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[News] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong made Japan All Archipelago full of “JIHOO Disease”

7 Jan

Credit: Sports Korea and Nate News
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Sports Korea Original repost 2010-01-08 06:41

“JiHoo Disease” is growing in all Japan archipelago.

SS501 member Kim Hyun-Joong makes the hearts of Japanese women waving.  His frank and delicate appearance attracted a large number of Japanese women.  “JiHoo Disease” is a new wording taken from his name “Ji Hoo” in his drama “Boys Over Flowers” ,which demonstrated the feelings of  his female fans whose heart was taken away from him.

In the beginning of the New Year 2010, “JiHoo Disease” symptoms led to the chest burning of Japan archipelago.  Trigger point is the “Gourmands Table” broadcasted on the 5th on Fuji Television in Japan which is a popular unit which invited famous artist to introduce cuisine.  Kim Hyun Joong in this program demonstrated the cooking of  ginseng chicken soup and rice cakes and other dishes to share ad enjoy with Japanese guests.

Fixed guests Haruna love はるな愛 even eat his fingers when Kim Hyun Joong feeded her the chicken. This sudden action also showed her concern of him.  Haruna Love is the first place in 2009 World Cup transsexual performer beauty contest held in Thailand.

The bright smile when Kim Hyun-Joong saying his finger does not matter like a radio communication greatly shaken the hearts of Japanese women.

Immediately after broadcasting, the Japanese site full of hot atmosphere of Kim Hyun Joong.  Varies artist Bulletin Boards and individual blogs full of curiosity and concern about Kim Hyun-Joong.  Reaction like “Chest excitement is non-stop,” “Accidentally called out ~ Kawaii ~” “Very handsome ah” “need to emerge into Hallyu again” are emerging.  Finally, a weird phenomenon is produced as the name of “Kim Hyun Joong” becomes the first place in the search portal of Japan Google board.

After starring in the “Gourmands Table”, Kim Hyun Joong’s usual broad smile was used as a comparison with Pei Yong-jun and began to be known as the [XXPei Yong-jun] (ps. translator didn’t translate the two words XX).  In the beginning, Kim Hyun Joong is known as the “smile Yama (Smile YamaP)” in Japan.   YamaP is the handsome representative in Japan artist Yamashita Tomohisa’s nickname.   Compare with less love to laugh Tomohisa Yamashita, Kim Hyun Joong’s difference is using his bright smiles to face the fans so is known as “smiling YamaP”.

Kim Hyun Joong become the most concerned big star in Asia region-wide beginning in Japan as a center point.  In December last year, held in Hong Kong <2009 Yahoo Asia Buzz Award> become winner of the “Asia’s Best Male Artist Award” and Taiwan, Korea, people selected “Best Male Artist award” as a three Crown winner.


A Korean artist as search number 1 at Japan Google?

hahaha… Hyun Joong really makes all the Japanese crazy at this moment.

Not many people can resist Hyun Joong’s lovely smile ^^

[Info] SS501 Hyun Joong was not spending his New Year with Young Saeng?

7 Jan

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Hi all,

I know many TS are still discussing about who Hyun Joong was spending his New Year holiday with.

However, before I got any evidence, I don’t want to spread any rumors.

Coz there are lots of rumors going around already.

Some said Hyun Joong was countdown with the noona in HK who he talked about in Golden Fishery.

Some said Young Saeng was with him that night. (Even the photo of a man look alike Saengie is said to be the evidence)

That’s why I have tried my best to clear up the rumors and asked the blogger once again about her trip in Macau.

Finally, I got the reply from her.

Some of the facts are out.

I won’t translate the whole reply in here because it is really a personal correspondence between me and her.

However, I make a list of some of the facts we talked about.

1) Three of them (Iron Triangle) are not really Triple S. They know Hyun Joong only because they love drama “Boys Over Flowers”

2) They know about SS501 but not very familiar with them that’s why she is not 100% sure the man was Saengie or not.

3) She pointed out an important thing that the man who said is Young Saeng in the photo didn’t have any interaction with Hyun Joong, even a nod.

4) Hyun Joong didn’t talk to that man before or after taking the photos with them.

5) Hyun Joong talked on the phone after taking the photos with them and went into the car afterward.

6) She didn’t see the man going with Hyun Joong.

7) Hyun Joong’s friends are all male (No HK noona at all)

That’s all the fact she told me about her encounter with Hyun Joong.

