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[Info+Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “The First Love Story” Report No.1 @ Hamamatsu

12 Sep

Credit: “The First Love Story” Shooting Blog ||
Japanese Translation: miyo@
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Another report of “The First Love Story” shooting …

This time is at Hamamatsu ^^


2010.09.12 Sunday
Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “The First Love Story”―Lake Hamana Location Report No.1―

Kim Hyun Joong 1st PREMIUM DVD & Photo Book “First Love Story” last shooting was on 19th August at Magna Resort, Lakeside Plaza in Shizuoka prefecture Lake Hamana.

For this shooting, the latest filming equipment are used which are procured from Tokyo and Osaka and sent over only a day earlier on the 18th.


The garden in front of the chapel at the appointed venue, Lake Hamana Lakeside Plaza

On the empty lawn, a tent was pitched, arches at 2 areas were setup and over 200 seats were placed and the aisle was carpeted. All of these were decorated with flowers under the scorching hot weather.

Also at indoor area, a big wedding cake was being decorated and over 500 balloons were inserted with helium which were all done manually, reminiscing the movie shooting venue.

The staff worried most about the weather but was relieved that it was clear day.

However the probability of rain was 30% which was not able to get rid their fears of showers later.

It was a tight schedule for Hyun Joong who had to attend the “Boys Over Flowers” event at Osaka a day earlier.

Hyun Joong and his group of staff arrived later than scheduled from Osaka had a Kimbab etc. provided by Sen no Hana and after the simple lunch, rushed quickly for the shooting preparation right away.


The shooting started in the dressing room in the chapel of him after getting dressed.

Hyun Joong arrived at the venue wearing a black tuxedo with his hair sweptback.

Till now, this never seen before cool image was amazing.


Hyun Joong, adjusting his attire in front of the full length mirror and taking out the wedding ring and looking at it.

This ring was provided by Andre Kim, who had passed away a week ago on 12th August. Heard that this was his last work.

In addition the acting of the groom holding on to the wedding bears nervously before the ceremony.


After the shooting of the first scene, gazing seriously and checking carefully on the monitor.

When enquired about the see through glass venue, the impression was “Feeling very pleasant.”.

After the indoor shooting ended, Hyun Joong went back to the room to have a rest.

[Info] Korean Idol singers’ Perf Fee per each

11 Sep

Credit: tsm Star Marketing Center + + + (English Translation) xiaochu @
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Wow… our boys are really high-paid among all the famous singers…

I hope after changing agency.. they got even more ^^


Based on August 2010

Singers being paid over 60million won

Lee Hyori
Wonder Girls
Big Bang
Dong Bang Shin Gi
Park JinYoung


Singers being paid below 60million won (Credit: Ode@blogspot)

Ranking, Singer, Perf fee (million won), Per member (if in a group) (million won)
1. 2PM, 6000, 1000
2. SNSD, 4500, 500
3. 2ne1, 4000, 1000
3. Taeyang (bigbang), 4000
4. KARA, 3700, 740
5. SuperJunior, 3500, 270
6. CNBLUE, 3400, 850
7. Son Dambi, 3200
8. 2AM, 3000, 750
8. Brown Eyed girls, 3000, 750
8. After School, 3000, 375
9. Lee Seunggi, 3000
10. MissA, 2600, 650
10. Secret, 2600, 650
11. 4Minute, 2500, 500
11. T-ARA, 2500, 360
11. BEAST, 2500, 500
11. SHINee, 2500, 500
12. FT Island, 2000, 400
12. NARSHA, 2000
13. Rainbow, 1600, 228
13. Davichi, 1600, 800
13. SISTAR, 1600, 400
13. Orange Caramen, 1600, 533
14. MBLAQ, 1500, 300
15. f(x), 1300, 260
15. ZE:A, 1300
16. GIRLS DAY, 1200
16. Nine muse, 1200
16. IU, 1200
16. Infinite, 1200
17. TMAX, 1000
18. Jay QT, 700
18. G.Na, 700
18. Teen Top, 700
18. F.CUZ, 700

[Info] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun will participate in Song Seung Heon 2010 Fan Meeting

6 Sep

Credit: + (English translation)
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Hyung Jun will be a guest at Song Seung Heon 2010 Fan Meeting

Seems like our boys are being more active in Japan than in Korea…

Anyway, still happy to see them in anywhere, right? keke

Hope JTS will support this ^^


Performance Name:

Song Seung Heon 2010 Fan Meeting [SH & Asto Japan]

SS501 Maknae Kim HyungJun has decided to participate!

