[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty Kiss” Rerun Conflict

11 Sep

Credit: http://www.unionpress.co.kr/news/detail.php?number=72474&thread=03r02r04
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There are so many problems happening to this drama… TT

I hope MBC will handle this matter in a better way….


Audiences of MBC Wed Thurs drama Playful Kiss is now getting mad. Originally, Jangki’s rebroadcast was on Saturdays at 1.55 PM, but now it’s been changed to Gloria who will take over.

Jangki’s original re-broadcast timing slot is on Saturdays at 1.55 PM until 3.55 PM, a total of 2 episodes will be shown continuously. However, this upcoming 18th, during the same timing slot, MBC weekend drama GLORIA will be taking over its telecast slot.


left: Jangki, 11th Sep
Right: Gloria, 18th Sep

Well then, is changing to Gloria the right thing to do. However, Gloria is a drama aired during MBC official broadcasting times that did not get to be re-broadcasted. Every saturday is the rebroadcast of Jangki, while Sunday is for the rebroadcast of MBC’s special 49-year special Dongi. Because of that, it seems that Jangki will have a very low possibility to be re-broadcasted in other time slots.

Seeing this kind of secret arrangement, it looks like Jangki’s rebroadcast totally separates itself from the original broadcast. If that’s the case, why does MBC have to suddenly exclude itself from the rebroadcast schedule then.

It’s because they take into consideration the ratings. Last 9th (Thursday), Jangki recorded ratings of 3.2% (according to TNmS), while Gloria recorded 9.4% of ratings with its broadcasts on 5th (Sunday). With this, MBC see that it’s hard for Jangki’s “revival” whereas Gloria is able to climb up higher with its ratings, and probably the reason why it decided to replace with drama Gloria. With weekend drama Gloria now arranged for re-broadcast over the weekends, it seem like its ratings will go higher than its original telecast once more.

Another possibility is because of the conflict between Jangki’s production company Group Eight and MBC. MBC has been showing much lazed attitude towards promotion of Jangki, and it’s a fact. Drama Jangki could not grab hold of chances to appear in variety programmes to promo for its drama, which is where Jangki is different from other works. Though we also cannot dismiss the fact that the shooting schedule is so tight, but with them already letting loose of chances to do promotion for its drama and now, excluding itself from rebroadcasts, it is seriously quite uncomprehensible.

In this kind of situation, it is said that conflict between Group Eight and MBC is getting fiercer by the day. Just as if that reflected the confirmed results, MBC is unable to show understanding nor allowance towards Group Eight who now excludes itself from rebroadcasts.

Especially where KBS drama Baker king Kim Tak goo –with ratings as high as 48%– will be soon taking a close to its drama, MBC who plays the hat game in hope of looking for chances from its drama ratings, the atttitude is seriously uncomprehensible.


If so, does the ratings reflect the interest of audiences, and is it the one and only mode of measurement. Daily searched keywords of portal site ‘Naver’ shows that, as at 11 Sep morning (now), MBC drama Jangki holds the 3rd position of most searched drama keyword for the day, farly surpassing Gloria in the 31st position. It also marks itself at the Number 1 position on MBC’s “Review” programme rankings. To this extend, we could see that audiences’ concern towards Jangki is high.

With MBC now excluding Jangki who records single-digit ratings from its rerun, demand of the audiences going against MBC’s attitude with ‘Jangki is Dying’ (?) does not end there.

“What is happening! Not doing rerun already?’, ‘If ratings for rebroadcast is 8%, won’t it come out superbly well? Gloria? How much will that drama’s ratings come out to be?”, “Because Jangki is Number 1 for its Review ratings, won’t that already rake in money? It was already worrying with the programme’s promotions”, “Though I’m no anti yet, but there is no rerun next week, I seriously am at a loss for words”, showing all the various comments left on Jangki’s noticeboard as it climbs onto MBC realtime BEST Number 1 position, reflecting all dissatisfaction of audiences.

MBC who does not seem to have taken into consideration comments and suggestions of audiences replied, “According to the broadcast station schedule may change”, after which changing statement, “According to the ratings schedule may change”.

In the situation where rerun schedule for MBC on 25th (Saturday) isn’t released as yet, Jangki is receiving high curiosity to whether or not it will go on rerun status again just as what audiences wish for.

Playful Kiss airs every Wed, Thurs at 9.55 pm through MBC.

4 Responses to “[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong “Naughty Kiss” Rerun Conflict”

  1. Su shae September 11, 2010 at 8:02 pm #

    Urgh!!! It should get the highest rating!!! 😦 ~.~

  2. Rainbow501 September 12, 2010 at 9:50 am #

    Thanks for sharing. Although I felt sad bout it on the arrangement, yet this is not the end of Fighting… It’s still early to judge as based on all the casting performance and KHJ’s popularity, i know this will be another successful production in globally. I have fate in it and KHJ’s acting skill! Jangki, Fighting!!

  3. hana September 26, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    fighting kim hyun joong

  4. jeriel phua November 12, 2010 at 10:58 pm #

    It would be the best show for ALL THE KOREAN DRAMA!


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