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[Triple S] Blogger “wingwing” Special announcement ^^

14 Sep

Hello… 안녕하세요

All 트리플S (Triple S)

First of all …

I want to thanks all of you who left such touching and encouraging comments for me

I am really really touched with all those messages

My eyes are all red and teary reading them…

Thanks 고맙습니다 ^^


As per many of you requested to stay in touch of me…

I have opened another facebook account to communicate with all of you (TS)

and share our love for SS501 …

To be honest, I do have one personal facebook account before.

However, that one is more involved of my personal life

hehe… sometimes my love for SS501 can’t be shared in there (Hope you know what I means… kk)

I don’t even “Like” my own SS501 fanpage in that one.. ha

So I made this new one to share my Triple S’s love more freely ^^

If you are Triple S, if you don’t mind I may not be very active everyday… hehe…

You can add me as your friend

We can talk and share our love for SS501 together

To add me, go HERE

I welcome all Triple S around the world ^0^

Waiting for you in facebook …


For twitter, after considered, I don’t want to maintain another …

So let’s stay with my SS501TripleS account

Beside some occasional updating for the boys

I will be there more often than before ^^

In addition, you can still contact me through my “Contact me” page information

I will answer your questions when I am available

This blog will still be here… (won’t disappear.. keke)


Thanks for all the love…

I definitely feel “BE LOVED” from all of you

Triple S ☆ SS501 ☆ 사랑해요 ☆

Let’s stay connect to each other… ^^

[Info] Korean Idol singers’ Perf Fee per each

11 Sep

Credit: tsm Star Marketing Center + http://blog.naver.com/cood0014?Redirect=Log&logNo=80114613649 + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com
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Wow… our boys are really high-paid among all the famous singers…

I hope after changing agency.. they got even more ^^


Based on August 2010

Singers being paid over 60million won

Lee Hyori
Wonder Girls
Big Bang
Dong Bang Shin Gi
Park JinYoung


Singers being paid below 60million won (Credit: Ode@blogspot)

Ranking, Singer, Perf fee (million won), Per member (if in a group) (million won)
1. 2PM, 6000, 1000
2. SNSD, 4500, 500
3. 2ne1, 4000, 1000
3. Taeyang (bigbang), 4000
4. KARA, 3700, 740
5. SuperJunior, 3500, 270
6. CNBLUE, 3400, 850
7. Son Dambi, 3200
8. 2AM, 3000, 750
8. Brown Eyed girls, 3000, 750
8. After School, 3000, 375
9. Lee Seunggi, 3000
10. MissA, 2600, 650
10. Secret, 2600, 650
11. 4Minute, 2500, 500
11. T-ARA, 2500, 360
11. BEAST, 2500, 500
11. SHINee, 2500, 500
12. FT Island, 2000, 400
12. NARSHA, 2000
13. Rainbow, 1600, 228
13. Davichi, 1600, 800
13. SISTAR, 1600, 400
13. Orange Caramen, 1600, 533
14. MBLAQ, 1500, 300
15. f(x), 1300, 260
15. ZE:A, 1300
16. GIRLS DAY, 1200
16. Nine muse, 1200
16. IU, 1200
16. Infinite, 1200
17. TMAX, 1000
18. Jay QT, 700
18. G.Na, 700
18. Teen Top, 700
18. F.CUZ, 700

[Triple S+Photo][2010/09/09] SS501 Heo Young Saeng’s cyworld updated with US trip photos

9 Sep

Credit: Young Saeng’s cyworld
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keke… our boy Young Saeng once again updated his cy with US trip photos

This time have three of them together… haha… after figuring out a good angle to pose

Young Saeng as the photographer use the camera timing function to shoot this photo

keke.. he set it for 10secs so they need to hold the pose for a long-time before the camera shutter…

his message is just describing how he use lots of effect to take this ^^

So cute of him… hehehe…


Another one with Steven Lee


[Triple S+Photo] SS501 Young Saeng tweeted again with Las Vegas photo

5 Sep

Credit: http://twitter.com/mystyle1103
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Young Saeng tweeted several times a while ago until his phone out of battery… haha

