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[Triple S] Blogger “wingwing” Special announcement ^^

14 Sep

Hello… 안녕하세요

All 트리플S (Triple S)

First of all …

I want to thanks all of you who left such touching and encouraging comments for me

I am really really touched with all those messages

My eyes are all red and teary reading them…

Thanks 고맙습니다 ^^


As per many of you requested to stay in touch of me…

I have opened another facebook account to communicate with all of you (TS)

and share our love for SS501 …

To be honest, I do have one personal facebook account before.

However, that one is more involved of my personal life

hehe… sometimes my love for SS501 can’t be shared in there (Hope you know what I means… kk)

I don’t even “Like” my own SS501 fanpage in that one.. ha

So I made this new one to share my Triple S’s love more freely ^^

If you are Triple S, if you don’t mind I may not be very active everyday… hehe…

You can add me as your friend

We can talk and share our love for SS501 together

To add me, go HERE

I welcome all Triple S around the world ^0^

Waiting for you in facebook …


For twitter, after considered, I don’t want to maintain another …

So let’s stay with my SS501TripleS account

Beside some occasional updating for the boys

I will be there more often than before ^^

In addition, you can still contact me through my “Contact me” page information

I will answer your questions when I am available

This blog will still be here… (won’t disappear.. keke)


Thanks for all the love…

I definitely feel “BE LOVED” from all of you

Triple S ☆ SS501 ☆ 사랑해요 ☆

Let’s stay connect to each other… ^^

[Triple S] ☆ SS501 ☆ 사랑해요 ☆ Special Announcement

13 Sep

Hello… 안녕하세요

All Triple S sister or brother around the world…

You may be surprised after seeing this announcement

However, this is not a sudden decision.

I have been struggling in the past 2 months …

For me, this is really a hard and heart-breaking step to take

After more than a year since I began blogging for SS501

I never take rest for a day… even in the hospital…

However, today is finally going to be the end of all…

I have decided …

This blog is closed as of TODAY


You may ask WHY???

I started up this blog for a pure reason..

I love SS501

I want to share my love for the boys with everyone who has the same kind of love with me

My purpose of this blog is sharing our Triple S’s LOVE

However, even the REASON is still here… the RESULT is not the same…

I am getting less and less time to spare in my personal life..

That’s why my posts are getting more and more rebotic…

Less and less personal feeling is being shared in here..

Just day by day reporting of information and news

This really made me feel sad…

To be honest.. I am not doing this for the purpose of reporting like a regular reporter…

I am doing this for sharing my love … my feeling… for the boys

Now, that purpose seems fainting day by day…

Of course, this is not meaning that my love for SS501 is fainting..

Just the meaning of this blog is fainting…

My LOVE for SS501 will never die..

There are many reasons behind … which I can’t explain clearly to you one by one…

Mostly because I am getting busier in my personal life

I don’t have any help from anyone..

This blog only maintain by me personally

Many of you asked me before..

WHY you have so many sparing times…

The answer is I don’t …

I used all my times to keep up all the news.. so personally.. I don’t get any spare times anymore

I think this is one of the reason why I need to stop blogging

It is getting more and more unhealthy for my personal life

The reason why I can still doing this is because of the love for SS501 and the love from all of you

However, I am feeling very tired and pressured lately..

Our boys are beginning to communicate with us internationally through facebook and twitter now

We can actually know more of them through these portal from their own hands in their own words

This really made me very happy

Before through internationally forum or blog may be the only way to find out something about the boys

But now…

We can actually having a new way to communicate with them…


I think it is a perfect time for me to retire from blogging

Sorry if you don’t agree with me or disappointed about my decision

However, this decision is made after thorough consideration

so please understand I won’t do this if this is not the only way…


For all the visitor who have been to this blog

For all of you who love and support SS501

For all Triple S who believe in SS501 forever as one

I really want to say “THANK YOU”

I know this two words can’t really express my grateful for all of you

However, all I can say and I want to say is really really “THANK YOU”


In other word..

I also want to say “SORRY” to all of you

I can’t continue to share anything with you through blogging

However, I will still continue to keep up all the information of the boys

If you have any question, feel free to email me using the blog email…

I will be happy to answer if I know about anything

There are also still many hardworking blogging and youtuber using their best effort to share the news of the boys

I really appreciate their effort to continue doing this

Because I know how hard it is to keep up…

Thanks all for your great effort ^^

At last…

I hope you can understand why I am doing this



For the last word:



TRIPLE S FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SS501 FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!














From wingwing

[Triple S] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong first message @ official website (+Keyeast confirmation)

13 Sep

Translated by Ode@blogspot
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Wow… finally our boy Hyun Joong communicate with us directly again ^^

You are so lovely… using such a nickname.. haha..

YES… you are the GOD of OUTER SPACE.. in our mind… kekeke…


Hyun Joong’s message


2010-09-12, 1:10 AM

The things I want to say will be revealed in 2 months time, Must-Catch-It-Live^^

These days I’ve learnt alot of the internet languages kkk, so I’ve got so many antis is it????? kk

Don’t worry guys, I’m okay kk, I’m enjoying the situation now kkk, very interesting ne. I sound like a pervert, ahaha kk

Thank you anyway, 2 months later I’ll tell you the things I wanna say, from the horse’s mouth kk

PS: *Horse mouth used here as in = he will say it with his own mouth straight^^*


Keyeast confirmation notice:


Reply to enquiries over entry left by someone with the nickname [God of the universe/outer space]

Hello, this is Keyeast here.