Date: 2010.09.20
Open for entrance: 15:00
Start performance: 17:00
Location: Yokohama Arena (3-10 Shin-Yokohama, Kanagawa)
ASTO Member Pre-sales: 10500yen (incl tax, not incl 500yen delivery fee) (can select seat) Limited to 2 tickets per member
Normal Sales: 11,550yen (incl tax)

[Info+Photo] SS501 Park Jung Min new musical in Japan

6 Sep

Credit: + (English translation)
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I posted about this news on yesterday…in HERE

Now, more information is out in the official website ^^


Park JungSol

[News+Info] SS501 Park Jung Min will appear @ Japan Musical “絆-少年よ大紙を抱け”

5 Sep

English Translation:
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Wow… big news …

Thanks to my JTS friend to send me this information ^^

Another musical for Jung Min…

This time in Japan… cool…

Even though he is just a guest appearance.. I think is good for him ^^

Since I don’t want to guess translate the musical name .. just use the original Japanese name



Park Jung Min, Full-fledged solo career in Japan

Popular Korean group SS501 Park Jung Min (23), 5 days appearance on “”絆-少年よ大紙を抱け” (Theater in the New National Theatre, November 18 – 23) has been revealed.  He will be in full-scale solo work in Japan afterward.

SS501’s undertaking the Japanese debut, Park Jung Min work hard to learn Japanese.  There was also a long stay in Japan of all five members, so there is no shortage of daily conversation.  To improve the chance of speaking, where he was living near JR Tamachi Station says grilled chicken shop.  “I will find the yakitori shop and walk up at night, studied there talking with the shop owner’s husband.  It is better than studying at the desk. ” He laughs.


[Triple S+Info] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun and brother Kim Ki bum “HnB Company” official website open

3 Sep

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Finally finally Hyung Jun and Ki bum brothers joined company “HnB Company” website is open

Hyung Jun and Ki Bum fighting… 대박 ^^

Here are the tweets by Ki bum who talked about the company:

He separated them into several tweets because of the words limit in twitter (Tweets in English)

Hello everyone~ It’s the d-day, Sep 4th, 2010. We finally opened our website HnBcompany(standing for Hyungjun and Kibum)   will focus on Character Development and Entertainment Business in Korea. Not on-ly focusing on Piro Piro, the character business,   the HnBcompany will also act as the global agency for the singers and entertainers. We promise you that we will provide you pleasure and   happiness with lots of upcoming events. on Sep 4th! The opening of on Sep 5th! Furthermore,   you will get the chance to experience characterized fancy goods at the end of September. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you

Here is the official website:

The website is still under-construcation so only homepage and categories page is open now

More will come ^^

Here is the official logo of HnB:


Homepage design:


HnB’s message:


New characters:




[Video+Info] G.NA “Kiss Me” official MV for 장난스런KISS OST +Lyrics

2 Sep

Credit: anpan2H@YT+ Lyrics Translated by Ode@blogspot
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This is the official MV of “Naughty Kiss” OST ~ Kiss Me ^^

Also, the lyrics translated by Ode..