In my and her opinion, the man is like over 90% not Saengie at all.  Of coz, I can’t be 100% sure neither is she.  However, after seeing all the facts here, I can only say that I believe Hyun Joong was not spending his New Year with Young Saeng but some friends in Macau.  The man in the so-called evidence photo may probably be a passing by.  I like most of you out there really want Hyun Joong to spend his holiday with SS501 members, not only Saengie.  But for sure is I don’t want to guess who he was spending his holiday with unless he told us like in his Christmas.  (No Offense, just my own view of point 🙂 )  Hope the rumors will clear up soon

I just want him to be happy and enjoyable in his free time like a normal person.  I also hope Saengie and other members Kyu, baby and Jungmin was having a silent and happy holiday ^^

Their happiness is always my priority.

[Info] SS501 Kim Hyun Jong ranked number 1 @ naver music website search

7 Jan

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Kim Hyun Joong as a Tiger born Star ranked number 1 at the music website naver search

Light up the White Tiger year, The most anticipated singer search rank number one

Music of Tiger born singer search rank number one

Tiger Born singer search rank number one

Flower boy Yoon JiHoo Kim Hyun Joong in the first place

From the search results that we can be seen in today Ballads world’s “Year of the Tiger” almost equal to “1986.” Rank high among them is the Leader of SS501 Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong’s age now is only in the beginning of the 2oth.  However, his words and deeds in our memories are even more sophisticated than his real age, which makes us feel a bit surprised. (This seems to explain the difficulties to survive in the performing arts sector)

In my opinion, the group SS501 which Kim Hyun Joong belongs to is a “Strong silencer”.  They don’t have the “National Hot Song” which everyone loves to sing.  However at the end summarization, we can find that their songs are in surprisingly high sell.  They are can be described as “The real hot song”.   Next year, maybe they need to comeback as a group again.


Of coz our boys are definitely the best as a group.

Who say they will not comeback next year?  Don’t worry… we are all waiting.

Not only Leader Hyun Joong but all the members shining next year.

BTW, yesterday when I looked it up, Young Saeng was on the second place following Hyun Joong.

However, they didn’t show the second place after the final result came out.

But I am sure Saengie definitely is in the second place also. ^^

SS501!!! Fighting!!!

[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyung Jun new drama “Black City” behind the scene photos

7 Jan

Credit: Pretty Boy
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I just found some more behind the scene photos of Hyung Jun

Also found out that these photos including those I shared before were all actually taken in April of 2009.

One of the Korean TS from PB told me about that.

When Hyung Jun started joining the team for this drama, he shot some scenes.

However, they not sure if he is starting filming this drama now.

She said the drama should be scheduled to air in April 2010.

Anyway, really want to see baby’s acting.

Hope it will be out soon.

Here is some behind the scene photos from the shooting scene: (Don’t know if you saw it before)

[Photo+English translation] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong’s conversation with MC @ “Gourmands Table” 「グルマンズテーブル」

7 Jan

Credit: exlley@daum blog
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I found this briefly translation of Hyun joong’s questions and answers at this show.

hehe… actually, Hyun Joong was not talking much in the show.

I think this is pretty much some of the main points of his conversation with MC.

Just found out Hyun Joong is not living with his parent but friends right now???

Don’t know if this is true.  However, from the translation of the conversation here the situation seems like that.

Maybe he moves out recently.

haha… kind of a surprise for me.

Hope to find out more about this later.


I just got a tips from another Japanese TS. 🙂

Thanks for her information. Love her ^^

Finally, I know about the part of “girl friend episode”

Here is her accurate translation of the conversation.

MC:Hyun Joong! (the person who has been chosen) is her.
HJ:who’s girl friend?
MC:No! She is not anybody’s girlfriend! I don’t make girl friend in this TV shooting time!
I meant “She has been chosen (to eat your dish!)”
HJ:oh congratulations!

In Japanese, we use same word to call female person and call one’s girl friend.
Maybe he remember the word of “kanojo”(girl friend in Japanese), so
he thought it should be someone’s girl friend before listened to the interpreter.


Here is the photos and translated caption:


MC: Do you usually cook at home?

Hyun Joong: I often cook together with my friens whom I live with

(So now he lives with his friends???)

The human who South Korea and Japan to collect and hold the most attention right now

The program that Hyun Joong makes à la carte dishes from Korea, which often created with friends whom living with him

Gourmands Hyun Joong Menu


150 fans chosen from 10000 people

Look Cool…

I am such a hugh fans of you

Very very like you

MC: Do you usually cook at home?

