[News] Brown Eyed Girls become new face models for Tony Moly

17 Aug

Credit: http://www.sisakorea.kr/sub_read.html?uid=3478
English Translation: SS501fighting.wordpress.com
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Wow… so Hyun Joong really signed on Face shop…

Is it really official now? Don’t know yet for now…

You know we can all trust the news nowadays

I will update about that later…


Brown Eyed Girls become new face models for Tony Moly after Kim Hyun Joong

On the 17th, it was revealed according to cosmetic brand Tony Moly personnel that female group Brown Eyed Girls has been selected to be their latest model.

A personnel revealed “Brown Eyed Girls is amongst the latest batch of representative beauty icons in female idol groups who could lead beauty trends, it’s like whatever makeup you give them, they could portray it naturally, not just that, they also have clean and transparent-enough complexion, which is why we judged based on that and then decided to select them”, revealing their reason for selection of new ambassador.

Prior to Tony Moly’s release of new batch of Fall series product, it is scheduled that they will be shooting a TV CF with Brown Eyed Girls soon in end of August. Throughout the 200 chain outlets across the nation, products with Brown Eyed Girls imprinted on them would be on sale too.

Throughout this period of time, Tony Moly had been cooperating alongside Kim Hyun Joong who has now signed on to The Face Shop. Tony Moly revealed that “they are in midst of contacting a new male model to work with Brown eyed Girls. He is an actor who has a bright and clean image, as well as loving and adorable enough who has the potential to rise as the Hanryu star of the next generation”.

Tony Moly had signed on with Kim Hyun Joong for the last 3 years as the main male model targetting towards female consumers. He is now the full-time model for The Face Shop.


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