언제부터 였는지 너를 본 순간부터
1분1초마다 니가 자꾸 생각나
너는 무얼하는지.. 지금 어디있는지 Ooh baby

이리저리 보아도 이것저것 다져도
니가 자꾸 맘에 들어 미칠거 같애..
이런 내맘을 아는지.. 이런 내 감정은 아는지

하루하루 너만 바라보며 항상 기다려 볼래
오직 너 하나만 알고 사랑해 줄게
사랑하기에도 아까운 시간인데
너 없인 아무것도 하기 싫은데

매일매일 아침마다 눈만 뜨면 보고 싶은데
이제 너 없이는 하루라도 살수 없는데
사랑한다 그 한마디 듣고 싶은데
매일 사랑해.. 너만 사랑해 우리둘이

Ooh baby..
혹시 니가 내꺼란 그런 상상만으로
하루종일 두근거려 미칠거 같애
너에게로 달려가.. 솔직하게 고백할거야

하루하루 너만 바라보며 항상 기다려 볼래
오직 너 하나만 알고 사랑해 줄게
사랑하기에도 아까운 시간인데
너 없인 아무것도 하기 싫은데

매일매일 아침마다 눈만 뜨면 보고 싶은데
이제 너 없이는 하루라도 살수 없는데
사랑한다 그 한마디 듣고 싶은데
매일 사랑해.. 너만 사랑해 우리둘이

말문이 막혀.. 숨이 차올라(차올라)
떨리는 내손 꼭 잡은 니 두손에
눈물이 날것 같아.. 지금 내게 고백한거니

나만 항상 지켜주고 바라봐 줄래
너 때문에 눈물나면 꼭 안아 줄래
그토록 간절히 원하던 순간이네
아무리 생각해도 믿기질 않아

매일매일 내 옆에서 나만 보며 지켜봐 줄래
친구로 지내긴 너를 너무 사랑하니까
사랑한 그 한마디 지금 해줄래
매일 사랑해.. 나만 사랑해.. 키스해 줄래..


When did this begin, I guess the moment I first saw you
Every 1 minute 1 second, you keep coming onto mind
What are you doing.. Where are you now
Ooh baby

I see this I see that
I do this I do that
You keep coming into my heart, I seemed to have gone crazy..
You do know why my heart is like this.. You do know why I’m feeling like this

Day by day I look at you only and waits for you always
Until now you’re the only one I know and I will love only you
It’s a valuable moment even when I’m loving you
If there is no you, I do not want to do anything at all

Every single day when I open my eyes in the morning, I want to see you
In my present days now, I cannot live if there is no you
I want to hear that one sentence “I love you” though
Every day, I love you..Only you, I love only you, Just the two of us

Ooh baby..
Probably just by imagination, thoughts like ‘You are mine’
Can make my heart pound whole day long
I seemed to have gone crazy
I will run towards you..and confess honestly

Day by day I look at you only and waits for you always
Until now you’re the only one I know and I will love only you
It’s a valuable moment even when I’m loving you
If there is no you, I do not want to do anything at all

Every single day when I open my eyes in the morning, I want to see you
In my present days now, I cannot live if there is no you
I want to hear that one sentence “I love you” though
Every day, I love you..Only you, I love only you, Just the two of us

Struck for words.. Out of breath (out of breath)
Your two hands that is grabbing tightly of my shaking hand
I’m crying already.. Are you gonna confess to me now

Keep watching and guarding me always
If I cry because of you, you must hug me in you tightly
That’s the moment I sincerely wish for
No matter how I think, I won’t be able to believe

Every single day, guard by my side and look upon me only
Because I love you too much, you who treats me as a friend only
Will you say that one sentence that you love me now
Every day, I love you.. You love me only..

Shall we kiss?

[Info] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty Kiss” official website VOD streaming and Download restriction

31 Aug

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Ah ~ I think this is a bad news for us…

But if this really help the rating of Hyun Joong’s drama…

I still agree on it..

Also, someone will definitely upload it to us later one… so don’t worry ^^


Here is the official notice from iMBC:


[Info] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong TV series “Naughty Kiss’ press conference – Q & A session translation

30 Aug

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Thanks to translator in 501wangja.multiply ^^

Here is the Q &A session in the “Naughty Kiss’ press conference

Are you curious what they were asking Hyun Joong?