With regards to the many enquiries left over an entry left by someone with the nickname Wuju-shin (God of the universe/outer space) on Kim Hyunjoong-ssi’s official homepage — FREEBOARD menu, we are here to deliver a reply to you all after taking in the many requests from all of you fans to confirm the identity.

The result after confirmation is, entry left with nickname [God of the universe/outer space] (No.473) is an entry left by Kim HyunJoong-ssi himself, and we confirmed it with him already.
We hope that this will not cause misunderstanding to all of you, and should you have any enquiries, please do send your enquiry to us.

This coming Wednesday will broadcast the 5th episode of drama Playful Kiss. We ask for your tuning-in.

Thank you.


[Triple S] SS501 communicated in twitter compilation

9 Sep

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OMG!!!! yeah!!!!!

All communication between members will be updated here from now on ^^



비부돌 SS501 Hurray


Credit: Young Saeng’s twitter

haha… Young Saeng is so cute…

He replied Hyung Jun asking why the sudden cheering… keke

they talked through Twitter… I love to see them interact ^^


And what’s the sudden 만세? ㅡㅡ

Then, Hyung Jun replied him:


What you a pig!!!


He also tweeted Jung Min with this message: haha…


Park Jung Min likes carrot !


Some more conversation between members updated:

Young Saeng replied Hyung Jun:


Jung Min tweeted about his facebook being riped out:


Then Hyung Jun replied JM and YS:


YS replied HJ:


HJ replied YS:


Ys replied and asked HJ: (Waiting for baby’s reply ^^)


Hyung Jun replied YS again ^^:


Young Saeng replied:



Date: 2010/09/11

Jung Min replied Hyung Jun finally: (Translated by Ode)


Followed already~!!!! hhh I found my facebook~!! Also, I totally dislike carrots!!! (owwwwww who’s that so agitated speaking to someone~~~~^^)

Hyung Jun tweeted Jung Min: (Translated by Ode)


To be honest we talked about this didn’t you~ You told me you love carrots, and the fact that you secretly hold a crush for Jerry Hyungjun in your heart,, Let’s love openly!~ ㅠㅡㅠ

Young Saeng tweeted Jung Min: (Translated by


You have to follow me before talking ~ ㅋ


2010/09/13 tweets:


How do you reply to a received message?


Now I am recording a new program ^^ I’m doing good in the first recording

[Triple S+Photo][2010/09/09] SS501 Heo Young Saeng’s cyworld updated with US trip photos

9 Sep

Credit: Young Saeng’s cyworld
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keke… our boy Young Saeng once again updated his cy with US trip photos

This time have three of them together… haha… after figuring out a good angle to pose

Young Saeng as the photographer use the camera timing function to shoot this photo

keke.. he set it for 10secs so they need to hold the pose for a long-time before the camera shutter…

his message is just describing how he use lots of effect to take this ^^

So cute of him… hehehe…


Another one with Steven Lee


[Triple S] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty Kiss” Staff’s Diary 100909

9 Sep

Credit: Japanese Official Board e-magazine+ Chinese trans: Fei-Yin 妃茵 @TSTW (Triples.Taiwan)
English Translation: happiebb /
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Thanks all parties to give us this information ^^

Hyun Joong always love working… fighting…


Hyun Joong is currently filming the drama Playful Kiss.
Right after filming a scene, he had hurried to the next set without taking a break,
didn’t show any sign of weariness or lethargy and continued with the filming.
Saw Hyun Joong had even stolen some time in-between filming to workout at the gym.
This led me to think that he works really hard.

His first time challenging a drama OST,
Hyun Joong had recorded a ballad,
“One MoreTime”
Amidst the hectic filming schedule, he had taken some time to go to the recording studio
and spent quite some hours to record the song.

The staff were worried about Hyun Joong’s health because of this,

“Working in the middle of the night allows me to focus even better, that’s very good….”

Hyun Joong had replied like this smilingly… much to the surprise of the staff.
And so, the staff too worked up the same persevering and
never-say-die spirit like Hyun Joong, and hope to work even harder to give him the support and help in every way in his filming.

[Triple S+Photo] SS501 Park Jung Min new tweets

9 Sep

English Translation:
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Ok… our boys are definitely addicted to Twitter very fast…

Tweets almost everyday … even every hours.?? keke

Here are the new tweets of Jung Min with Photo:


[Triple S] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun new tweets @ 3:00pm

8 Sep

English Translation:
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Hyung Jun tweeted again just now… keke

He tweeted with his new company again

Also, give some warm touch for fans for the coming autumn

and those who will drive in the rain ^^



Translation from bottom to top:

Appears that Autumn has approached in such a hurry, rain is coming, be careful

However it’s really a lot of rain, be careful driving in the rain

[Triple S] SS501 Park Jung Min “Royal Avenue” twitter updated

7 Sep

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Seems like Jung Min is still not sleeping a while ago…

After playing for all days..

at the end, he updated his Royal Avenue” twitter account…

Stating his exciting mood… haha



[Triple S] SS501 Park Jung Min new tweets updated

7 Sep

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haha… Jung Min is very happy playing around yesterday ^^

First facebook, then twitter…

But he actually putting the same thing in facebook status also.. keke

So if you like him or follow him, you will get the same things  ^^

Btw, I think he was hungry after playing for a while..

haha… those foods… he mentioned … are very good…

Here are his new tweets: