work of it!
Even though I didn’t come to the HK concert, I heard is very successful!
handsome oppas must be very excited!

[Jung Min] ^^thanks,must see you next time

091213 14:10 [FAN ] heard that the concert is very good!thanks for the hardwork~
need to rest more。I must go to the concert next time!

[Jung Min] I will go shopping after a good rest ~~

[UFO] SS501 Jung Min new China UFO messages

2 Nov

Sourse: China UFO

Translation: ss501fighting.wordpress

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Jung Min is so sweet

Picture 1

From TS:

+Park sweet sweet oh. Yesterday I saw you smile to me in my dream.  We are dancing together. Even though is only dream, I can still feel the happiness.  Thank you.  Your reply give me a very happy surprise that I will cherish my whole life ^o^

From Jung Min:

Wow ^^ Thanks for today ^^ need to work harder tomorrow

Picture 2

From TS:

[REBIRTH] Oppas ~ Here is getting colder again, How’s yours?  Need to wear enough clothing when needed, Don’t get flu, remember I love you all forever, support new album ~ fighting!

From Jung Min :

BE careful of getting flu ^^

Picture 3

From TS:

Min ~ weather is getting cold ~ need to wear more clothing ~ OK?

From Jung Min:

hm! ! work hard

Picture 4

From TS:

[REBIRTH] Very great and hearted album, Expecting five mature man shining onstage in every promotion activities of the mini album.  Oppas do you miss me~ (*^o^*)bobo ~ love you all~ take care of yourselves

From Jung Min:

Need to support the new album ^^

Picture 5

From TS:

Very tired lately! We are working hard because of the Shanghai concert, want to see you all with good result >< only 15 days left, work harder, please trust us^^good afternoon

From Jung Min:

Come after hard practicing?^^

Picture 6

From TS:

[REBIRTH] Mini Album selling good! Jung Min~ comeback already ~ many activities right^^ weather is getting cold also~~ need to take care of yourself~~See you in Shanghai~ Hong Kong also^^ by aiko 501

From Jung Min:

Yes, need to see you in there



[UFO][09.10.30] SS501 Jung Min new UFO reply

30 Oct

Source: China UFO+baidu 501bar

Translation: ss501fight.wordpress

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Even though Jung Min only said “Good night”, in his busy schedule, it is still really sweet ^^




From China TS:

hmhmhm… got the flu so poor~ there are only 17 left for Shanghai concert ~ really need to recover real soon ~ oppas also need to take care of yourselves ~ Let us see each other in good health ^^

From Jung Min:

Good night

[Photo] SS501 Jung MIn new China UFO replies

10 Oct

Credit: UFO China

Tranlation: by me@ss501fighting

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Jung Min is so nice. He is the one who always reply on UFO ^^




Oppa! Are you busy preparing for the second album… need to get more rest… take good care of yourself…! Second Album will have good selling… keep it up …!


keep it up! ! !



Oppas what are you busying with now? Do you have dinner yet? I am on holiday haha…please take care of yourselves!


Hope it is a happy holiday~!!!



^0^Hello Oppas~ is holiday today, I am resting, do you all rest enough, please take care of yourselves


Hope it is a happy holiday~!!!



Jung Min oppa~ Oppas will go to China Qingdao tomorrow right? Miss you allvery much ~ but why I am so young? Can’t go anywhere~ oppas please come to my house so I can see you all!!!^^


I will come ^^ Haha ~ must come to our concert ar




What is oppas doing? Busy? I am very boring at home, but don’t want to go out… I miss oppas, do you all miss me too?  Are oppas forget about me?  But I will continue love you all… ^.~


From now on today will be Korea’s holiday ~ ^^ Hope is a happy day

[Others] SS501 New Korea UFO replies

2 Oct

Credit: Korea UFO

Translation: by me @ss501fighting


Brother, I would like to eat ribs, should be good to eat. Want to come to Yao?

[Hyun Joong]: I am now going for pig’s feet

when said thing that’s off-line, thinking off-line, Oh, is completely alien

[Young Saeng]: aliens do not know the words of the Earth

He He Kyu Jong , does your menu set at noon? I do not have it,,, hum .. What is Kyu Jong favorite, please give me some recommendation

[Kyu Jong ]:…( do not know what is looks like donburi, or make use of beef) He He He He Oh, South Korea does not have

Oppa, reading room is break for a week or so, really hard-oh

[Jung Min] should go to a month, will think need to go now ah … ah Reading Room, so be it.

During vacations, go to the library every day to study, He He. Brothers should look at book at rest time also. Hehe

[Hyung-jun]: the accumulated knowledge should be reviewed three times

[Other] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min UFO new replies

2 Oct

Credit: baidu.SS501

Translation: by me@ss501fighting




message 1: Oppas will come to Qingdao and Taiwan, right? welcome to China ~ ^^ Oppas need to come to China more often, we triple S will full of happiness! by: Han

message 2: Jung Min, these few days ~ I miss you so much.  Miss your smily greeting with Triple S… miss you all.  Hyun Joong is back to Korea. Please let him rest more.  by: Han.


I will come more often ^^


Please wait for our handsome comeback !!!!!