So now you know.. keke



From left, singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong and actress Jung So-min pose during a photocall of a press conference for MBC TV series “Naughty Kiss” held at the Imperial Palace hotel in Seoul, South Korea on August 26, 2010. [Group 8]

“Will fans of Kim Hyun-joong please exit the room to facilitate the interviews?” The host of the press conference for upcoming MBC TV series “Naughty Kiss” had to repeat this line several times during a Q&A session. The show had drawn people’s interest due to the popularity of the original Japanese comic series combined with the participation of director Hwang In-roe of hit series “Goong” fame. And it became a ‘hot’ drama even before going into production after singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong’s casting for the show was announced. Will the interest be reflected in its ratings? Below are excerpts from the press conference held at Seoul’s Imperial Palace hotel on Thursday.

Q: How do you feel about starring in “Naughty Kiss”?
Jung So-min: I went into “Bad Boy” not knowing anything but this time, I’m trying to be careful, taking many things into consideration.
Kim Hyun-joong: I’m working on improving on the aspects I lack in. I’m not trying to be acknowledged for my acting skills — I just want to make people feel that I’ve worked hard for the role. I think there have been a lot of dramas which are serious these days and none that are cheerful and sweet so I hope viewers will have fun watching it.

Q: Director Hwang In-roe, you’ve gone back to doing a love story about a young man and woman like in “Goong.” What is the message that you want to deliver?
Hwang: Upon seeing these bright and cheerful characters, I hope people will feel that they look sweet together and are loveable.

Q: What is your opinion on the original comic series?
Hwang: When I first read it, I felt that it was cute. (laugh) But the more I looked closely at it to produce the show, the more I started to realize why people enjoy it and I started seeing things that I shouldn’t leave out. It wasn’t easy to go with the flow of the original series though. We have to show the story of the two going to college but Korea and Japan work under different educational systems so I had a tough time changing it. (laugh)

Q: The video clip revealed a few moments ago showed that the show has a very strong comic-like vibe to it.
Hwang: It’s based on a comic so I tried to bring out the strengths that comics have. And this is about showing the process of how the love between a man and woman come true so I’m trying to express the emotions of young people. I’m focusing particularly hard on the rhythm. And for the parts where Oh Hani imagines things, I’m trying to make those seem more comic book-like. But there’s a limit to it as well because you don’t have much freedom in terms of frame usage so I’m trying to show it more through characters’ expressions.


Scenes from upcoming MBC TV series “Naughty Kiss.” [MBC]

Q: Why did you cast Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min?
Hwang: It was as if they were the characters that popped out of the comic. And I think they’ve done well so far in trying to express what I want. There are some things they lack at because they’re still newcomers but I think that actually suits the show better. I’m trying to do a good job of delivering what they’re trying to express rather than demand for certain points.

Q: Kim Hyun-joong, you play the role of Baek Seung-jo who is a genius and good at everything. Don’t you feel any pressure in having to play such a role?
Kim: He’s someone who is good not only at his studies but at sports too so I have to learn the proper posture even for when he’s running in a race. And since I’m supposed to be a genius, I have to be at ease when teaching Jung So-min her studies. So it’s very hard. (laugh) I’ve also been trying to pronounce my words outwardly when saying my lines because I think I mumbled when I did “Boys Over Flowers.”

Q: Jung So-min, you took on “Naughty Kiss” right after “Bad Boy.” Was this difficult?
Jung: I had a hard time because of that. The shoots overlapped a bit and my two characters were so different that I was having a hard time psychologically because I was worried I might not do well. I think I have been improving now that one is over.

Q: Is your character Oh Hani like you in any ways?
Jung: My character Monet from “Bad Boy” was similar to me in a way and I think the same thing about this character as well. It’s as if I maximize on the aspects that exist within me to a certain extent.