He must be addicted now… cool…

Btw, he tried to tweet in English too… but end up with half Korean.. so cute

Young Saeng ah ~ Continue to update so we can be in touch with you…^^


Here are the tweets and photos:


The souvenir picture with a click with Steven and Kyujong in Las Vegas

Then, in the second tweet, he wants us to support #saylove and add a twibbon to the avatar … so let’s do that ^^

Newest tweet:


Translation courtesy of xiaochu in Quainte501.

mystyle1103 Learnt a little from JiBin..Frankly speaking, I don’t know how to use this – – I tried (to use) so that I won’t fall behind times;; I don’t know anything other than this but I’m still playing this – – Eats up my battery so fast.. This twitter thing, I just have to write words myself right? ke

[Triple S+photo] SS501 Heo Young Saeng new twitter account and twitpic updated ^^

3 Sep

Credit: http://twitter.com/mystyle1103+http://twitter.com/Steven_Lee_
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Wow… our boy Young Saeng finally joined the twitter’s community ^^

I think he learns from Steve lee…

This account is already confirmed by Steve already…

To add him, go HERE

See his tweet here:


Here is the first tweet from Young Saeng with Las Vegas photo:


Saw this foreground from 108 floor~~ In Las Vegas .. ^ ^

[Photo] SS501 Heo Young Saeng with A’st1 member Han Byul at Monday Kiz Concert

30 Aug

Credit: styleSS @SS601+http://twitter.com/onestarL
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Just find this photo in SS601 and also my friend’s facebook, thanks for tagging me ^^

Here is the recent photo of Young Saeng with his Hoobae ex-group A’st1 member Han Byul

It is tweeted by Han Byul yesterday…

Young Saeng is so cute ^^

He seems enjoying his freetime


[News] SS501 Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng will move into new agency too

27 Aug

Credit: http://news.tvreport.co.kr/cindex.php?c=news&m=viewv4&artclid=61170+Eng Trans by Ode@blogspot
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I think we all know this is coming.. just when and where, right?

Anyway, I am happy as long as our boys are happy…

Since we know SS501 will be forever no matter where our boys are

SS501 fighting… ^^

Thanks Ode to translate it ..keke


Group SS501’s members Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun has had left their previous agency DSP Media ever since their contract with them expired. Admist which, remaining members Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are said to be moving into new agencies as well.

A related personnel from DSP Media mentioned in a phone interview with TV Report, “Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong will be moving into new agencies as well. As to when and which agency they will be moving into, there are no concrete decisions made for now”.

In addition, “All the members do not want SS501 to break up, despite each moving into various agencies, they will still maintain activities together. Though there are no official and confirmed decisions yet, in future when SS501 release albums or have concerts/events, DSP Media will be directly and indirectly participating in them”.

-2nd last paragraphs omit, talks about expiry of contract-

On the other hand, Kim Hyun Joong is shooting for his new MBC drama Playful Kiss, whilst Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun are preparing for their acting career and overseas venturing.

Protected: [Photo] SS501 Heo Young Saeng updates his cyworld with America trip photos (PW protected, please email!)

26 Aug

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[Photo] SS501 Young Saeng and Kyu Jong recent photos from manager cyworld

25 Aug

Credit: 주차웅”s cyworld (http://www.cyworld.com/wnckdnd)+HKTS
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I got this 2 photos from HKTS..

The credit only said the photos are from manager’s cyworld…

So I really don’t know who manager it is referring… TT

Anyway, our boys are cool and cute.. keke


[Photo][10.08.19/25] SS501 Heo Young Saeng @ Incheon International Airport departure / arrival (+bonus fancam)

25 Aug

Credit: AMORINO+파핑파핑@SS601+rmdkdl.com
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Some photos from Amorino and  rmdkdl shared in SS601

hehe… so according to the date, Kyu and Saengie left Korea to US on the 19th and back on the 25th

Only few days…

Why not stay longer, my boys… come to my home and I definitely welcome you with my warmest heart … keke


Set from Amorino

To US:


Back to Korea:


Another set from rmdkdl:


Fancam of Kyu and Saengie back to Korea:

Credit: BestYS+suangs@YT

Credit:kalend1289 @YT+ rmdkd