HJL: Now, I live with my friend, we often cook together.

I cook Teeokbokyi, Budaejjigae, and so on.

He bought his homemade source for Teeokbokyi.

It is absolutely impossible for us to get it

It has bought  in a plastic container from KHJ’s home

Hyun Joong special original recipe

Hyun Joong preparing for the Ginseng Chicken soup

Finished dish

MC: Hyun Joong, She has been the girlfriend

Who’s girlfriend she been?

She decided to say is meant to (don’t really understand here, seems like she pretend to be Hyun Joong’s galfriend)


Finished Ginseng Chicken soup

Please eat and enjoy.

Are you fingers still here?

hehe… still here

Slick touch

Fingers. Give you hear the story of Samgyetang

Also, please come visit me

Thank You.

This is Hyun Joong ^^

[News] Kim Hyun Joong make Japanese ladies to sink into Hallyu wave once again

7 Jan

Credit: SS601
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“We are sunk into hallyu wave again, what should we do!” This sentence, I believe it is the heartfelt feelings of many Japanese ladies.

Just because of Kim Hyun Joong (24 yrs old) appearance, it has caused Japanese ladies that have gradually cool down from the hallyu wave to once again go into a frenzy.

On the 5 January, the Fuji TV ‘Gourmand table’ invited Kim Hyun Joong as a guest. His popularity exploded and the audience in the studio go into a frenzy. In the program, Hyun Joong prepared samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) and also tteokbokki (Fried Spicy Korean Rice Cake), these 2 types of korean food. After the program was aired, related news regarding the variety show all in a sudden rise up in major search engine’s ranking chart as No. 1 hot search term. From this you can see that Hyun Joong’s appearance has caused great attention.

Actually Hyun Joong has previously done his activity in Japan with his group SS501, he has gained high popularity. Last year, he acted in Korea popular drama ‘Boys over Flowers’, once again mesmerizing the Japanese ladies. This round he use the opportunity of his participation in the cooking program to meet with his Japanese fans. In the program message board, many left comments and support. ‘Being able to see Hyun Joong make my heart beat faster’ ‘So cute’ ‘Can’t imagine that other than dancing and singing, he can also cook something nice, he is really perfect!” “Excellent!” All these exclamation showed that Hyun Joong has started a brand new hallyu wave to disturb the Japanese’s heart.

Hyun Joong high popularity not only started in Japan but various other Asia countries has also start a hallyu wave. Last month, Hyun Joong just received the ‘2009 Yahoo Buzz Award – Most popular Male Artist’, in Taiwan and Korea also have high popularity and the netizen do not hesitate when voting. At the end, Hyun Joong won 3 champions in the Award, giving 2009 a perfect full stop.

Currently in Korea, a poll for most prominent stars, Hyun Joong once again won the champion. From these, you can see his high popularity.


haha… I think no matter where Hyun Joong goes, the Hallyu will follow him everywhere. ^^

[Info] TonyMoly Charmista Grand Opening

7 Jan

Credit: TonyMoly Charmista
English Translation: Mel @
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Grand Opening

Let’s search our way to beauty with the top beauty brand from Korea that will enlighten you to the new innovation of skin care.

Meet many celebrities from Channel 3 Thailand and enjoy fun activities with premium gift sets for everybody.

Get a chance to win the Dual Effect Sleeping Pack (1500 Baht) with ORIGINAL SIGNATURE of KIM HYUN JOONG !!!

Date: 16 January 2010

Time: 10:30 AM – 8.00 PM

Venue: Charmista Shop@ Central World 2nd Floor.

[Video] [10.01.05] SS501 Hyun Joong vs. 2PM Nichkhun @ Arirang Pop Match “Whose killer’s smile can melt the cold away?”

7 Jan

Credit: arirang+WWloveHJL@YT
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Our boy Hyun Joong won another match … haha.

Don’t need to be compare.

Hyun Joong’s smile is always the best for me.

I am melted no matter in what weather… ^^

[Photo] SS501 Kim Hyun Joong @ Japan Fuji TV show “Gourmans Table” 「グルマンズテーブル」HQ gifs 7

7 Jan

Credit: SS601
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These are another gifs set of this wonderful show.

[Photo] SS501 Hyun Joong, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun New “Customellow” clothing sponsor photos

7 Jan

Credit: SS601
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Hyun Joong: (TonyMoly Ads)

Kyu Jong: (Canon ad)

Hyung Jun: (KBS Champagne)