Q: All the characters have unrealistic sides to them. What’s your interpretation of yours?
Kim Hyun-joong: As much as they’re unrealistic, I think I’ll be able to show more unique sides to them than I would be able to in conventional dramas. And Baek Seung-jo is a genius so he sometimes uses words that I don’t usually use so I have a hard time with those. For scenes related to studying, I need to be natural with it so I actually study those parts and make sure I understand them. I’m doing the studying that I hadn’t done in high school for “Naughty Kiss.” (laugh)


Q: Which parts are you paying a lot of attention to in order to establish your character? What’s the difference between your character now and Yoon Ji-hoo from “Boys Over Flowers”?

Kim: When I acted the role of Yoon Ji-hoo, I tried to become a tender person so I kept myself from even letting out sounds of my breath. But I think I could do a bit more yelling this time. (laugh) I think there’ll be scenes where I’ll ruin my image and I’m trying to show more of an aggressive disposition because I have to speak in a more rudely than Yoon Ji-hoo did. And I saw the clip that was shown earlier on — it seems like they’ve done a good job with the corrections. (laugh)

Q: Have you ever cringed playing the role of a genius who is good at everything? (laugh)
Kim: During yesterday’s shoot, there was a scene where Oh Hani says to me, “You’re good at everything, running as well…” to which I’ll say, “Yes, I’m good at basketball and swimming as well.” But I felt a bit embarrassed doing this because I’m not a genius. (laugh)

Q: Singers and actors work in different environments. Have you adjusted well to the set of the drama?
Kim: I’m been trying hard to. Singing is about showing a perfect three minutes and 30 seconds on stage but dramas are about waiting and preparing for long hours and then filming for long hours with the results out on the day of its showing. I think that’s why there’s more of an excitement about that wait. But I feel more natural as a singer since it’s what I’ve been doing for a long time.

Q: How is it playing the role of a high school student? You’ve kept on playing that role including in “Boys Over Flowers.”
Kim: I had actually thought for a bit before the interview whether this will be my last high school student role. There are certain types of roles that I want to try playing but I want to put that aside for now.

Q: You’re being called the next generation Hallyu star. What are your plans regarding your activities in Japan?
Kim: I honestly think there’s a bubble to being called that. When I go to Japan, I don’t go outside much so I don’t know if I’m popular and I don’t think I’ve been able to go to Asia much so far. I heard there are a few fans out there waiting for me (laugh) so no matter how small the number, I would like to go on tour in Asia after the drama ends.

Q: Do you feel that your popularity or life has changed?
Kim: I did back then and I do till now — I live my life fiercely. I think I should work even harder because an increasing number of talented people are debuting.


Q: What did your agency’s chief Bae Yong-jun say about “Naughty Kiss”?
Kim: He said he’d visit the set sometime.

Q: Do you meet him often? What do you talk about when you meet him?
Kim: I think we meet two to three times a week. He said I should work hard at the drama (laugh) and when we meet, I drink green tea and he’ll drink coffee. We don’t talk too much about work. We talk about stuff that other guys usually do. (laugh)

Q: How far are you into the shoot? I hear there is going to be a scene where you show some skin when Baek Seung-jo and Oh Hani go to the beach. (laugh)
Kim: We’ve only shot up till the fourth episode now so we haven’t done that scene yet. We’re leaving to the beach soon and I’ll do it if the director asks me too but Baek Seung-jo probably doesn’t need to show any skin, does he? (laugh)

Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok two@
Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@, Lee Ji-Hye seven@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

[Info] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong signature T-shirt sold in high price @ Charity Auction of 24hours TV 2010

29 Aug

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There is an auction of 24hours TV 2010 on the 29th at Nissan’s Global Headquarters Gallery Yokohama

Sales are all donated to 24 hours to help the world

Auction goods including many celebrities

Hyun Joong and Bae Yong Joon are both in the list

At the end of the auction, Hyun Joong’s T-shirt sold for 90000 yen (around 1100 Us dollars)

Bae Yong Joon’s one is even higher end up with 330,000 yen (around 3800 US dollars) @@

I am happy the money can use to help other in needed people ^^


List of auctions: